Your #1 Divorce Survival Tool: Compartmentalization

Has your divorce turned you into an emotional wreck? Are you thinking about it 24/7? Are you so distraught that you have trouble sleeping, eating, and functioning in general? Then you need to learn how to divorce compartmentalization so you can cope during the process. Read more

10 Steps To Surviving Gray Divorce

surviving gray divorce

If you’re a “gray divorcer,” you’re not alone: divorce rates for adults aged 50 and over have doubled in the past 25 years. While it may be a relief to extricate yourself from a long-term unhappy marriage, divorce at this stage brings unique challenges. Here are 10 steps to surviving gray divorce – and thriving once it’s over. Read more

5 Ways To Deal With a Passive Aggressive Co-Parent

Does your passive aggressive co-parent make your blood boil? Does he fail to honor his agreements? Does she avoid direct confrontation by communicating with you through your children? The first step to managing your passive-aggressive ex is to understand why they behave the way they do. Read more

Child Custody Battles: How To Stand Your Ground

child custody battles

You and your spouse are at loggerheads over custody arrangements, and it now looks like your matter could be headed to court.

Despite all the drawbacks to custody battles, they’re sometimes unavoidable: if your ex poses a safety risk to your kids; if your ex is obstructing your visitation time; if co-parenting is next to impossible. While mediation and other low conflict resolution matters are preferred whenever possible, going before a judge may be your best option for safeguarding your relationship with your child.

Are you ready for this next big step? Whether you’re initiating or responding to litigation, here are some tips for standing strong in your custody battle. Read more

Saving Your Marriage From Shopping Addiction

shopping addiction

Help! I married a shopaholic!

Consider it the dark side of all those Black Friday savings. For the estimated 5.8% of the U.S. population with Compulsive Buying Disorder, the annual holiday shopping kickoff often becomes a trigger for a shopping addiction bender.

A spouse’s compulsive shopping can be difficult to spot — until the addiction takes a hit on your marital finances and results in empty bank accounts, declined credit cards, repossessed cars, or even home foreclosure. 

Financial woes rank as a top cause of divorce. Before your spouse’s shopping addiction threatens to end your marriage, read on for six tips on how to safeguard your relationship – and your assets – from compulsive spending. Read more

Toxic Divorce: What To Expect And How To Stay Sane

toxic divorce

Are you frustrated that conventional divorce advice doesn’t seem to apply to you? Wondering when your ex is going to “get over it,” as your friends and family keep promising? Feeling overwhelmed by attempts to co-parent with someone who’s chronically hostile and manipulative?

If this is your experience, you have a toxic divorce and you probably won’t be able to mediate or make traditional co-parenting strategies work for you. You can, however, learn skills and strategies to manage conflict and crazy-making behavior. Read more

The 1-2-3s Of Surviving Infidelity And Staying Married

surviving infidelity

Infidelity doesn’t have to be a marriage ender. For some, it’s the beginning of a long overdue conversation about intimacy problems, unspoken resentments, and dissatisfaction with oneself. Wondering how to stay married after betrayal? Here are three ways to turn broken trust into an opportunity for relationship repair. Read more

Creating Your Divorce Dream Team

divorce dream team

Are you wondering how to navigate the A to Z of divorce? Have you heard terms like “forensic accountant” and “parenting plan coordinator” but aren’t really sure what these people do and if you need one? Here’s a guide to assembling your very own “divorce dream team” to guide you through the complex process of divorce. Read more

9 Survival Tips For Living Together During Divorce

If you’re living together during divorce — due to financial constraints, your desire to stake a stronger claim to the family home, or to maintain daily contact with the kids – you need a survival plan. In order to keep from going nuts, it’s important to establish boundaries, minimize conflict, and focus on putting your children first. Here are 10 tips to help you survive living together while you’re figuring out how to live apart. Read more

5 Tips For Helping Teens Through Divorce

Divorcing when your child is a teenager poses unique challenges. In many ways, the two of you are in a similar spot — while you’re trying to establish a new life as a re-singled person, your teen is trying to discover their own solid identity and place in the world.

What can you do to support your child? Here are some tips for guiding your adolescent through divorce so he can transition successfully into adulthood. Read more