Child Custody Questions? New Resource For New Jersey Parents Answers Your Concerns

Child custody 101: An Introduction to New Jersey Child CustodyCreating a parenting time plan for your children as part of your divorce or separation? Wondering which custody arrangement is best for your kids? Want to know what your rights are as a mother or father? To answer these questions and more, Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC is pleased to announce a new  resource for parents, Child Custody 101: A Introduction to New Jersey Child Custody Law.

Answers to your custody questions

In an easy to follow presentation, New Jersey Child Custody 101 introduces parents to the state’s custody laws and available custody options, with information geared towards helping parents create positive custody and parenting time solutions. Specifically, parents will learn:

  • What does New Jersey’s ‘best interests of the child’ standard mean?
  • What is the difference between legal custody vs. physical custody? And what different custody types are available in New Jersey?
  • What are the court procedures in custody cases?
  • How do you modify custody orders?
  • What are parental rights? How are mothers and fathers treated under the law?
  • How do you enforce existing custody orders? and more!

Using clear, simple language, this is the essential legal guide for any New Jersey parent who wants to explore and understand the basics of child custody. We are pleased to be able to share this resource and look forward to your response.

We understand that your kids are your top priority and you want to put them first. Our skilled child custody lawyers can explain your options and help you create the custody and parenting time solutions that are the right fit for your needs. We are here for you. To start moving forward in your custody matter, please contact us to schedule your confidential attorney consultation.