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Separated? How To Protect Parenting Time With Your Kids

You have separated from your child’s other parent and since your split, your ex has been directing how and when you spend time with your child. What you can you do to protect your rights as a parent? Here’s what separated parents can do to secure their parenting time with their kids. Read more

Dangers for Divorcing Dads

dads and divorceDivorce isn’t easy and you are trying your best as a father to care for your kids while battling emotional upheaval that naturally comes with the divorce process. While it goes without saying that you have your children’s best interests always at heart, it can be easy to encounter pitfalls as you attempt to navigate through some tough times. What missteps should you be on the lookout for? Here are four key divorce mistakes dads often make — and what you can do to avoid them. Read more

“Right Of First Refusal” In Your Child Custody Agreement: What Does It Mean?

parenting timeOne parent having “the right of first refusal” is a clause that is often included in custody and parenting time agreements. If it shows up in yours, you may be wondering, what does it mean?  Read more

What Military Parents Need To Know About Child Custody Laws In New Jersey

military custody and parenting time

Like all other divorced c0-parents, military service members who co-parent sometimes experience legal issues with regard to child custody or parenting time. Certain laws protect military parents so that they are afforded the same ability to be heard in court and to respond to any lawsuits filed against them in New Jersey, especially if they are deployed. But understanding these laws, and the overlapping civilian custody laws that apply, can be confusing…and stressful. Are you a military parent, or are you co-parenting with one? Here are 5 key things you need to know about military child custody in New Jersey.  Read more

Should Mothers Day Be Included in Your Parenting Time Plan?

mothers dayYour child custody agreement may address holidays like Thanksgiving, and special events like your child’s birthday. But what about other special celebration days during the year…like Mothers Day? As we get set to honor moms this Sunday, let’s take a look at how Mothers Day (and Fathers Day) can be worked into parenting time agreements. Read more

Co-Parenting With An Unreliable Ex: 5 Steps For Keeping Your Kids Secure

They’re a no-show or late at almost every custody swap. They promise to call or Skype the kids…and then don’t. They frequently “forget” to share important information like…your son was sick over the weekend, or that really big science project they were supposed to work on was left untouched.

Unreliable exes often don’t seem to realize that their behavior not only makes it difficult to co-parent, but also makes it hard for kids to feel safe and secure in their relationships with their parent. Stuck with an ex who can’t — or won’t — take parenting responsibilities seriously? Here are 5 tips to help you keep your kids feeling as secure as possible in the face of someone who does everything possible to make them feel insecure. Read more

Court Rules on Dad’s Bad Behavior At Child’s Little League Game

bad parent behaviorWe see — and hear them — at baseball fields, hockey arenas, and wherever kids play sports:  parents who think nothing of screaming at coaches, referees, other parents, and their children. Is your ex one of them? Find out what happened when one fed-up former spouse went to court to have her child’s other parent barred from sporting events for bad behavior. Read more

Custody Battles: How Bad Could It Get? Part II

emergency child custody

In Part I of Custody Battles: How Bad Could It Get?, we learned how conflicts over religion and in-laws led to the unraveling of Jake and Abby’s marriage and launched a custody battle. Jake declared that Abby’s desire to raise 5-year-old Max was confusing their son. Abby alleged that Jake didn’t really want more time with Max and was going to hand him over to his meddlesome mother. The judge ordered the couple to share custody and resolve their issues in therapy — a tall order indeed. What happened next?  Read more

6 Ways To Get More Holiday Parenting Time With Your Kids

If you are divorced or separated and your scheduled parenting plan says your children will be spending the holidays with your former spouse, you may be wondering if there’s any possible way to still see your kids on the holiday. The answer for most co-parents is: yes! Here are six practical tips to help you negotiate contact time with your children during Christmas or Hanukkah, and other days during this special time of year.   Read more

What Is Parental Alienation?

parental alienationParental Alienation happens when one parent brainwashes a child into believing the other parent is “bad” or dangerous, so that the child rejects that parent. The alienation can occur almost overnight and most often occurs in high-conflict divorces. Here is how to recognize and understand if signs of parental alienation may be present in your relationship. Read more