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5 Unreasonable Behaviors That Mean Divorce Is In The Cards

deciding to divorce

Recognizing that your behaviors directly impact your spouse – and adjusting them when need be – is essential for a successful marriage. Want to ensure that your relationship is on the right track? Read on to learn what surefire marriage-enders you need to stop doing right now! Read more

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Filing For Divorce

questions to ask before deciding to divorce Is divorce the best emotional decision for you to make right now? When you can’t get your marriage to work, it’s easy to think the grass could be greener somewhere else, but the truth is, it’s just different grass. Take time to decide if you – and your children – would really be better off on the other side of that fence by asking yourself these five questions. Read more

Dangers for Divorcing Dads

dads and divorceDivorce isn’t easy and you are trying your best as a father to care for your kids while battling emotional upheaval that naturally comes with the divorce process. While it goes without saying that you have your children’s best interests always at heart, it can be easy to encounter pitfalls as you attempt to navigate through some tough times. What missteps should you be on the lookout for? Here are four key divorce mistakes dads often make — and what you can do to avoid them. Read more

Want To Get A Quick Divorce? Mediation May Be The Answer

save time in your divorceIn our world where so many things are instantly available at our fingertips, divorcing couples increasingly want to know how to minimize the time it takes to complete the process — without sacrificing the quality of their settlement. The easiest way to get a quick divorce? For many couples, the answer is divorce mediation. Mediating a divorce can save time — and big bonus — it can also save considerable amounts of money.

Here’s how the process works. Read more

My Ex-Spouse Died, Who Gets The Life Insurance?

Life insurance and divorceCustody, parenting time, the marital house, the bank accounts: all are issues that divorcing couples have on the forefront of their minds, probably because who is going to live in the marital home and who gets custody of the children are issues that are in the present. The here and now. But, what about future issues that may arise after the divorce is over — like what happens to life insurance spouses may hold? Read more

Six Crucial Financial Steps to Take Before You File For Divorce

Making the decision to divorce is not easy. While you may be certain that your marriage is over, you may not be sure what steps to take in order to prepare for your upcoming divorce, especially when it comes to preparing your finances. To help you enter the divorce process as safeguarded and protected as possible, here are 5 critical steps to protect your financial health. Read more

Co-Parenting With An Unreliable Ex: 5 Steps For Keeping Your Kids Secure

They’re a no-show or late at almost every custody swap. They promise to call or Skype the kids…and then don’t. They frequently “forget” to share important information like…your son was sick over the weekend, or that really big science project they were supposed to work on was left untouched.

Unreliable exes often don’t seem to realize that their behavior not only makes it difficult to co-parent, but also makes it hard for kids to feel safe and secure in their relationships with their parent. Stuck with an ex who can’t — or won’t — take parenting responsibilities seriously? Here are 5 tips to help you keep your kids feeling as secure as possible in the face of someone who does everything possible to make them feel insecure. Read more

Serving Legal Papers Through Facebook Allowed By New Jersey Court

serving divorce papers through Facebook

Image copyright MichalLudwiczak, Depositphoto.com

The New Jersey family court in Morris County recently confirmed what many states have already permitted: using Facebook and other social media as a way to serve legal papers. Is serving your spouse with divorce papers only a click away? Read on to find out how the new ruling could apply to you… Read more

The Problem With Being Too Nice In Your Divorce

are you being too nice in your divorce? While everyone should strive to have an amicable divorce, being too “nice” can lead people to make bad decisions. For some, being nice isn’t truly about generosity or fairness; it stems from a desire to avoid conflict, or to ameliorate guilt.

Does this sound like you? Whether you are by nature a people pleaser, or you want to make up for some bad behavior, or you simply want to fast-forward to your post-divorce life, it’s imperative that you think through the ramifications of any decision you’re considering during the divorce process. Failure to do so could result in irreversible long-term consequences that can hurt you and your children. Let’s take a look at some of the divorce pitfalls that occur when people make the mistake of being too “nice.” Read more

Borderline Personality Disorder and Divorce: How To Create Stability For Kids

borderline personality disorderIf you need to co-parent with a former spouse who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), it can be challenging — and exhausting. If you know or strongly suspect your ex or STBX struggles with BPD, read on to learn how you can create post-divorce stability for you and your children. Read more