Kids, Parenting Time & Vacation: Are You Ready for the Summer? 

The countdown to summer break has begun! And that means that before the final bell of the school year rings, it’s time for you and your ex to iron out plans for the months ahead.

Are you ready for the less structured days of summer vacation? Planning a trip with your kids? Want more time with your child? Or wondering which parent pays for expenses like summer camp?

Here are answers to common summer co-parenting questions we hear all the time!  Read more

3 Steps to Prepare for Marriage the Second Time Around

Meghan Markle and the UK’s Prince Harry are set to wed this summer. This will be the first trip down the aisle for Prince Harry, but did you know that it’s actually marriage the second time around for Meghan Markle?  She divorced her first husband, actor Trevor Engelson, in 2013.

If  you are preparing for your own second chance at wedded bliss, then you — just like Ms. Markle — are in the very privileged position of understanding what can sink a marriage and the distress of needing to divorce. So let’s help you put this wisdom to work! Before you say “I do” again,  here are three important steps you can take to safeguard your peace of mind in your new marriage. Read more

7 Signs That Your Marriage Is Over

The task of marriage is not to avoid conflict, but to work through it in order to grow as a couple and as individuals. Problems left to fester will eventually erode a marriage. Read on to find out if yours is headed for divorce — and what you can do to keep it from going over the brink. Read more

Cheating Spouse? 3 Signs Adultery May Not Be The End Of Your Marriage

surviving infidelity

The worst thing about finding out your spouse cheated is usually not the fact that he or she has been involved with someone else. It’s knowing that you were lied to — repeatedly. Still, infidelity doesn’t have to spell the end of a marriage. If you and your spouse can work through the betrayal and establish a genuine emotional intimacy, your marriage could last and even be better than before. Here are 3 hopeful signs that you may be able to put the past behind you. Read more

Is Divorce Fight Over $400 Million Super Yacht Worth ‘Hollow Victory’?

Some spouses fight over who gets the living room furniture. But in a high profile divorce involving a Russian billionaire, the object of contention is a little pricier: a luxury “super yacht” valued at almost $400 million. Read more

3 Ways To Co-Parent With A Bullying Ex

bad parent behavior

Co-parenting with a bullying ex is all about conflict management. You’ll never turn your mean-spirited former spouse into a reasonable person, but you can learn ways to dial down the conflict and manage your own reactions. Read on to find out how. Read more

How To End A Miserable Marriage Without The Guilt

divorce closure

Stuck in a miserable marriage? Even if you have both agreed to divorce, you may still be plagued by guilt – especially if you have children. Divorce is hard enough without beating yourself up about it. Here are some steps for moving on from a bad marriage with your self-respect intact. Read more

Big Step For New Jersey Gestational Surrogacy Bill

surrogacy in nj

It’s all but certain that third time’s a charm for hopeful parents-to-be in New Jersey who wish to their baby via surrogacy and need to establish a legal gestational carrier agreement.

On April 12, 2018, the New Jersey Legislature passed a long-awaited bill to make written surrogacy agreements legal in the state, reversing a three-decade ban on gestational carrier agreements that followed in the wake of the controversial Baby M surrogacy case. In recent years, two other bills to legalize surrogacy contracts were both vetoed under former Governor Christie. It’s expected that Governor Phil Murphy will approve the current gestational carrier legislation.

As more and more couples are turning to surrogacy as an option to grow their families, especially given the rise of same-sex couples interested in surrogacy as a path to parenthood, proponents of the bill say the time has come to legalize these agreements.

Here’s a closer look at the gestational carrier bill and what parents and surrogates can expect with from the new law.  Read more

Bari Weinberger Named to List of New Jersey’s Best Lawyers for Families 

Bari Weinberger has been named to the exclusive list of New Jersey’s Best Lawyers for Families for 2018, as voted on by the readers of New Jersey Family magazine.

We’re thrilled for Bari, and so proud to see her accomplishment earn this recognition. Bari has fought to safeguard children and their parents since her career began two decades ago. Her finesse and skill to defuse the toughest of child custody battles, battling for the rights of parents, and fiercely defending the safety of children, is recognized throughout the state. As a certified matrimonial attorney, Bari is a true family law expert who freely shares her mastery through her family law book series, free consumer downloads, and frequent media appearances. This is her second consecutive year being named to the list of Best Lawyers for Families.

Congratulations, Bari!

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5 Unreasonable Behaviors That Mean Divorce Is In The Cards

deciding to divorce

Recognizing that your behaviors directly impact your spouse – and adjusting them when need be – is essential for a successful marriage. Want to ensure that your relationship is on the right track? Read on to learn what surefire marriage-enders you need to stop doing right now! Read more