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Uncontested Divorce

What You Will Find in This Book:

A Guide To Uncontested Divorce In New Jersey

A growing number of couples in New Jersey are turning to uncontested divorce — the process of negotiating and settling divorce out of court — because it’s generally faster, less expensive, and more amicable than a contested divorce. Is an uncontested divorce for you? A Guide to Uncontested Divorce in New Jersey will help you find out!

  • Learn the steps involved in the uncontested divorce process, including needed paperwork and documents.
  • Understand what happens during settlement talks and how to negotiate for what you really want.
  • Learn why it’s important to consult with an attorney before finalizing a Marital Settlement Agreement.
  • Find out how to put in place temporary agreements during a separation to cover child support, child custody, and other matters.

What readers are saying…
If you think the two of you can pull it together to figure out the terms of your own divorce, this guide is filled with helpful tips on how to make this happen.” Joan W., Morris County

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A Guide To Contested Divorce In New Jersey

Does your divorce involve a high degree of disagreement and conflict? A Guide to Contested Divorce in New Jersey has the information you need to help you reach a fair settlement and finally move on with your life. In clear, empowering language, Bari Z. Weinberger offers readers the opportunity to:

  • Learn the first steps involved in the contested divorce process, including case management conferences and participating in a Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel (MESP).
  • Find out what goes on in the courtroom during a divorce trial.
  • Understand the factors used by courts in determining case track assignments and trial dates.
  • Gain valuable tips for making a good impression in all your courtroom dealings.

Discover options available to change your contested divorce into an uncontested divorce.

What readers are saying…
You can’t walk into a divorce trial cold. If there’s even a hint that there could be a fight over some of the issues in your divorce, read this guide.” Tom H., Bergen County

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Contested Divorce