Post Divorce Issues

Modifying & Enforcing Divorce Agreements In New Jersey

Have your life’s circumstances significantly changed since your divorce settlement?

Depending on how your situation has changed, you may be entitled to modify, add, or remove parts of your alimony, child custody, parenting time, or child support agreements in order to help you secure your future.

Alternatively, you may need to enforce an item in your existing agreement that the other party hasn’t fulfilled.

We can imagine what you’re thinking right now! The last thing anyone wants to do after reaching the end of divorce proceedings is to re-enter them.

But remember: This is your future and your life! If your circumstances today no longer reflect the terms of your divorce settlement, then both you and your family may benefit for many years to come from updating the agreement.The good news here, is that this process tends to be much quicker and smoother than the original proceedings were.

Here’s what you need to know:

Post Divorce Issues:

After you enter into a divorce agreement, events in your life may arise which warrant a change to your alimony amount. A legal modification may be appropriate, for example:

• If you have retired from your job
• If you have suffered a disability
• If your ex-spouse has had a significant increase in financial status
• If you have had a significant decrease in financial status
• And more

Post Divorce Issues: Enforcement

If your ex-spouse has violated the terms of your divorce agreement, you may need to file an enforcement motion with the court to force compliance. Enforcing the judgment and settlement agreement is often complicated and as such, it is important to have a family law attorney at your side to help enforce:

• Child support
• Alimony
• Insurance related expenses
• And more

Contact us to schedule an consultation to discuss your matter with an attorney, or find out more about child support, child custody, or alimony enforcement.

Post Divorce Issues for Child Custody and Support

Perhaps you need to establish more parenting time, or apply for custody of your children, or emancipate your child. Maybe your financial situation has changed and you need to apply for modification of your alimony or child support arrangements. We can help you resolve your issues, including:

• Modifying your child custody arrangement
• Changing or terminating alimony payments
• Changing or terminating child support agreements
• Enforcing a divorce agreement
• Supplementing the terms of a divorce agreement
• And more

Other Post Divorce Issues Not Addressed in the Agreement

There may be a variety of reasons why an issue was not addressed in your divorce agreement. It could be due to your haste to resolve your divorce. Perhaps you put off certain decisions with the hopes that as time passed you would be able to amicably deal with future issues. Or maybe, like many couples who go back to court post-divorce, you need to determine who is responsible for the payment of a child’s education. In short, there are many reasons something may not have been addressed in the original agreement. Here are the most common items that couples have to sort out post-divorce:

• Child support issues
• Child custody issues
• Alimony issues
• Education for children
• Emancipation
• And more

Resolving Post-Divorce Issues

Ideally, you would want to resolve any issues amicably by entering into a consent order with your spouse perhaps by mediation, if appropriate. However, if this is not possible, our family law attorneys can guide you throughout the process and secure your future.

In either case, we’d like to help. We understand that this isn’t a door that is easy to reopen. But we also know that the quality of your future depends on having the right terms in your agreement.

Post-Divorce FAQs

We know you have questions and have created video and written answers to the most common post divorce FAQs we are asked.

If you’ll share with us how your circumstances have changed, we can look at options for updating your settlement to reflect them! So let’s talk! Call us now at (888) 888-0919 to schedule a meeting with an experienced family law attorney.