Domestic Violence effects all types of relationships and does not turn a blind eye to the LGBT community. Unique to abusers in LGBTQ relationships, however, are threats and actions specific to the lifestyle. Get educated regarding LGBTQ domestic violence and find out where to get help here in New Jersey.

Shared Parenting in NJ

Learn how NJ law addressed shared parenting and how you can effectively co-parent for the benefit of the entire family.

DV Doesn’t Discriminate

According to The National Network to End Domestic Violence’s website, ‘Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or economic status.’ It is the hope that at some point in the near future, domestic violence will not be subject to stereotyping, but until then, we must work to get help to all those in need.

Is Sexting Adultery?

You have discovered your spouse’s racy text messages and want a divorce… can you file for the divorce based on adultery?

Conscious Uncoupling

We all remember Gwyneth Paltrow’s statement regarding conscious uncoupling, but does it really work? How approaching your divorce in a constructive, collaborative and non-confrontational way can save you and your family lots of emotion, stress and money.

Grandparent Custody When a Parent is Addicted

Find out how a grandparent can step in and raise their grandkids if their child is suffering from addiction and cannot effectively parent their children.

Sex Addiction and Reconciliation Agreements

Find out how a reconciliation agreement can help rebuild trust in your marriage after sex addiction.

Changing Your Last Name in Divorce

Should you resume your former name? How do you go back to your birth name? Find out all about changing your last name in divorce in this Family Law Jersey Style Podcast, brought to you by Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group.

Parenting Time After Addiction

Learn what steps you can take to rebuild your relationship with your children and reestablish your parenting time after treatment for addiction.

How to Divorce Like a Star

You don’t have to be famous to divorce like a star! Learn how to keep your divorce out of the spotlight and separate without tabloid drama.