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Benefits Of Mediation For Child Custody Matters: Expert Q&A With Diane Lang

As a parent, you want what’s best for your kids. But how does this translate in real terms when you’re getting a divorce? Bari Weinberger recently spoke with certified psychotherapist Diane Lang to discuss the consequences of divorce battles for kids and how divorcing parents can emotionally protect children using mediation, a low conflict method for deciding child custody. Is mediation right for you? In the following Q&A, Diane shares her perspective as a therapist. Read more

3 Ways To Keep Emotions From Derailing Child Custody Negotiations

child custody questionsEmotional reactivity on the part of parents is the number one reason child custody negotiations fail. When your brain is hijacked by anger and grief, it’s hard to listen to your ex and consider that they may have a valid point of view. Are your emotions fueling your custody battle? Here are three things you can do to keep your emotions in check so you can focus on what’s truly important: the best interests of your children. Read more

Child Custody Battle Breakthroughs: 4 Strategies That Really Work!

breaking through custody battlesCaught up in fighting with your soon-to-be former spouse — or in an all out war — over child custody? Get ready to put your custody battles behind you with these four steps for lowering conflict. Read more

Dear Mom & Dad: This Is How I Want You To Act Now That You’re Divorced

questions kids have about divorceWhat can you do to make the transition of divorce as safe and loving as possible for your kids? From a child of divorce’s point of view, here is the story of nine-year-old Kate and how she finally got her parents to listen to her needs. Read more

Mom Loses Custody Over Giving Child Benadryl

Child custody and child welfare concernsMany parents have done it. Or, they have at least known someone who has done it. Giving a child Benadryl, a common allergy medication, in order to help the child sleep seems to be not quite uncommon these days.  Parents are known to give a dose of the medication before boarding a plane, for example, to ensure that their little one sleeps through the flight and doesn’t potentially irritate an entire plane with nonstop crying. But, after a New York court ruling, parents may wish to rethink this course of action. Read more

Parenting Time Vs. Visitation: What’s The Difference?

Questions about parenting time?Parents who are separating are often faced with the difficulty of working out custody and determining how, going forward, the children will spend time with each parent now that they are living apart from one another. It is always the goal to work with your ex-partner to determine what plans work best not only for you and your ex, but more importantly, for your children. Children thrive by being with both parents as much as possible, and this makes coming up with workable solutions in everyone’s best interests. Read more

Child Abuse And Custody: Recognizing The Signs & Protecting Your Children

child abuse and neglectAccording to a 2013 report from The National Children’s Alliance, 679,000 children in the United States were victims of abuse and neglect. Unfortunately, one or more parents were responsible for almost 80% of reported child fatalities. Are your kids be at risk? As part of April’s Child Abuse & Neglect Awareness Month, here are signs to look for if you suspect your current or former spouse is abusing your children, and vital steps you can take to keep your kids safe. Read more

Child Custody Questions? New Resource For New Jersey Parents Answers Your Concerns

Child custody 101: An Introduction to New Jersey Child CustodyCreating a parenting time plan for your children as part of your divorce or separation? Wondering which custody arrangement is best for your kids? Want to know what your rights are as a mother or father? To answer these questions and more, Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC is pleased to announce a new  resource for parents, Child Custody 101: A Introduction to New Jersey Child Custody Law. Read more

Emotional Abuse In Divorce: How To Protect Yourself And Your Children

emotional abuse in divorceEmotional abuse can carry an added layer of damage because, unlike physical abuse, it leaves no discernible marks. Other people, and even the victim, don’t always recognize it’s happening. After years of being invalidated, disempowered, and made to feel worthless, abuse victims can begin to doubt their own reality, and ignore signs that they’re being mistreated. Read more

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC Publishes Legal Guides to Child Custody & Child Support in New Jersey

child custody in new jerseyConcerned about child custody and child support? We are pleased to announced the publication A Guide to Child Custody in New Jersey and A Guide to Child Support in New Jersey, two of the newest titles in our Family Law Jersey Style series of consumer legal guides. Authored by Bari Z. Weinberger, our firm’s founder, both guides are designed to provide answers to questions about these topics commonly asked by parents in New Jersey. Read more