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Want to Relocate Out of New Jersey With Your Kids? Don’t Look to Baures!

moving out of state with child

In a landmark ruling handed down today by the New Jersey Supreme Court, the court unanimously reversed its 2001 Baures holding that a custodial parent could relocate to another state with a child so long as the move was made in good faith and was not “inimical [harmful] to the child’s best interests.” In today’s Bisbing v. Bisbing ruling, it was established that trial judges should now simply determine whether a relocation would be in the “best interests” of the children involved.

What could all this mean for your relocation matter? Here is a summary of today’s important ruling.  Read more

How to Get More Summer Parenting Time With Your Kids

Summer vacation is rapidly approaching and you want to spend as much time as you can with your children during their break from school. Hopefully, you and your children’s other parent have a solid custody and parenting plan in place that talks about summer vacation time with each of you. But what if you want extra time with your kids? Summer means longer days and frequent outdoor activities like BBQs and sporting events. If you would like to possibly increase your time with your kids for these kinds of special occasions, here are some steps that can help you accomplish this. Read more

Overcoming Parental Alienation: How To Reconnect With Your Kids

Overcoming Parental AlienationWhen you’re trapped in the vicious cycle of parental alienation, how do you break the cycle and reconnect with your kids? Read on for important tips to help you re-establish healthy, loving relationships with those most dear to you: your children. Read more

Co-Parenting in New Jersey: Can It Be Done?

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Even the most famous of couples who are divorcing are not immune to battles regarding their kids, custody, parenting time and child support. This week, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from her husband of two years, Brad Pitt. The couple has been together for nearly a decade and have six children; three adopted and three born to the couple. What steps can the pair take to establish a positive co-parenting relationship — and how might these tips translate to parents in New Jersey? Read more

When Your Adult Child Is A Heroin Addict and Lives With You

adult child heroin addictionWhat are the repercussions for allowing your adult child with an opioid or heroin addiction live with you when you have minor children still in the home?
Read more

Grandparents: How Do You Get Custody Of Your Grandkids When Their Parents Are Addicts?

grandparent rights

Who is often the only person capable of picking up the pieces when a child’s parents are addicted to heroin? A grandparent. Learn how more grandparents are taking custody of their grandchildren as a result of opioid and heroin addiction crisis facing families in New Jersey. Read more

Opioid Epidemic Awareness Week: How Can Addict Parents Get Help?

Thoughtful manPresident Barack Obama has officially proclaimed Sept. 18 through Sept. 24, 2016 as Opioid Epidemic Awareness Week, a first ever awareness week to highlight prevention measures for the growing heroin and opioid crisis in the United States. According to White House officials, the week will be marked by Cabinet members and federal agencies coming together to educate the public about the epidemic that has spread to every corner of our nation, including New Jersey.

As a December 2015 article on NJ.com reported, “The statistics on New Jersey’s heroin crisis are staggering, and paint a picture of a crisis that spreads far beyond overdoses and deaths.” Since 2004, there have been 5,217 heroin-related deaths in New Jersey, and the heroin death rate in the state is more than three times the national average. And, there have been over 184,000 New Jerseyans admitted into treatment facilities for heroin or opioid abuse since 2010.

Many of those who are addicted are also parents. So what does this mean for child custody? Read more

Parenting Time After Addiction Recovery

addiction recoveryWithout question, addiction is devastating, not only on the person suffering with the addiction, but also their friends and family. And, it cannot be argued that those hurt most profoundly are the children of the addicted. Read more

Can Co-Parenting After Divorce Really Work?

co-parenting after divorce

Last week, Big Bang actress Mayim Bialik released a YouTube video simply titled “Divorce.” In the video, the mother of two young boys “addresses what life is really like in a post-divorce world,” and how she manages co-parenting with her ex-husband Michael Stone.

So, what does Bialik, who is also a neuroscientist, recommend for successful co-parenting after divorce? She lays her plan out in three steps: Read more

Follow Custody Rules On Moving Out of State With Your Child Or Face The Consequences

Our world is constantly changing, and as a result, people live much different lives today than they did even twenty or thirty years ago. More and more parents are relocating out of state for many reasons: family, employment, and schooling. But, what if you have custody of your children? Does that give you free reign to move out of New Jersey with the kids? Contrary to popular belief, having custody of your child, even sole custody, does not automatically guarantee you the ability to move to a new state. There are certain laws that you must follow to ensure that you are not subjecting yourself to a possible parental kidnapping charge here in New Jersey. Read more