Who Gets To Keep The Engagement Ring?

Who gets to keep the engagement ring

Breaking up is hard to do, but for many couples, figuring out who gets to keep the engagement ring as their relationship or marriage ends can sometimes become contentious.

Should the recipient be able to keep this most precious (and often very expensive) gift? Or is the giver of the ring entitled to a return?

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Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Attorneys Recognized As 2024 Best Lawyers for Families 

[Pictured from left to right: Partners Bari Z. Weinberger, Mara Dooskin, and Robyn Howlett]

Congratulations to Weinberger Divorce & Family Law group partners Bari Weinberger, Mara Dooskin and Robyn Howlett for being recognized as 2024 Best Lawyers for Families as voted on by the readers of New Jersey Family magazine.  Read more

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Announces 7 Attorneys Recognized as 2024 “Super Lawyers”

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group is pleased to announce that eight of the firm’s attorneys have been named to the prestigious Super Lawyers and Super Lawyers Rising Stars lists for 2024. Receiving New Jersey Super Lawyers designations this year are founding partner Bari Z. Weinberger; partners Dianna Cavaliere, Mara Dooskin, Robyn Howlett, Carmela Novi, and Rachel Partyka; and attorney Richard Outhwaite. Read more

Freezing Embryos Before Marriage: It’s A New Trend, But What If The Relationship Ends?

Freezing Embryos Before Marriage

In today’s modern world, instead of saying “I do” to marriage, many dating couples are first saying yes to IVF. As highlighted in a recent piece in The Cut, the newest trend among unmarried couples is making frozen embryos as a sign of their commitment to a future life together.

As the article’s title, “The Exes Who Froze Embryos and Regret It,” gives away, however, the one big catch to freezing embryos with a dating partner is figuring out what happens to frozen embryos should the couple’s relationship reach the end of the road before they can be used.

The big problem: What if one former partner wishes to still use the frozen embryos in the future over the other’s objection? Read more

IRS: Tax Benefits Available For Survivors of Domestic Violence 

When survivors of domestic violence rebuild their lives, establishing solid financial footing is a priority. During federal tax filing season, important IRS tax benefits can support survivors in achieving the goal of financial recovery. Is someone in your life picking up the pieces following abuse? Here’s what to know before filing this year’s tax returns.

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New Law Expands Access To Infertility Insurance Coverage in New Jersey

New law expands infertility insurance coverage in New JerseyAnyone who has experienced infertility knows the anguish it can bring. Treatments are expensive, and health insurance does not cover everything. This is especially true for single people and LGBTQIA+ couples eager to start their families. A new law, signed by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on January 12, 2024, provides some relief by expanding insurance coverage for infertility services and embracing broader access to services. Read more

What Happens When A Spouse Dies During Divorce? A New NJ Law Provides Clarity

Divorce cases are full of unexpected twists and turns. One of the most disturbing twists is when a spouse dies during the divorce process. Although this is fortunately not common, when it does happen, the conflict between family law and estate law can throw a wrench into the divorce case. As of January 8, 2024, a new law amends New Jersey’s equitable distribution and estates statutes to resolve this conflict.

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How To Speed Up Your Divorce in New Jersey in 2024

speed up divorce new jersey 2024

Are you getting divorced in 2024? Are you looking to speed up your divorce but are trapped in the New Jersey Court system? Here’s how you can take control over your divorce and move forward with your life… Read more

Help in 2024 for Victims of Stalking and Cyber Harassment as SASPA Becomes VASPA 

cyberstalkingIn 2023, the New Jersey legislature took action to expand the protections of the Sexual Assault Survivors Protection Act, NJSA 2C:14-13, et seq. (SASPA). Effective January 1, 2024, the amended law allows victims of stalking or cyber-harassment to request restraining orders even in the absence of a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault. The law remains otherwise the same but has been retitled the “Victim’s Assistance and Survivor Protection Act” (VASPA).

Let’s unpack VASPA to see how updated provisions close loopholes and help victims of stalking and cyber harassment gain improved access to protection.

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Getting A Divorce In 2024? Here Are The 4 New Divorce Mistakes You Must Avoid

Getting a divorce in 2024 in New Jersey? Here is what to expect.

Making the decision to divorce in 2024?

Here’s what you need to know right now: The process of getting a divorce in New Jersey in 2024 is different from even just a few years ago. This is not your Aunt Patty’s divorce, or even your best friend’s pre-Covid split.

In 2024, new issues that frequently complicate the ending of a marriage include: Read more