5 Signs Your Spouse Is Hiding Bitcoin Assets In Your Divorce

Do you suspect that your spouse is being less than truthful about disclosing all their assets, especially high tech assets like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Here are some telltale signs that your spouse is trying to keep their digital currency on the down low during your divorce. Read more

How To Divorce A Controlling Spouse

When a controlling spouse gets a divorce, they up the ante in their head games, so be prepared for a spike in manipulation tactics. While you can’t control the controller, you can take steps to manage the chaos he (or she) stirs up. Read more

WLG Recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month With FREE Legal Resources

NJ domestic violence resources

In honor of October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group has created a number of free resources to help victims of spousal or intimate partner abuse protect themselves and their children.

It’s estimated that up to 25 percent of relationships in New Jersey are impacted by abuse. Domestic violence does not discriminate: It can be found in both straight and same-sex relationships, and victims can be either female or male. All victims of abuse deserve to be safeguarded.

Please use our free tools and downloads to start building a safer future. If you know a loved one who may be experiencing abuse, or you work for a domestic violence shelter or agency New Jersey, we ask that you share this information with anyone who may need it.

Our resources include: Read more

Narcissistic Abuse and Divorce: 5 Ways To Keep Your Boundaries

Narcissists lack of empathy, interpersonal exploitation, and disregard for the rights and boundaries of others. If you’ve been a victim of narcissistic abuse at the hands of your spouse, you’ve likely been on the receiving end of these character defects. Now that you’re divorcing one (or considering doing so), expect these key traits to worsen exponentially. While divorce from a narcissist isn’t easy (not by a longshot), there are steps you can take to protect yourself and maintain your boundaries. Read more

Divorcing An Abuser: 5 Steps to Getting Out Safely

recognizing the signs of financial abuse

If you’re married to an abusive spouse, you’ve probably been conditioned to feel trapped and helpless. You may be financially dependent and wonder how you’ll support yourself and your children. No one should tolerate abuse, especially when children are involved. When divorcing an abuser, it’s critical that you plan your exit wisely — especially if your spouse has threatened you with physical harm to manipulate you into staying.

As scared and overwhelmed as you may feel right now, you and your children are likely to face greater harm if you stay. Here are 5 steps to help you get out of your abusive marriage safely: Read more

Control and Manipulation: The Insidious Roots Of Domestic Abuse

control and manipulation

You don’t have to be physically battered to be a victim of domestic violence . No matter the type of abuse — physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, or financial – control and manipulation are at the core. So where’s the line between a garden-variety “control freak” and an abusive personality? Let’s take a look at some of the signs that point to domestic abuse. Read more

Divorce and Sex Addiction

high conflict ex

If you are getting a divorce and sex addiction is the cause, you may wonder how his (or her) addiction will impact your divorce proceedings, and post-divorce life. Read on to learn what to expect when you’re going through divorce from a sex addict. Read more

Divorcing An Addict: 3 Strategies For Getting Through It

Divorce isn’t simple for anyone, but ending a marriage to someone struggling with an addiction adds another set of concerns. What happens if he doesn’t stop using? Can you trust her with the kids? What if he can’t keep his job and pay child support? Although you can’t control the addict’s behavior, you can put strategies in place to make your divorced life more manageable. Read more

Is Your Spouse Addicted to Opioids?

New Jersey is not immune from the nation’s opioid epidemic. 

  • For every 100 prescriptions written in New Jersey, 55 of these are for opioids.
  • Over 184,000 New Jersey residents have been admitted into treatment facilities for heroin or opioid abuse since 2010. 
  • Over 5,000 heroin-related deaths have occurred in New Jersey since 2004. 
  • The number of prescription/synthetic opioid-related deaths has increased twentyfold over the past 14 years. 

And here is one more tragic statistic: approximately 50% of marriages affected by addiction end in divorce. Read more

Married To An Addict: Is Divorce Inevitable?

saving marriage from addiction

Almost 50% of marriages involving substance abuse end in divorce. Can your relationship can survive the impact of your spouse’s addiction? Before you call it quits, learn steps that can help you reclaim your marriage and rebuild the love and trust that addiction destroyed.  Read more