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About Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC

Life can be challenging when family issues arise and things are complicated further when those issues turn into legal challenges. Unfortunately, some issues escalate beyond control and outside help is needed. That’s where Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC comes in.

Our law firm is native to New Jersey and we have worked with many Middlesex County residents on legal matters over the years. Our firm dedicates 100% of our practice to divorce and family law. This means that no matter which one of our attorneys you choose, he or she will have the same goal to help your family settle legal conflicts in an economic, courteous, and professional way. We can help you regardless of what type of legal issue you’re facing or where you live in the county.

Middlesex County Legal Issues

Couples who are contemplating a divorce or facing marital problems often have unique questions and concerns about separation or the divorce process, child support or custody issues, mediation services, civil unions and domestic partnerships, domestic violence, and other family-law related matters.

Sometimes the situation is a simple, uncontested divorce case with few assets. Other times, the situation becomes a highly charged, contested matter with substantial value that’s destined for trial with the Middlesex County court. Regardless of your situation, we at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC have your best interests at heart and want to help in any way we can.

Since divorce litigation can be tumultuous, your attorney will be sensitive to the delicate relationships that need to be preserved between you and your spouse, especially when children are involved. You can rest assured that while vigorously advocating for your rights, your attorney will maintain good relations between all parties.

Choosing the Right Attorney

In order to receive the most effective service, your family law attorney needs first-hand experience in multiple cases dealing with Middlesex County law. This will ensure that they are able to effectively navigate the family court system. Without that experience, your attorney will have difficulty providing all of the benefits you require in your time of need. Every one of the attorneys that work with our law group have experience working with the Middlesex County court system and will do everything in their power to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

In some legal cases, trial may be the only viable solution. Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC has earned a reputation for providing professional and reliable advocacy on behalf of our clients.

Judges we may appear before regarding your matter include:

  • Hon. Aravind Aithal
  • Hon. Laurence Bravman
  • Hon. Daniel H. Brown
  • Hon. Jeffrey Brown
  • Hon. Gregg R. Rubenstein
  • Hon. Glenn C. Slavin
  • Hon. Barbara C. Stolte
  • Hon. Andrea J. Sullivan

What to Expect From Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC is committed to each of our clients and subscribe ourselves to the following principles:

Unique Needs: We understand that every case is different and will take whatever time is needed to clearly understand your needs, consider your values, understand your goals, and make solid recommendations for the most appropriate course of action. Once those points are established, a clear understanding of how the divorce process will unfold will be given.

Communication: It’s crucial to find workable solutions that are well suited for you and your family. We will thoroughly explore your goals and values and provide lines of communication between all necessary parties.

Privacy: When it comes to legal matters, privacy is of paramount importance. Every aspect of your case will be treated with confidentiality and professionalism.

Fact Finding: In order for your Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC attorney to properly serve you, it will be necessary to collect specific documents and information. This information will be critical for successful negotiations and will aid your case.

Commitment: We pledge to offer our total commitment to you and your case in the most economical way and under the least amount of stress possible. Regardless of the type of family law issue you’re facing, our attorneys are here to protect you. We work tirelessly to provide the best possible advocacy to represent your interests both inside and outside of the courtroom.

Trust: You can rely on us to support both you and your family members throughout any and all aspects of legal matters (even during the post-judgment period).

Middlesex County Towns & Cities We Frequently Serve

West CarteretMetuchenPiscataway
East BrunswickMonroeSouth Amboy
EdisonNew BrunswickSouth Brunswick
North EdisonNorth BrunswickSouth Plainfield
HelmettaOld BridgeSouth River
Highland ParkSouth O ld BridgeSpotswood
JamesburgPerth AmboyWoodbridge

Middlesex County Family Law & Divorce, LLC FAQ:

  • My family lives in Cranbury and I am the primary breadwinner. Will I still have to pay spousal support?
  • My house in Concordia is my most valuable asset. How will this be divided in a divorce?
  • I live in Metuchen, but my spouse is moving out of state to be closer to work. How will this affect child custody?
  • I work for Rutgers University. Does my spouse have any claim to my 401k?
  • I work on Wall Street and have extensive stock options. Will my spouse be entitled to a portion of this as a result of divorce?