Getting A Divorce? 5 Steps To Take Control

Take control divorceDecided to divorce? It’s time to come to grips with the fact that the process you’re about to embark upon will require you to make critical decisions affecting your life, your children’s lives, and the shape of your future. With so much at stake, our 5-step action plan can help you begin the divorce process feeling ready, willing, and able to move through divorce with greater clarity. Here’s how to take control of your divorce — and stay in control. Read more

Is Your Spouse Using Digital NFTs To Hide Assets In Your Divorce?

NFTs in divorce

This is the second in a blog series on sneaky new ways duplicitous spouses are attempting to hide marital assets in divorce. The first blog in the series can be found here: Top Signs Your Spouse Is Hiding Bitcoin Assets In Your Divorce.

Getting divorced and suspect that your spouse is being less than truthful in disclosing all their assets? Not quite sure where to look for hidden assets? If your ex is on the tech savvy side, NFTs – a new digital form of art — may be a hiding spot worth investigating. Read more

Hiding Assets in Divorce: Red Flags, Searches and Penalties

Do you suspect your spouse of hiding income or assets? Or, on the flip side, do you feel tempted to hide income or assets because you believe that you will not be treated fairly in divorce? Bari Weinberger recently wrote about the hot topic of hidden assets in divorce in her latest article for the New Jersey Law Journal. Here are some tips from Bari for safeguarding yourself in your divorce…  Read more

What Should I NOT Do When Getting A Divorce?

digital mistakes in divorce

When getting a divorce, the worst thing you can do is to let emotion cloud reason. The decisions you make now will reverberate for decades to come, so you must do your homework and be prepared to make choices that may not be to your heart’s desire, but are the most practical.

Feeling overwhelmed by what’s ahead? A critical first step is learning what NOT to do when you end your marriage. Read more

How Do You Lower Conflict In Divorce?

how do you lower divorce conflict

Do you feel drained by your acrimonious divorce? Are you wondering if things will ever get better? Sinking into despair will deplete your energy and make you feel more stuck than you actually are. Regardless of your ex’s behavior, you can change the dynamic by following key steps to lower conflict in your divorce. Read more

How Can You Prevent Parental Kidnapping?

In high conflict custody battles or family situations in which domestic violence is present, the risk for parental kidnapping can be real. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (via the FBI), approximately 200,000 of the 260,000 children abducted each year are taken by a family member. In 78% of these kidnappings, the abductor is a non-custodial parent.

While kidnapping of any kind is — thankfully — still a rare occurrence for the vast majority of separated or divorced families, if you’re concerned that your child could be at risk, there are several practical steps you can take right now to help keep your child safe. Read more

5 Costly Risks Of Representing Yourself In Divorce

You’ve decided to divorce. Now comes your next decision: Do you need to hire an attorney, or should you represent yourself?

In New Jersey, individuals involved in a divorce have the legal option to either hire an attorney or make the choice to go it alone in their matter.

Self-representation is usually tied to a desire to save on costs. In the short term, yes, representing yourself does save money up front. In the long run? Self-representation (technically called going pro se in your divorce) puts you at risk for expensive drawbacks that outweigh any initial savings.

Not sure what’s right for you and your divorce? Here are five factors to take into consideration when making the choice to hire an attorney or go pro se in your divorce. Read more

Why Do Couples Divorce After 20 Years of Marriage?

divorce after 20 year marriage

Move over, 7-year itch. Couples married for 20-plus years are now more likely to divorce than any other age group. According to a 2017 Pew Research study, the divorce rate among this demographic has doubled since the 1990s and is predicted to triple by 2030! Here are some reasons behind this growing divorce trend.  Read more

5 Key Steps To Take When It’s Time To Divorce

time to divorce

The decision to divorce will alter your life forever, so it’s critical that you plan your exit wisely. Ready to take the first steps towards a brighter future? The following tips can help you kickstart the divorce process with greater clarity and calm. Read more

Are Digital Mistakes About To Turn Your Divorce Into a Disaster?

digital mistakes in divorce

It was just a few years ago that digital meddling in divorce consisted mainly of spouses taking screenshots of questionable texts and tagged photos on Facebook. In our tech-saturated world of 2022, however, cyber snooping and other online misbehaviors  in divorce have become much more complex — and prevalent.

As Bari Weinberger explained in her latest article for the New Jersey Law JournalSocial Media & Cyber Warnings in Family Law Cases: Learnings for 2022, “Today’s issues reflect everything from digital privacy breaches to cyber-harassment to hidden cryptocurrency and more.”

Are you at risk for a suspicious or vengeful spouse doing you wrong online? You need to protect yourself. Here are some tips for avoiding this new generation of cyber missteps in divorce. Read more