Adult Child with Autism

Becoming A Legal Guardian To Your Adult Child With Autism

Adult Child with Autism When children with autism grow up and become adults, how do their rights and access to services change? In honor of April’s Autism Awareness Month and World Autism Day, let’s a take a look at what happens legally when a child with autism reached the milestone of adulthood, and how parents can prepare. Read more

transgender parents and children

The State Of Transgender Parents Rights In New Jersey

transgender parents and childrenMarch 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility, an annual awareness dedicated to celebrating transgender people and to acknowledge discrimination that still occurs against the transgender community every day. As part of raising awareness, let’s take a look at the hot button issue of transgender parents and child custody rights. Are the rights of transgender parents being respected — and protected — by our laws and courts in New Jersey? Read more

transgender rights name change

Transgender Rights: How to Change Your Name & Gender Marker in New Jersey

transgender rightsFriday, March 31 is International Transgender Day of Visibility, an annual awareness day that is dedicated to not only celebrating transgender people but also to bringing attention to the discrimination that transgender people face every day. This year’s theme is #TransResistance, aimed at focusing on organizing the community against oppression.

We’re contributing to this year’s theme by providing information about one of the most empowering steps a transgender person may decide to take: amending their birth certificate to change their name and their gender to reflect who they truly are! Read more

pet custody

Dogs & Divorce: Who Gets Custody?

pet custodyAmy and Josh are going thru a divorce and are, for the most part, amicable. Their one stumbling block to settling their case? Their beloved dog, Max. Max, an English Bulldog, was purchased by Amy prior to the couple getting married, but while the couple lived together. They have no children (human, that is) and they both want “custody” of Max.

With National Pet Day coming on April 11, we are all reminded just how beloved and special our pets are. Without question, many consider their furry friends to be family. But, New Jersey still considers pets, at least in a legal sense, to be property, when a dispute arises with couples who are separating or divorcing. Read more

5 Steps to Taking Charge of Your Divorce

divorce for men

It is time for a divorce, but with so many critical decisions looming on the horizon, you can feel more than a little daunted. Your kids, your assets, and your future…are you ready for the road ahead? With so much at stake, here is a 5-step action plan to help you begin the divorce process feeling ready, willing, and able to take on these big life issues. Read more

Why A Post-Nuptial Agreement Could Be Good For Your Relationship

Post-nuptial AgreementsIf you wish you’d negotiated a prenup before you said “I do,” a post-nuptial agreement may be exactly what you need right now to help you feel more secure about your future – and your relationship. The secret to marital bliss? Find out why for some couples, it’s the peace of mind that comes from having a post-nup in place. Read more

Help for Domestic Violence in the Korean Community

Alternatives for Domestic Violence Offers DV Counseling Program For Korean Community

Help for Domestic Violence in the Korean CommunityDomestic violence can affect people of all backgrounds and walks of life. But in New Jersey’s Korean community, spousal or partner abuse is of special concern as language barriers and cultural norms may prevent victims for reaching out for the protection they need. What can be done to better support the Korean community? Here’s how Alternatives for Domestic Violence, a long-standing Bergen County domestic violence organization, is stepping up to help. Read more

union county divorce and family law attorneys

Announcing Our New Union County Divorce & Family Law Offices

union county divorce and family law attorneysWe are pleased to announce the opening of our new divorce and family law offices in Union County! Centrally located in Cranford, our new offices are now open and accepting clients. Read more

explaining divorce to your kids

How To Keep Details Of Your Divorce From Reaching Your Kids’ Ears

explaining divorce to your kidsKids should be told when their parents decide to divorce, of course, because this relationship status change impacts their lives too, and sometimes most of all. But how many details about their parents’ divorce do kids really need? A surprising source for divorce wisdom on this topic from none other than actress Scarlett Johansson.

This past week, Johansson filed divorce papers from her husband of two years, Romain Dauriac. Johansson’s only statement about her pending divorce to date has addressed her desire to keep her divorce private — for the sake of their two-year-old daughter Rose and what she might read about her parents’ divorce in the future. Read more

Complex Child Custody: How Is “Tri-Custody” Awarded?

Can a child ever have three legal parents? Yes! As modern family configurations continue to evolve and shift, a growing number of courts are awarding “tri-custody,” or shared legal and physical custody of a child split three ways. What circumstances can trigger a tri-parenting arrangement? Key recent court rulings outline what factors determine whether tri-custody is in a child’s best interests. Read more