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Actor Jon Cryer’s Ex-Wife Demands $80K/Month Increase in Child Support

Jon Cryer, star of CBS’s long-running sitcom, Two and a Half Men, and one of the highest paid actors on TV, is being asked by ex-wife Sarah Trigger to increase his child support payments from $8,000 per month to support their minor son to $88,000 per month. Read more

Understanding the Signs of Parental Alienation

Your child’s other parent won’t let you talk on the phone to your son or daughter. Your child acts shy or resentful around you until it finally comes out that your ex has been saying some pretty awful things about you behind your back. And then one day, you go to your designated location to pick up your child for the weekend only to find no one there. When you text your former spouse to ask what’s going on, you receive a reply telling you that your child doesn’t want to see you. Is this the truth — or is it parental alienation? Read more

Making Child Custody Exchanges Work for Everyone

After a child custody matter is settled and a parenting time plan is put in place, for many parents, this is where the hard work of co-parenting truly begins. If you and your former spouse or partner still aren’t on the same page, or there is still animosity between the two of you, one place where this tension often becomes a disaster waiting to happen is during child custody exchanges. Your ex-spouse may be running late, or the pick up time suddenly doesn’t work with your schedule, your child is clingy, or just the sight of this person still makes your blood boil — and the feeling is mutual. How do you get around these type of issues to make child custody drop offs and pick up more peaceful and safe for everyone? Read more

NJ Supreme Court Rules In Battle Over Kids’ Last Name Change

If you’re thinking about changing your child’s last name post-divorce, make sure you can give a judge a compelling reason why doing is a benefit to the child. That’s the message in a new New Jersey Surpreme Court ruling in which a Burlington County woman’s name changes for her children were overturned. Read more

Co-Parenting: Six Tips For A Successful School Year

As school districts across New Jersey begin preparations for another school year, what are you doing to prepare for “back to school” as a newly divorced or separated parent? If you’re wondering how to combine co-parenting and school obligations, here are some tips to ease the transition: Read more

Divorce Advice For Parents from Supernanny Jo Frost

After taking a break from her popular TV show, Supernanny‘s Jo Frost is back with all-new advice for parents on TLC.com. Up first? Frost answers a question from a viewer about how to co-parent with her ex-husband. Read more

Jennie Garth, Peter Facinelli: Case Study in Amicable Divorce

As of this Tuesday, actors Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli are officially unmarried in what some in Hollywood are billing as the “nicest” divorce ever. Read more

What’s the Difference Between Physical and Legal Custody?

transgender children

Many people assume that child custody is a single issue, but in reality, child custody is a multi-layered issue with a number of different components that will need to be determined when parents separate or divorce. For example, will a parent seek physical custody or legal custody, or both? And who will hold the custody? Will it be shared (joint) by parents or will one parent be awarded sole custody? What about visitation? Read more

Divorce & Co-Parenting Over Summer Vacation

Are you a co-parent? Then you know very well that the end of the school year and summer vacation are fast approaching with all the activities that entails.

It’s normal to feel a little stressed making the transition from the predictable schedule of the school to summer’s more relaxed pace. For divorced or separated parents, however, there is often added pressure as summer vacation forces parents to be in more frequent contact with one another. Read more

Saving for College: What Happens to a 529 Plan When You Divorce?

Your children may be too young to even know what career they would like to pursue, let alone know which college they want to attend. But if you and your spouse, like so many other parents, set up a designated 529 college savings plan, a tax-advantaged investment account used to help parents squirrel money away funds to cover the eventual cost a child attending college, you may be wondering what’s going to happen to this money now that you are getting a divorce. Your family’s situation is unique, of course, but here are a few common possibilities for dealing with a 529 plan during a divorce. Read more