Thinking About Becoming A SAHM Or SAHD? Here’s Why You Need a POST-Nup

A recent CNBC piece about stay-at-home moms and their earning ability in the event of divorce brought up the very real issue of what many SAHMs (and SAHDs) run into when they suddenly need to find work in the career they left: It’s not always easy. Read more

How Do You Find A NJ Divorce Attorney?

It’s a question that’s probably foremost on your mind since you and your spouse made the decision to split. How exactly do you go about finding a divorce attorney? And more than that, how you find the NJ divorce attorney who will do the best job at representing your needs? Read more

5 Tips For A Smoother, Less Stressful Divorce

Are you inadvertently making your divorce more difficult than it needs to be? Here are five tips for making the process as short and straightforward as possible. Read more

Study: Why Are Heavy Drinkers Less Likely to Divorce?

Do drinking and marriage mix? That depends on who’s doing the drinking — and how much — according to a recent study by the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions. Read more

After Winter Break Ends, One in Five Parents Will Contemplate Divorce

New Jersey Annulment

January in NJ and elsewhere has long been known as “Divorce Month” due to the spike in divorce filings the first month of the year typically sees. Why does this happen? For couples with children, it seems that relationship struggles are very much on their minds as the holidays wind down and the New Year begins. A recent survey conducted in the UK (which sees the same rise in divorces in January) breaks it down by the numbers. Does this surprise you? Read more

Bari Weinberger On Access Hollywood To Discuss Britney Spears Conservatorship

New Jersey family law attorney Bari Weinberger was one the legal experts was tapped by Access Hollywood to comment on the ongoing legal issues involving singer Britney Spears. In February 2008, after suffering a very public breakdown and losing custody of her children, Spears was placed under a legal conservatorship, which means a guardian was appointed to manage her financial affairs and daily life. The conservatorship remains in place, with her father Jamie named as guardian/conservator. However, with all signs pointing to Spears being in a very happy and healthy place in her life, is this arrangement still needed?

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Bari Weinberger Discusses “Give the Gift” With TV News 12 New

Give the gift! Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group managing partner and NJ family law attorney, Bari Weinberger, appeared on News 12 New Jersey today to discuss the exciting new charitable giving program Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group is sponsoring for Eva’s Village. We hope you take a minute to learn more about this fantastic opportunity to help those in need right here in New Jersey. Read more

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Sponsors Eva’s Village Charity Donation Program, “Give the Gift”

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group is excited to announce its sponsorship of “Give the Gift,” a new charitable giving program that benefits the work of Eva’s Village, the well-respected Paterson, NJ non-profit group dedicated to providing shelter, meals, health care, and career assistance to the homeless, poor, and working poor. Read more

Divorce Secrets of the Rich & Famous

After three years of marriage, Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce last week from husband Lamar Odon, citing irreconcilable differences in public court documents released on Friday. It may make for juicy celebrity gossip to speculate about what went wrong for the reality TV couple, but if Kardashian and Odon are like most celebrity, high-profile couples, this first glimpse of their divorce will likely be the last glimpse until a final divorce decree is announced. Read more

All Kids With Divorced Parents Want For Christmas

Wrapped gifts under the tree are always a treat, but what do kids with divorced parents really want this holiday season? It’s probably not the latest fad toy or video game, but three things only you and your children’s co-parent can give: Read more