Bari Weinberger On Access Hollywood To Discuss Britney Spears Conservatorship

New Jersey family law attorney Bari Weinberger was one the legal experts was tapped by Access Hollywood to comment on the ongoing legal issues involving singer Britney Spears. In February 2008, after suffering a very public breakdown and losing custody of her children, Spears was placed under a legal conservatorship, which means a guardian was appointed to manage her financial affairs and daily life. The conservatorship remains in place, with her father Jamie named as guardian/conservator. However, with all signs pointing to Spears being in a very happy and healthy place in her life, is this arrangement still needed?

Among the issues covered in the piece is the child custody arrangement Spears has with former husband Kevin Federline, the father of her two sons. “Under a conservatorship, she’s technically not permitted to have custody of her children,” Weinberger explains. Spears does, however, have extended visitation with her children. “Getting rid of the conservatorship,” Weinberger notes, “could put this visitation arrangement in jeopardy.”

We will have the clip to share soon. Do you think the pop star should be under conservatorship?