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When Infertility Plays A Role In Divorce

Along with the heartbreak of not being able to have a baby, the stress and financial strain of infertility and unsuccessful fertility treatments can take a heavy toll on a couple’s relationship, according to a new study that found the divorce rate among infertile couples unable to get pregnant triple that of couples who received help for fertility issues and ultimately had a baby. Read more

After Winter Break Ends, One in Five Parents Will Contemplate Divorce

New Jersey Annulment

January in NJ and elsewhere has long been known as “Divorce Month” due to the spike in divorce filings the first month of the year typically sees. Why does this happen? For couples with children, it seems that relationship struggles are very much on their minds as the holidays wind down and the New Year begins. A recent survey conducted in the UK (which sees the same rise in divorces in January) breaks it down by the numbers. Does this surprise you? Read more

Getting Divorced? 4 Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea To Hire An Attorney

The most important decision you may make after deciding to get a divorce? Whether or not to hire a divorce attorney. In New Jersey, an individual involved in a divorce or family law issue has the option to hire an attorney or go it alone and represent themselves in their matter before the courts (what is legally called representing oneself pro se).

On the fence about what’s best for you and your divorce? Here are five factors to take into consideration when making the choice to pursue legal assistance. Read more