How Do You Find A NJ Divorce Attorney?

It’s a question that’s probably foremost on your mind since you and your spouse made the decision to split. How exactly do you go about finding a divorce attorney? And more than that, how you find the NJ divorce attorney who will do the best job at representing your needs?

For starters, know what kind of attorney you are looking for. Just like doctors specialize in pediatrics or internal medicine or brain surgery, attorneys likewise have different practice areas. And just like you wouldn’t see a foot doctor if you needed heart surgery, when you get a divorce, it’s in your best interest to find a  family law attorney to work with, even if you’ve worked in the past with a tax, estate, or criminal attorney. In New Jersey, family law attorneys represent clients dealing with the following matrimonial- and family-related issues:

  • Divorce and post-divorce issues,
  • Same-sex marriage, civil unions and/or domestic partnerships,
  • Domestic violence and restraining orders,
  • Property settlement issues related to divorce or dissolution,
  • Child and spousal support,
  • Child custody and parenting time,
  • DCPP (Division of Child Protection & Permanency),
  • Paternity issues,
  • Adoption
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements,
  • Legal agreements between partners,
  • Mediation services,
  • And more.

The best place to start looking for specific names of family law attorneys in NJ is by asking the people you know. If you have friends, family, or coworkers who went through a divorce in New Jersey, can they recommend a good divorce lawyer? Reputable online referral and rating sites can also be helpful.

When you have some names, it’s time to make some phone calls and start asking questions. When you connect with the attorney, among the questions to ask are finding out how long they have been practicing family law and what percentage of their business is made up of family law clients. Generally, the more their practice is exclusively devoted to family law, the better.

Think about it this way, if someone practices in multiple areas of law, what is the chance  they will be able to keep up with all the changes in NJ family law that happen all the time? Hiring a NJ family law attorney is one way to make sure the attorney representing you is one who truly understands the law as it applies to your case.

For more information, please see our complete guide to finding a family law attorney in NJ:How to Find the Best Divorce or Family Law Attorney.