Bari Weinberger Discusses “Give the Gift” With TV News 12 New

Give the gift! Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC managing partner and NJ family law attorney, Bari Weinberger, appeared on News 12 New Jersey today to discuss the exciting new charitable giving program Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC is sponsoring for Eva’s Village. We hope you take a minute to learn more about this fantastic opportunity to help those in need right here in New Jersey. Learn more by watching the clip!

Want to get involved? Modeled after Oxfam Unwrapped and other similar giving programs, Give the Gift enable donors to buy good and services that go directly to those receiving help from Eva’s Village, the four-star (highest rated) charity serving the homeless and those at-risk in Paterson, NJ. Visitors to the Give the Gift page on either the Eva’s Village site or Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC site can “shop online” for items including providing meals at the soup kitchen, medical supplies, one night’s care for a mother and child at the homeless shelter, and more!

Why should you consider a donation? As Bari Weinberger explained to Channel 12’s Della Crews, “We wanted to find some way to help our local community for the holidays. It was a way for us to personally give and allow others to give as well.  Eva’s Village’s mission is to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, treat the addicted and provide medical and dental care to the poor with respect for the human dignity of each individual. We are so happy to be able to give them a helping hand!”


We hope you or your business decided to get involved and Give the Gift! For those who wish to place the Give the Gift program as a page on their site, you can XXXXXX.