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Top 5 Costly Mistake of Divorce Book

Top 5 Costly MISTAKES of Divorce

Deciding to divorce isn’t easy, and even small oversights can result in a divorce that is needlessly more difficult and costly. However, it doesn’t have to be this way!

In this FREE guide, find out:

  • The five most common mistakes divorcing couples make.
  • How choosing the wrong date to file for divorce could cost you thousands.
  • Why selecting the wrong grounds for divorce can make your divorce take longer and cost you more.
  • Tips for avoiding these common errors… and more!

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Get the Prenup you need

Think prenuptial agreements are only for the super-wealthy? Think again. While some may argue that prenups are unromantic, a marriage IS a contract and a prenuptial agreement is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make.
If you have children from a previous relationship; or a family business; or an inheritance from Great Uncle George or jewellery from Grandma Jean… then this free guide is for you.
A prenup is just smart thinking for your children or for continuity of your family’s business.  Learn:

  • what can be included in a prenup
  • how to secure your children’s futures
  • how to ask for a prenup without upsetting the applecart
  • and more!

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Perlious Mistakes Women Make In Divorce

You are keenly aware that decisions you make in your divorce affect your children, your finances for many years to come. Mistakes are NOT an option.

Safeguard your future today: find out the 6 perilous mistakes women can make in divorce … and how to make sure you avoid them!

In this FREE download, learn:

  • The hidden perils of insisting on keeping the family home.
  • Why assumptions about child custody could trip you up.
  • The financial dangers you could inadvertently open yourself up to,
  • …and more!

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Perlious Mistakes Men Make In Divorce

Making mistakes in divorce can disastrously affect your financial future and could impact upon custody of your children. In this free download, find out the top 6 mistakes men make in divorce…and how to avoid them, including:

  • Why trying to rush your divorce could be the biggest mistake you ever make.
  • Why you should NOT move out of the family home.
  • The financial reasons for keeping your emotions in check during interactions with your ex.
  • …and more!

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