How To Have A Good Divorce, Even When You Have A High-Conflict Ex

good divorce with high conflict ex

Worried that you’re doomed to a miserable split? Don’t despair! Learn how to achieve a good divorce with a high conflict ex by taking these 5 steps to disengage from conflict. Read more

Freezing Eggs For Future Parenthood? Here Are Two Legal Issues To Consider

freezing eggs and legal issues to consider

Melissa Gorga of Real Housewives of New Jersey shared her future parenting plans during a recent appearance on the Wendy Williams show. Gorga, a mother of three, is freezing her eggs as a way to leave her options open for more children in the future.  Read more

Divorcing After Only Days: What Happens When A Marriage Ends Quickly? 

divorce after a brief marriage

Pamela Anderson and her new husband Jon Peters have made headlines twice so far in 2020: Once when they tied the knot in a surprise wedding in January, and again on February 1 when the pair announced their marriage was already ending in divorce. 

Celebrities can have very short marriages. But so can the rest of us! Are you wondering what happens when a marriage ends quickly? Is divorce preferred, or is an annulment a better option? And what about assets? Can you get alimony or child support after a brief marriage? 

Let’s take a look at some answers.  Read more

6 Disastrous Mistakes To Avoid After Your Divorce

After your divorceWhen emotions still run high after divorce, mistakes are sure to follow. Wondering how your own choices are stacking up? Read on to learn about common post-divorce mistakes and how to avoid (and overcome) them. Read more

Parental Alienation: Is Your Ex Turning Your Kids Against You?

is your ex turning your kids against you?

Parental Alienation is every divorced parent’s nightmare. Could your ex be successful in turning your kids against you? And what would you do if this worse case scenario actually happens? While you can’t control what your ex (or anyone else) does, you can be proactive by addressing the problem directly, and minimizing the damage. Here’s how: Read more

5 Ways To Practice Divorce Self-Care

divorce self care

Divorce can be an overwhelming process, especially if it’s a high conflict one. It’s easy to lose oneself in a vortex of emotions, legal deadlines, and co-parenting decisions. And when you’re juggling all this on top of responsibilities in the workplace and on the home front, you may feel you don’t have time for self-care.

However, not prioritizing your health will just make your divorce more challenging. Staying physically and emotionally fit will give you the equanimity you need to navigate this difficult time successfully. Read on to learn the five most important things you can do to practice divorce self-care. Read more

Is It Domestic Violence If No Punches Are Thrown?

what is domestic violence?

Lightweight boxing champion Gervonta Davis is facing domestic violence charges after a shocking video surfaced showing Davis forcefully grabbing his ex-girlfriend at a charity basketball game in Miami on February 1. Davis can be seen approaching the victim as she sits in the crowd, yanking her to her feet by her throat and forcibly leading her out of the arena. Charges were filed after investigators reviewed the 14-second video and met with both the victim and Davis.  Read more

3 ways to save your marriage from alcoholism 

alcoholism and marriage

Anyone who has watched a spouse sink into the depths of alcoholism has had to answer a very stark question: What does this mean for my marriage? 

The reality is that almost half (48%) of marriages affected by alcoholism end in divorce.

Common crisis issues in an alcoholic marriage are serious: domestic abuse, job loss due to drinking and resulting financial difficulties, co-dependency, and children put in harm’s way.

These are incredibly difficult problems to surmount and sometimes divorce is inevitable. But when spouses are willing to do the hard work of addiction recovery and rebuilding, there can be hope that a marriage can beat the odds. 

Is your marriage one of them? Here are some steps that can help you decide what is best for you.  Read more

What Behaviors To Watch Out For In A High-Conflict Divorce

high conflict behaviors in divorce

The stress of divorce can make even the most diplomatic person lose their cool, but high-conflict divorce brings out the worst, most extreme behaviors in former partners.

Unlike amicable divorces, in which people are able to set their emotions aside and remain civil during the divorce process, those in high-conflict divorces can carry on acrimoniously for years. Wondering where your divorce rates on the conflict scale? Here are some common high-conflict behaviors to watch out for. Read more

Low Conflict Conscious Uncoupling: The Key To A Good Divorce

good divorce

“Conscious uncoupling” is a term popularized by Gwyneth Paltrow and her ex-husband Chris Martin, who kept their emotions and baggage out of their divorce in order to provide safety and consistency for their children – even going so far as to have family dinners and vacations. However, you don’t need to stay that friendly with your ex in order to have a good divorce. Here are some steps you can take to keep conflict to a minimum. Read more