false accusations of domestic violence.

Defending Against False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Have you been a victim of false accusations, including false allegations of domestic violence or abuse in New Jersey, or have you been served with a Temporary Restraining Order? If you have been wrongly accused of domestic violence, you have a tremendous amount at stake, including your privacy, reputation, and sense of security. False accusations of domestic violence can have long-lasting effects on both your criminal record and your relationship with loved ones. As such, these potentially damaging false accusations should not be taken lightly. A zealous legal defense can protect your rights and your freedom.

Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence in New Jersey—The Costs

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence in the State of New Jersey, it is important to aggressively fight these charges. Domestic violence accusations can have severe legal consequences and cost you more than just your reputation. Domestic violence accusations can lead to:

  • Loss of your home
  • Loss of your job
  • Heavy fines
  • Legal fees
  • Loss of child custody
  • Restrictions on visitation
  • Increased child support payments
  • Criminal penalties and records
  • Potential jail time
  • Restriction of civil liberties

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False Allegations of NJ Domestic Violence—A Proactive Defense

Unfortunately, innocent men and women are wrongfully accused of domestic violence every day. Often times, these allegations are simply designed to obtain an advantage in a divorce or child custody proceeding. In addition, false charges of domestic violence can be filed out of jealousy, anger, or revenge, and can have both civil and criminal consequences.

If your spouse or accuser has obtained a Temporary Restraining Order, you only have 10 days until the final hearing. During this time, it is critical to find an experienced domestic violence attorney to fight these false accusations and build a solid defense. While the Temporary Restraining Order is in effect, you may be prevented from returning to your home or having visitation with your children; therefore, it is always advisable to vigorously defend against these false allegations of domestic violence, to avoid losing any of your civil or parental rights. In some situations, a domestic violence case can be settled before ever going to trial.

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence in the State of New Jersey, a domestic violence attorney at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC can protect your rights in the court of law. You deserve to be represented by domestic violence attorneys who understand the complexities surrounding domestic violence cases and who can zealously build a defense designed to beat any false accusations.

The domestic violence attorneys at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC,  have successfully challenged false charges of physical abuse, harassment, and verbal abuse. Don’t let false abuse accusations destroy your good name and freedom. Contact us.


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