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Hurricane Sandy Help for Divorced Families

The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy has significantly disrupted the lives of families throughout New Jersey. But for divorced families, there may an extra layer of concern right now involving co-parenting issues. Have impassable roads impacted your child custody arrangements and parenting time? Have you not been in contact with your child since the storm? Have power outages throughout New Jersey closed your place of work and now you are concerned about making this month’s child support payment? Read more

E-Visitation: NJ Bill Allows Skyping and Texting to Count as Parenting Time

Tom Cruise has taken a lot of heat for not seeing daughter Suri in the flesh over the past two months, though the two talk on the phone and video chat “at least once a day,” Cruise’s lawyer confirms. This has led some to speculate that perhaps Tom’s visitation with Suri may be extremely limited. Or is it? Following the lead of other states, a new bill before the New Jersey Assembly (Bill No. 2388), will allow telephone, email, texting, video conferencing and other communications technologies, to count as parenting time in some child custody agreements. Read more

Bills Before NJ Assembly Expand Rights of Children, Domestic Abuse Victims

New proposed legislation recommended this week by the state’s Assembly Judiciary Committee would create significant changes in how certain family law matters are conducted, reports the New Jersey Law Journal. What’s on tap to be voted on? One bill expands children’s right to representation in parental termination cases and the other increases privacy rights for domestic violence victims. Here’s a look at what each entails: Read more

NJ Psychologist Marsha Kleinman Loses License Over False Sex Abuse Claims

Marsha Kleinman, a Highland Park, New Jersey psychologist who frequently served as an expert in criminal child abuse cases has had her license to practice psychology in the state revoked and is ordered to pay a $60,000 fine for her misconduct stemming from charges that she convinced children they had been sexually abused even after they said it didn’t happen. Read more

How Do You Announce That You’re Getting A Divorce?

When it comes to the tangled web that is your personal social network (the offline one as well as your online network of friends), how do you go about announcing your divorce? Breaking the news is different, of course, depending on whether you’re talking to your parents, your coworkers, casual acquaintances, the kids’ teachers, or that nosy next door neighbor — but how do you do it? Consider this triage approach to spreading the news. Read more

Co-Parenting: Making Kids Feel at Home

Do your children split their time two houses or two homes? When it comes to helping kids successfully adjust to life after divorce, it’s the little things that often count the most, including how “at home” children feel when spending time with each of their parents. No matter what kind of parenting time plan you have in place, what does your living situation look like through the eyes of your kids? Here are some tips for rolling out the welcome mat. Read more

Grandparent Visitation Rights New Issue in Sean Goldman Case

Sean Goldman, the little boy brought back from Brazil after a hard-won child custody battle by his father David Goldman in 2009, is back in the news, and at the center of a new custody fight, this time involving his Brazilian grandmother. Read more

Lessons from the Holmes-Cruise Divorce

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise reached a settlement agreement in their headline-making divorce only 11 days after Katie filed in New York to end the marriage. The contents of the agreement are confidential, but the statement released by Katie’s legal team, “We are thrilled for Katie and her family and are excited to watch as she embarks on the next chapter of her life,” seems to be a telltale sign that the actress got exactly what she wanted. How did she do it? Here are three key ways Katie’s approach to divorce was incredibly smart: Read more

Divorce Mediation: Three Secrets to Getting What You Really Want

Divorce Mediation in New Jersey

When Kevin and Jessica entered divorce mediation, they both immediately demanded “school night” custody of their 7-year old daughter Lilly. It became such a stalemate that it looked likely the pair would need to go before a judge. As a last resort, the mediator took each aside and asked them privately to explain the real goal of their custody demands — what did Kevin and Jessica really want? Read more

Kids & Divorce: Who Pays For Summer Camp?

With the school year winding down across New Jersey, summer camp season is just around the corner. If you went to camp as a kid and now have kids of your own, you know how much summer fun awaits. But when you are a parent in the midst of a divorce, warm feelings about camp may need to be put aside until you can answer the burning question: who is going to pay? Read more