401k and Divorce: Splitting Retirement Assets With Your Spouse

401K-divorceNew Jersey is an equitable distribution state, meaning that during divorce, marital assets and debts are divided between spouses fairly, but not necessarily equally. To carry out equitable distribution, the courts evaluate all types of assets differently and look at factors such as each spouse’s contribution to the marital asset. Retirement accounts, such as 401k accounts, however, are a special animal and are subject to particular rules when divided as marital property in a divorce proceeding. What can you expect when dividing this account in your divorce? Read more

8 Ways To Get Out Of Your Divorce Funk

break out of your divorce funkIt’s normal to feel blue and stressed while dissolving a marriage, but your misery doesn’t have to last forever. Having trouble coping? In order to feel better, you need to change not just the way you think, but also your behaviors. Talk therapy and medication can help (and may be necessary if your daily functioning is seriously impaired), but there are plenty of other less expensive ways to snap out of your divorce funk. Try these action steps today: Read more

Blog Series: Your Checklist For Filing Your Taxes After Divorce

Tax implications

Ending a marriage is difficult enough. But if you’re recently separated or divorced, you have the added burden of figuring out a new and potentially more complicated tax situation. How will your divorce affect how you file your income taxes…and what’s the impact on what you will owe or receive back from the IRS? Our 3-part series, “Filing Your Taxes After Divorce,” delivers the answers you need to understand and feel more confident about possible tax changes coming your way. Read more

New Court Ruling Could Change What Happens To Alimony When A Paying Spouse Accepts A Lower Paying Job

questions about alimonyYour former spouse was ordered to pay you alimony at a rate of $400 per week for eight years. You and your ex, with the help of your attorneys, arrived at and agreed upon this figure based on your salaries at the time you divorced. It’s now five years into your agreement and your ex just lost the job used to calculate this amount. He’s landed another position in the same industry, but the salary is lower. Because your former spouse is now earning less, he files a motion with the court asking that your alimony payments be reduced.

Is this fair? Read more

You Don’t Have To Be A Celebrity To Divorce Like A Star!

celebrity divorceWe all heard last week that one of the most famous couples in modern history — Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — are divorcing after spending two years married and over a decade together. Jolie has hired famous divorce attorney to the stars, Laura Wasser to represent her in the divorce. Wasser is known by the moniker, “Disso Queen” by handling marriage dissolutions for some of Hollywood’s most famous. What is notable about Ms. Wasser and her handling of these famous divorces is the lack of publicity the actual legal work gets. For example, she recently represented Johnny Depp in his rather contested divorce from Amber Heard. While that couple was seen daily in the tabloids after the divorce was filed by Heard, the case itself was handled quite quickly and quite quietly by Ms. Wasser.

How does she do it? And how can you have a celebrity divorce like the Hollywood stars, even when you live here in New Jersey? Let’s take a look Read more

Addiction and Divorce: Even Brangelina?

addiction and divorce

The world today is in a bit of a state of shock over the news that one of Hollywood’s most famous couples, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, have split. The pair has been married for two years and romantic partners for more than a decade. During their time together, the couple welcomed six children, both both biological and adopted. They seemed to be a couple with true staying power. What went wrong? Read more

Life After Divorce: Don’t Get Lonely, Get Out There!

your happy post-divorce lifeAfter divorce, living your life happily is truly the ultimate goal now and in the future. But how do you get there? And how can avoid your new status as “single” from turning into the feeling of “being alone” and lonely? Here are the tips you need to start building a life you love! Read more

Will You Make Any of These Mistakes in Your Divorce?

divorce mistakes

With so much at stake in divorce, tensions can ride high and errors can be easy to make. Are you about to make a misstep? Here are our top 5 divorce mistakes to avoid: Read more

My Spouse Won’t Agree To A Divorce! Can I still Get One?


You may be done with your marriage, and you may have decided that your next logical step is moving on, finding peace and filing for divorce. But, what happens when your spouse disagrees with your plans? In New Jersey, can you still obtain a divorce even when your spouse clearly communicates that he or she does not want one? Read more

Sexting: Is It Cheating Or Not?


Everyone remembers that famous saying about not being able to define pornography, but knowing it when you see it. The moral of that saying is that pornography, like cheating can be wholly subjective. And when it comes to “sexting,” what one spouse believes to be nothing more flirtatious texting with a coworker or friend, the other spouse may view as full-blown cheating, even if physical intimacy was never involved. For an example of the moral murkiness sexting presents, all we need to do is look at the latest scandal involving a certain former NYC mayoral candidate and his front page-worthy texting scandal that has resulted in the demise of his marriage.

If sexting as cheating is subjective in everyday life, what about sexting in the legal sense: Is sexting considered adultery, which is a ground for divorce? Read more