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4 Steps To Take When Divorce Negotiations Are Stalled

stalled divorce negotiationsMany more people today are wisely attempting to negotiate their family law issues rather than engage in expensive and costly litigation. Couples are assisted in this approach by trained family law mediators and collaborative divorce professionals who guide the parties and make recommendations to both to help facilitate settlement. Other couples attempt to negotiate with their exes without assistance, which can prove to be much more difficult and time consuming. Either way you approach negotiations, what can you do if you are finding that the negotiations are not working? Read more

Negotiating Your Marital Settlement Agreement

Negotiating Your Marital Settlement AgreementMany people have terrible visions in their minds when thinking about divorce. They expect to face a scary judge and a stressful trial. The truth is that, in New Jersey, the vast majority of divorce cases settle and they settle long before a trial begins. In fact, the courts in New Jersey greatly favor people who are divorcing to settle their own issues and work together to come up with an agreement that both husband and wife can live with not only at the time the agreement is signed, but also into the future. Remember, any marital settlement agreement will follow these ex-spouses around for a long time, especially if terms of the agreement discuss children.

So, how do you successfully negotiate a martial settlement agreement? Here are a few tips to help get you to a place where you are ultimately at peace with your marital settlement agreement: Read more

New Jersey Divorce Chronicles Part 11: Mediating Alimony and Child Support

negotiating alimony

Welcome to part 11 of our continuing New Jersey Divorce Chronicles case study series that tracks two different couples throughout the divorce process. In this latest installment, Jason and Melissa seem to be getting close to a settlement, but will first need to get past some disagreements over alimony and child support negotiations. Let’s take a look at their latest mediation session… Read more

7 Steps to Successful Divorce Negotiations

business handshakeGetting a divorce often involves a great deal of negotiation, especially if you and your spouse have decided to mediate your divorce or use one of the other out-of-court divorce settlement methods available in New Jersey. New to negotiating? Here are seven divorce negotiation techniques to help you get what you really want from your divorce. Read more

5 Truths About Divorce You Need to Know

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Made the decision to divorce in 2015, or already in the thick of the process? Before you go one step further, here are five important “need to know” truths about getting a divorce in New Jersey. Read more

5 Tips For A Smoother, Less Stressful Divorce

Are you inadvertently making your divorce more difficult than it needs to be? Here are five tips for making the process as short and straightforward as possible. Read more

Divorce Mediation: 3 Secrets of Successful Negotiation

As divorce mediation grows in popularity among couples trying to save money, time, and the hassle of going to court as they end their marriages, it puts the focus on the kinds of skills needed for this type of divorce process to be successful. Read more

Divorce & Taxes: Who Can Claim Children As Dependents?

If this year marks the first time you are filing your taxes as a divorced parent, you may have questions about how issues such as child custody arrangements affect your ability to claim your children as dependents. Can you claim the kids even you don’t have primary custody? What about if you and your former spouse split custody 182 days each during the year — who gets to “write off” your child when the year is shared equally? Read more

Three Ways Cheating Can Affect Your Divorce Settlement

Cheating or an affair may have ended your marriage — but will infidelity impact the terms of your divorce settlement? Read more

Divorce Mediation: Three Secrets to Getting What You Really Want

Divorce Mediation in New Jersey

When Kevin and Jessica entered divorce mediation, they both immediately demanded “school night” custody of their 7-year old daughter Lilly. It became such a stalemate that it looked likely the pair would need to go before a judge. As a last resort, the mediator took each aside and asked them privately to explain the real goal of their custody demands — what did Kevin and Jessica really want? Read more