What Can the Golden Bachelor Teach Us about Second Marriages and Gray Divorce?

gray divorceIf you haven’t seen the first season of the Golden Bachelor yet, spoiler alert: This post gives away everything, but also has some great lessons about divorce later in life and about gray divorce that anyone can benefit from — fan of the show or not. Read more

Thinking About Divorce In 2023? Here’s How To Prepare

divorce in 2023January is often called “Divorce Month” because the first month of the year usually sees an annual uptick in the number of divorce filings. Is getting a divorce in 2023 on your mind? The decision to end your marriage will alter your life forever, so it’s critical that you plan your next steps wisely. If you have made the difficult New Year’s resolution to divorce, the following tips can help you prepare for the divorce process with greater clarity and calm. Read more

What Happens To Life Insurance After Divorce?

Custody, parenting time, the marital house, the bank accounts: all are issues that divorcing couples have on the forefront of their minds, probably because who is going to live in the marital home and who gets custody of the children are issues that are in the present. The here and now. But, what about future issues that may arise after divorce…like life insurance?

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How To Identify If Your Spouse Is A Narcissist

narcissist spouse

Is your spouse often self-centered, unsympathetic, and critical? Do you wonder if these qualities make them a narcissist? Don’t be too quick to diagnose. Narcissistic traits – and most of us have some — exist on a continuum. It’s possible to have “slivers” of narcissism without having full-blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder. First, let’s take a look at what “personality disorder” actually means. Read more

7 Divorce Tax Mistakes

Avoid these 7 Divorce Tax Mistakes!  Join us on Monday October 21, 2019 for a free webinar with divorce and family law expert Robyn Howlett and financial planner Michael Ringel, CPA to get the inside track on taxes during and after your divorce.  Learn the secret deductions you can make, and the disastrous mistakes to avoid in this short webinar.  It could be the most valuable 30 minutes of the year!

  • What: 7 Divorce Tax Mistakes to Avoid: Free live webinar
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  • When: Monday October 21 at 11am.
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Don’t worry if you cannot make the live event, the replay will be available!

Divorce Tax Mistakes

Divorce Tax Mistakes are easy to make and can prove costly.  With so much changing in tax law in New Jersey, for example the change in NJ Alimony Tax that occurred at the start of 2019, it is essential to understand how this could impact upon your upcoming divorce settlement and how to avoid pitfalls.  This easy-to-understand webinar covers the essentials you need to watch out for to avoid divorce tax mistakes.  Register today to secure your seat.

Divorce Tax Mistakes Webinar




6 Ways Divorce Therapy Can Change You For The Better

divorce therapistIf divorce and co-parenting woes are making you so overwhelmed that you’re struggling to function at home and at work, divorce therapy can help. Here’s how. Read more

Modifying Your Alimony: Are You Paying Too Much?

spousal supportHas something significant recently changed your financial circumstances, such as a drastic and involuntary reduction in your income? Or, have you recently learned that your ex-spouse has gotten a substantial raise or a much higher-paying job? These types of situations can lead a person paying alimony, now more commonly known as spousal support, to wonder if they’re now paying too much. And, if you do believe that you should have your spousal support reduced, how do you go about getting that reduction approved by a judge? Read more

Filing for Divorce Based on Irreconcilable Differences in New Jersey

no fault divorceDid you know that in order to file for and be granted a divorce, you must tell the court your reason(s) for wanting the divorce? These reasons are known as “grounds for divorce” and there are several grounds upon which you can base your complaint. The most common ground cited by divorcing spouses in New Jersey is “irreconcilable differences.” What does this term mean — and how do you know if it’s the right grounds for your divorce?  Read more

5 Ways To Make The Most Out of Marriage Counseling

If you’re thinking about, or have decided to get marriage counseling, good for you! Here are five top tips to help you make the most out of marriage counseling and get your relationship headed in the right direction. Read more

ALS: Staying Together When Your Spouse Has A Chronic Disease

When one spouse develops a chronic disease, it’s almost as if a third party has entered the marriage. Serious illness changes the couple’s normal dynamic. Both spouses have to reorganize around this uninvited guest who forces them to change the way they work, run the household, have sex, spend their free-time, and communicate. Read more