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How To Begin Your Divorce

Starting The NJ Divorce Process

Grounds for Divorce in New Jersey

Filing for Divorce in New Jersey

Contested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Alternative Dispute Resolution in New Jersey

High Net Worth Divorce

New Jersey Out-of-State, International Divorce & Military Divorce

The NJ Divorce Process Q & A

Divorce Road Map

Divorce Documents

New Jersey Case Information Statement

The Discovery Phase

Understanding The Early Settlement Panel

Financial Information for Divorce

Marital Settlement Agreements

New Jersey Divorce from Bed and Board

Medicaid Divorce

Marital Tort & Fault-Based Claims in Divorce

Pitfalls of Handling Your Own New Jersey Divorce

Legal Separation

Annulments in New Jersey

New Jersey Annulment FAQs

New Jersey Divorce Statutes

Divorce & Separation FAQs

Divorce & Finance FAQs

Funding The Divorce Process

General Divorce Questions

Divorce Appeals

Post Divorce Issues

FAQs on Post-Divorce Issues

Property Division in Divorce: Assets and Debts

Equitable Distribution in New Jersey

Marital Property v. Separate Property

Finding Hidden Assets

New Jersey Divorce | Abandonment of the Home

Assets & Marital Property FAQs

Estate Planning

Estate Planning & Children

Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate Planning & Divorce

Alimony & Spousal Support In New Jersey

New Jersey Types of Alimony

Alimony Factors in New Jersey

Palimony in New Jersey

Enforcing Alimony Agreements and Court Orders

Modify Alimony | Reduce Alimony Payments | End Alimony

Alimony Case Studies in Divorce

Obtaining or Terminating Benefits After Divorce

Status of Alimony Reform in New Jersey

Spousal Support & Alimony FAQs

Mediation for Divorce & Family Law

Why Choose Mediation

Private Mediation

Court Mandated Mediation

Mediation for Child Custody & Child Support

Mediation FAQs & Videos

Child Custody

Child Custody Options & Arrangements

New Jersey Parenting Time Plans

Negotiating Custody: Parenting Coordination

Child Custody Modifications

Enforcing Child Custody & Visitation Orders

Divorce with a Special Needs Child

Complex Child Custody Issues

Kidnap & Criminal Interference with Child Custody

Relocating Out of State

Moving to Another State with Your Child

Parental Alienation

Reunification Therapy

Fathers’ Rights, Grandfathers & Parental Rights

Father’s Rights


Grandparents Rights

Assisted Reproduction & Parental Rights

Psychological Parent Doctrine

Kinship Legal Guardian

Division of Child Protection & Permanency

DCP&P Superior Court Procedures

Questions Your Children Have

Division of Youth & Family Services

Child Custody & Parenting Time FAQs

Father’s Rights Questions

Child Support

Calculations & Guidelines

Who Pays For College After Divorce or Separation?

Educational Expenses

Child Support Enforcement or Recovery

Child Support Modifications

Emancipation of a Child

Emancipation FAQs

Child Support Q&A


Private Adoptions

Private Adoption in New Jersey

Open v. Closed Adoptions

New Jersey State Agency Adoption

Adopting Your Step Child

Adopting Your Grandchild or Relative

New Jersey Adoption FAQs

Military Divorce, Custody & Family Law

Military Child Custody & Parenting Time

Military Divorce FAQs

LGBTQIA+ Divorce & Family Law

New Jersey Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Unions & Domestic Partnerships

Status of Same-Sex Marriage in New Jersey

Parenting Rights & Custody Issues for LGBTQIA+ Parents

LGBTQIA+ Divorce & Dissolution of Civil Unions

LGBTQIA+ Family Law FAQs

Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders In New Jersey

Restraining Orders in New Jersey

Temporary & Final Restraining Orders

How To File Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)

Signs, Safety Plans & Help

Safety Plans

Stress and Alcohol

Battered Woman Syndrome

Helping Someone Get Help

Domestic Violence Prevention

Protecting Children of Domestic Violence

Spousal Cyber Spying: Are You At Risk?

Domestic Violence Resources

Case Study: Domestic Assault

Case Study: Criminal Mischief, Trespass & Stalking

Case Study: Harassment

Domestic Violence & Restraining Order FAQs

Restraining Order Video FAQs

Defending False Allegations

Prenups & Relationship Agreements

Post-nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements

Reconciliation Agreements

Cohabitation & Palimony Agreements

Prenup, Post-Nups & Relationship Agreement FAQs

Wills Trusts and Estate Planning

Advance Healthcare Directives / Living Wills

Divorce Lawyers & Family Law Attorneys

Aster, Francine

Bean, Thomas

Borchers, Kourtney

Cavaliere, Dianna C.

Clark, Ryan J.

Dooskin, Mara L.

Garibian, Christopher L.

Howlett, Robyn N.

Izzo, Gina-Marie

Levine, Tamara

Maenza, Philip J.

McCauley, Nicole M.

McGuire, Michael P.

Novi, Carmela L.

Outhwaite, Richard A.

Partyka, Rachel E.

Piedra, Hillary

Reichek, Teresa L.

Simeone, Salvatore A.

Varga, Jennifer D.

Velazquez, Aleida

Weinberger, Bari Zell

Weinstein, Janell

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