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Mother’s Day for Single Moms

It’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas, but Mother’s Day still can carry with it much of the same kind of emotional baggage that holidays and other family celebrations do when you are separated or newly divorced. Is this your first Mother’s Day since your split? Things may be very different this year, but one thing is the same: You are still a mom and you still deserve a special day.

How can you celebrate your new status as a single mom? Here are some ideas for how to create a day filled with joy. On the other hand, are you a dad wondering how to help your kids honor their mother, even if she is no longer your wife? We’ve got tips on how to make that happen, too. Read more

Bethenny Frankel Divorce: Who Prevails When Both Parents Want Custody?

The latest development in the contentious divorce between reality diva Bethenny Frankel and estranged husband Jason Hoppy is shaping up to be a nasty child custody fight over the couple’s 2-year old daughter Bryn. At issue is the claim on the part of both parents for sole custody of the little girl.

As the NY Post and sources report, “Jason has . . . requested sole custody of Bryn, just as Bethenny did when she initially filed. Jason doesn’t want to cut Bethenny out of his daughter’s life, and he recognizes that Bryn needs her mommy. Jason is agreeable to joint custody of Bryn, but Bethenny is absolutely balking. She wants sole custody of Bryn, period. No compromises. It makes no sense because Jason is a very active father and plans to be a huge part of his daughter’s life.” Read more

Vacation Planning for Divorced Families

It’s your weekend for visitation and at the last minute, you decide it would be fun to head down to Washington D.C. to see that new exhibit at the Smithsonian. Can you just pick up and go, or do you first need approval from your child’s other parent? Read more

Mom Loses Custody Over Facebook Post

We blogged not too long ago about how not to let social media sabotage your divorce. But it looks like at least one mom still hasn’t gotten this one very basic message: What you post on Facebook, Twitter, or your social media site of choice can come back to haunt you in a big way when it’s your day in court. Read more

How To Find A Divorce Therapist

When you are going through a divorce, it can help to have a trusted person to talk to about the jumbled mix of emotions and feelings you may be experiencing right now. For many, seeing a therapist is beneficial, especially when it comes to getting “over the hump” of divorce. If you have children, seeking therapy — for everyone in the family — is typically recommended as a way for you to begin learning the tools and skills necessary to move forward. Read more

New Jersey Gives Military Parents Added Protection for Child Custody & Visitation Issues

As we discuss at greater length in our Guide to Military Divorce, child custody arrangements and parenting plans require special flexibility when one or both parents are in the service of the U.S. military. Deployments can be unpredictable and sometimes involve short notice. Families are called on to make difficult adjustments. No parent should have to worry that serving the country carries a risk of losing custody or parenting time. In recent years, many states have addressed these challenges by enacting specific laws addressing custody arrangements for children with a parent in the military. New Jersey has now joined this growing group of states. Read more

Introducing Your Child to Your New Romantic Partner

Whether or not the relationship began during your marriage, or it’s one that didn’t start until after you were separated, when and how you introduce your child to your new romantic partner can set the tone for how your child views and relates to this person for years to come. Read more

New Jersey’s “High Conflict” Parenting Coordinator Program Ends

As 2012 ended, so did New Jersey’s 5-year-old Parenting Coordinator Pilot Program. According to a notice sent from Acting Administrative Director of the Courts Glenn Grant, the decision to shut down the program as of Nov. 26, 2012 came at the request of the Conference of Presiding Family Judges and the Supreme Court’s Family Practice Committee. All approved placement forms for the program — which had been in place for local counties in Bergen, Middlesex, Morris, Sussex and Union vicinages — are now terminated. Likewise, the roster of parenting coordinators once found on the New Jersey Judiciary’s website is also gone. Read more

Will Your New Year’s Resolutions Include Divorce?

You may have seen one of our recent ads that, tongue-in-cheek, touts divorce as the diet that can help you get rid of 180 pounds of dead weight. Yes, we’re trying to inject some levity into a situation where there is usually very little to laugh about. But there is another reason why comparing divorce to diets seems apt. Read more

Post-Divorce Holiday Survival Guide

Thanksgiving is here and the December holidays of Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year’s are right around the corner. We’ve shared tips before on how to survive the holidays when you are separated or going through a divorce. But another year has passed, and we’re back with some all new and updated ways on how to enjoy this special season, no matter what your marital status. Read more