Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC Publishes Legal Guides to Child Custody & Child Support in New Jersey

child custody in new jerseyConcerned about child custody and child support? We are pleased to announced the publication A Guide to Child Custody in New Jersey and A Guide to Child Support in New Jersey, two of the newest titles in our Family Law Jersey Style series of consumer legal guides. Authored by Bari Z. Weinberger, our firm’s founder, both guides are designed to provide answers to questions about these topics commonly asked by parents in New Jersey.

According to Weinberger, “When you’re a parent, your children are your top priority. I wrote these books to demystify the process for any parent trying to find positive solutions for custody and support issues. A big part of making empowered decisions is understanding your options and the law itself. These guides are packed with practical tips written in clear language that is easy to understand.”

Highlights of what can readers expect?

In A Guide to Child Custody in New Jersey, Weinberger offers readers the opportunity to:

• Learn about available child custody options in New Jersey.
• Discover what’s involved in determining the best custody option to fit a family’s needs.
• Pick up valuable tips for minimizing conflict during custody negotiations.
• Understand the basics of supervised visitation.
• Learn how to recognize the signs of parental alienation.
• Gain answers to frequently asked questions about child custody in New Jersey, including… How can I get full custody of my kids? And more.

In A Guide to Child Support in New Jersey, readers can expect to:

• Understand New Jersey’s Child Support Guidelines, including how available income for support is calculated.
• Learn how to create a complete list of costs related to a child’s care.
• Find out how college and other higher education costs impact child support.
• Understand what factors judges take into account when considering requests to modify or terminate child support.
• Find out how New Jersey child support enforcement works if one parent misses payments. And more.

Books are available in e-book or paper formats through Amazon.com or via our website.

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