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Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC Publishes New Guide To Alimony In New Jersey

alimony in new jersey Deciding alimony in your divorce and what to know how to get the fairest settlement possible? Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC is pleased to announced the publication of A Guide to Alimony in New Jersey, the newest title in our Family Law Jersey Style series of consumer-friendly law guides. Available on Amazon in both print book and Kindle ebook formats, A Guide to Alimony in New Jersey provides valuable tips and practical explanations to help you understand the alimony process, whether you are the spouse who will pay or the spouse who will receive support. Read more

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC Publishes Four New Divorce and Family Law Guides

We are excited to announce the publication of four new titles in its our Family Law Jersey Style series of consumer legal guides: A Guide to Relationship Agreements  in New Jersey, A Guide to Alimony in New Jersey, A Guide to Property Division in New Jersey, and A Guide to Alternative Dispute Resolution in New Jersey. Authored by our firm’s founder, family law expert Bari Z. Weinberger, each guide contains practical family law information that can be difficult for readers to find elsewhere. Read more

New Jersey Divorce Chronicles Part 12: Will Sharon and Robert Go to Trial?

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In our last installment of our ongoing divorce case study series, we saw Melissa and Jason making good progress with the division of their marital assets and debts in mediation. Meanwhile, the disappointing recommendations Sharon got from the Marital Early Settlement Panel (MESP) in Part 8 just seemed to get worse for her in Part 10. Read more

New Jersey Divorce Chronicles Part 11: Mediating Alimony and Child Support

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Welcome to part 11 of our continuing New Jersey Divorce Chronicles case study series that tracks two different couples throughout the divorce process. In this latest installment, Jason and Melissa seem to be getting close to a settlement, but will first need to get past some disagreements over alimony and child support negotiations. Let’s take a look at their latest mediation session… Read more

Lifetime Alimony for Long-term Homemakers: Does This Still Exist in New Jersey?

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This week marked National Housewives Day (November 3), now sometimes referred to as National Homemakers Day, in recognition of the fact that a “homemaker” is not always a “wife.” Traditionally, of course, a housewife was the person who ran the household while the husband went off to work each day to bring home the bacon. How difficult the job of housewife was depended on a slew of variables, such as how much bacon the husband brought home, how big the house was, how much if any extra help was available, and how many children there were to attend to. For most, however, the job was very difficult indeed—more difficult in fact than many 9-5 jobs.

While the number of traditional homemakers may have decreased in recent decades (even with some househusbands joining the ranks) the job today is as challenging as ever. In honor of these hardworking homemakers, today we are going to provide an update on a couple of questions of great importance to any homemaker facing separation or divorce: Read more

3 Hidden Costs of Alimony

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If you are in the process of getting a divorce, or if you think divorce might be on the horizon for you in the near future, you might also be coming to terms with the impact this development could have on your future finances. Perhaps your spouse has a much higher income than you do, or perhaps you are a stay-at-home parent or homemaker with no current income of your own at all. Maybe you’re thinking of asking for alimony and are wondering if the payments will really make up for the household income you will lose through divorce.

Even if you’re pretty sure that your soon-to-be-ex can afford to pay you a decent amount of spousal support, there are some potential costs to consider when trying to calculate exactly how much you will need: Read more

New Jersey Divorce Chronicles, Part 10: Bad News About Alimony & Child Support

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Subject No.1: Sharon
When we last saw Sharon and Robert in Part VIII of our ongoing series, the Marital Early Settlement Panel (MESP) had just recommended an equal value distribution of the couple’s marital property and debt, with Robert keeping the family home. Meanwhile, in Part IX, we saw Jason and Melissa working out their own property division with the assistance of their mediator. Today, we’ll look at the MESP’s recommendations regarding alimony and child support in Robert and Sharon’s case. Read more

NJ Supreme Court Case Addresses Questions About Alimony Awards for Stay-At-Home Spouses: Gnall v. Gnall, Part II


On July 29, 2015, the New Jersey Supreme Court decided the case of Gnall v. Gnall, an alimony case we first blogged about in November of 2014, following oral arguments. This case was decided under the New Jersey alimony statute as it existed prior to the recent reforms.  The Appellate Division reversed a trial court’s award of durational alimony to plaintiff Elizabeth Gnall and sent the case back for consideration of a permanent alimony award. Defendant James Gnall appealed to the Supreme Court, which reversed the Appellate Division’s judgment and instructed the trial court to instead make new findings of fact and re-determine the appropriate alimony award based on those new findings.
Read more

3 Tips for Negotiating Alimony Payments

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Whether you are the spouse who will pay alimony, or you are the spouse who will receive payments, if spousal support is on the table in your divorce, you may be wondering how to make sure you get the fairest deal possible. Even with new New Jersey alimony reform laws in effect since last year, calculating alimony is still open to interpretation and, in many cases, negotiation. If you and your soon-to-be former spouse are attempting to come to your own terms in your divorce (rather than go to court), here are three tips for negotiating an alimony settlement that strikes a balance. Read more

Highlights from December’s Family Law Tuesday Q&A

question answer iconOn the first Tuesday of every month, Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC holds a live Facebook chat to find out what’s on your mind when it comes to divorce, child support and related family law issues and answer the questions you most want to know about. Our next Family Law Tuesday will be held January 6 from 8-9 pm. We hope you join us! You can send us your question via private message to our WLG Facebook page anytime before then, or ask during the evening itself — we’ll be on hand to answer.

What kinds of questions do people ask? Check out some of the highlight’s from this week’s event: Read more