Staying Sane & Happily Married When Your Elderly In-Laws Move In

living with your in-lawsAfter intimacy and money, in-laws are the #1 issue couples argue about. Are you in the “sandwich generation” caring for your own kids and your elderly parents or in-laws…under one roof? This doesn’t mean your marital relationship needs to feel like it’s been put in a pressure cooker. Read on to learn five key tips for keeping sane — and staying happily married — when parents move in. Read more

Empty Nest? Coping After The Kids Are Gone

surviving the empty nest When the last child leaves the house, it’s common for parents to feel grief that perhaps the most meaningful phase of their lives – child-rearing – is over. For some, that grief shifts to excitement as people realize they are now free to pursue interests and activities they never had time for. For others, the Empty Nest is a time when spouses look at each other and wonder: Who are you? And why are we together? Read more

5 Worst Pieces Of Divorce Advice For Men

You’ve shared the news with friends and family that you’re getting divorced…now wait for it…because here comes the advice. Those closest to you are an invaluable source for emotional support during what is often a turbulent time in life. But when it comes to dishing out legal advice? However well-meaning, the tips your divorced friends and family share with you may be woefully outdated, totally irrelevant, or downright wrong. Men can be particularly susceptible to certain myths and half-truths. What pitfalls should you avoid? Check out the five worst pieces of divorce advice for men. Read more

The 5 Worst Pieces Of Divorce Advice For Women

divorce advice As you navigate the twists and turns of divorce, everyone, it seems, has advice they feel the need to share with you. Unfortunately, many of these divorce “tips” often turn out to be nothing more than tricks. Are you in possession of bad divorce advice? Read on for five pieces of the worst divorce guidance women receive. (Men don’t feel left out! We have the worst divorce advice for men just for you.) Read more

New Design Service Specializes In Helping Men Set Up New Home After Divorce

We recently caught up with Jude Brown, founder of Vital Home, a unique New York City-based design design service that specializes in helping men make the transition to a new house or apartment during or after a divorce or separation. Jude’s team provides decorating styling, and organization…and all the other little touches that turn a new house or apartment into a new home. Jude was kind enough to answer some of our questions about this fascinating service, and offers tips anyone can use as they move on to a new living situation. Read more

You Are Invited to Attend Divorce 101: How Do I Start My Divorce & What Should I Expect?

FREE Divorce 101 SeminarYou are invited to attend Divorce 101, a special one-night learning event about the divorce process in New Jersey! On Thursday, February 16, attorneys at each of our Weinberger Divorce & Law Group, LLC offices will present a live in-person seminar, with time available for private consultations and answers to your most pressing questions. Read more

Staying Social After Divorce

divorce social lifeThere’s no doubt about it — divorce changes your social station. Some friends drift away: they take sides, act as if your divorce is contagious, or worry that you’re going to steal their significant other. You go from a stay-at-home mom to a working mom and can no longer socialize during playdates. Read more

The Divorce Diet: 3 Tips To Cope With Stress


Sudden weight loss is such a common side effect of divorce that the phenomenon has been given its own moniker: the “Divorce Diet.” Although you may welcome shedding a few pounds, a precipitous drop in weight is not healthy – especially when it’s brought on by skipping meals or considering three spoonfuls of chocolate fro-yo “lunch.” Read more

5 Crucial Steps In 5 Days: Your Core Plan For Surviving Your Spouse’s Affair

surviving infidelity Discovering a partner’s infidelity is one of the most excruciating events anyone can endure. While it’s tempting to hyper-focus on getting the cheater into treatment and monitoring his every move, it’s imperative that you – the betrayed spouse – take steps to manage your own emotional fallout.

Read more

Preparing for Divorce: How to Assess What You Really Want

deciding to divorceAre you preparing for divorce in the near future? No matter where you find yourself in the process, be it contemplating filing for divorce, or facing a full-blown divorce trial, it is critical to ask yourself, what is most important to you? Hopefully, the issues that you and your spouse have are few and that, most importantly, you two are ready, willing and able to negotiate in order to come to the most reasonable decision possible.

Crafting your own agreement and coming up with your own parameters to settle your divorce matter leads to greater freedom for your entire family now and into the future. But, how do you know what is really most important to you? What can you not live without? What is negotiable? Take some time to sit down and consider what is truly worth fighting for in your divorce. Read more