high net worth divorce

Your High Net Worth Divorce Checklist

Preparing for a high net worth divorce? Our easy to use checklist helps you track common issues that may be present when your divorce involves considerable assets and wealth.

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3 Steps to a Secure Surrogacy for LGBT Couples

lgbt surrogacy With the advent and increase in same-sex marriage and relationships in the United States, more and more LGBT families are looking to expand their families and welcome children through the use of a gestational carrier, aka surrogacy. But, is this possible in New Jersey? Is surrogacy allowed and if so, what steps should you take to ensure a secure and smooth path to parenthood?  Read more

5 Ways Dads Can Get More Parenting Time During The School Year

parenting time

With no school and later bedtimes, summer can feel like it adds “bonus minutes” to your parenting time. In contrast, the school year’s rigid schedule of homework, sports practice, and early wake up times can feel like it steals moments from your parenting time. But it doesn’t need to! To reclaim one-on-one time with your kids as the school year ramps up, try these five dad-friendly ways to maximize your parenting time. Read more

What’s Different About High Net Worth Divorce

high net worth divorce

Are you facing a high net worth divorce? Here’s a look at some of the unique divorce challenges spouses may encounter in New Jersey when considerable wealth is at stake.  Read more

coping with divorce

The 7 Emotional Stages of Divorce, Part 3: Jennifer’s Story

coping with divorce

Like grief, we respond to and cope with the emotional changes of divorce by passing through distinct phases or stages. Which stage are you currently navigating? Read on to learn how one woman faced the emotional baggage of divorce, and get tips on what you can do to make this time in your life as healthy and constructive as possible. Read more

coping with divorce

The 7 Emotional Stages of Divorce, Part 2: Sam’s Story

coping with divorce

In our recent blog on the 7 Emotional Stages of Divorce, we examined how coping emotionally with divorce is a natural process that passes through several different stages, much like grief. For an example of what to expect, let’s take a look at Sam coped with and survived this significant and complicated restructuring of his life. Read more

Coping With The 7 Emotional Stages Of Divorce

If you’re struggling to “get over” your divorce, you’re not alone. Most people don’t just wake up one morning to discover everything is magically better. Similar to the death of a loved one, divorce requires that people move through specific stages before they can grieve the loss of their previous life and create a better one.

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Your New Life After Divorce: How To Stop Blaming Your Ex

stop blaming your ex in divorce

When you’re in the throes of divorce, it’s easy to think of all the ways your ex has wronged you. At some point, though, it’s time to start moving on with your life. Ready to take the first step forward? If your answer is yes, here’s how to stop blaming your ex — and start enjoying your life!  Read more

Divorce Issues: What Happens To Frozen Embryos?

frozen embryos

You and your partner planned to have children sometime in the future and to safeguard your timing, you worked with a fertility clinic to create a number of frozen embryos. But now the relationship is over and both of you are wondering, what happens to these embryos? Here is some guidance on what the courts in New Jersey say about who gets “custody” of frozen embryos.   Read more

When Can A Transgender Child Change Their Name?

transgender child name change

When can a transgender minor change theirname to reflect their accurate gender? A recently issued opinion by the New Jersey courts offers guidance to transgender children and their families.

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