Mediation FAQs & Mediation Videos

Find out more about mediators and this low conflict resolution method, with our Mediation FAQs, commonly asked questions about mediation, and our mediation videos.

Perhaps a long trial or lengthy court proceedings, with the stress that that surely entails, is not the route you wish to take with your partner when trying to resolve your differences. Are you and your partner able to negotiate with each other in order to come up with your own agreement, with your own terms? Is mediation an avenue that you believe will benefit you, your partner, and your children, now and in the future? Be sure to watch our video FAQs on mediation here in New Jersey. Family law expert and Supreme Court Certified Matrimonial attorney, Bari Z. Weinberger, Esq. will walk you through the basics of the mediation process here in New Jersey and will answer you most common questions, in order to help you decide if mediation is the best way to resolve your current family law dispute.

How do I find the best mediator in New Jersey for my situation?

When you’re looking for a mediator, please understand that there are mediators who don’t have to have any specialized training. This is really important to appreciate the distinction between someone who understands the divorce and family laws as a family lawyer, and somebody who really just became a mediator because they thought it was interesting. So, my suggestion to you is to go and ask those tough questions. Schedule an initial consultation, bring a list of questions having to do with your very specific divorce and family-law issues: Child custody, alimony, distribution of assets, anything pertaining to your house, a business, any visitation issues that you might have, financial, other types of questions. And go in and be specific.