Marriage Not In The Cards? Here’s Why You Need A Palimony Agreement

palimony agreements

In any long-term relationship, either partner can entertain thoughts of “what happens if this ends?” When partners are married, a concerned spouse can simply look up information on divorce law to get a rough idea of how marital assets could be divided in divorce and how much alimony they may receive to help maintain their marital lifestyle. 

For unmarried cohabiting partners, answering this same question is not so easy. An unmarried couple cannot technically create marital property and rules regarding alimony don’t apply. 

So what can unmarried couples do to protect themselves? The answer is “palimony,” which refers to financial compensation or property rights that one cohabiting partner agrees to give to the other partner should the relationship end.

Are you in a cohabiting relationship and curious about what a palimony agreement could offer you? Here are some dos and don’s and how-to tips for establishing a palimony agreement in New Jersey. Read more

Kim Kardashian Just Asked A Judge to Be Declared “Legally Single” — How Is This Different From Divorce? 

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Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West in February. Less than a year later, Kardashian is back in court to ask a judge to declare her “legally single” amidst the couple’s ongoing divorce proceedings. 

What Kardashian is requesting is a legal tactic called a “bifurcated divorce” that enables a judge to issue a judgment that dissolves marital status while setting aside custody, asset division and other potentially time-consuming issues to be resolved at a later time.

Bifurcated divorce is an option available in New Jersey in certain divorce situations. Is this type of divorce right for you? Here’s what you need to know. Read more

When Art Imitates Divorce: The Splitting of An Art Fortune Has Lessons for The Rest of Us 

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An acrimonious divorce resulted in a recording-setting art auction for Sotheby’s when the “Macklowe Collection” garnered $676.1 million in sales this past Monday.

The blue-chip art collection, including pieces by Jackson Pollack, Mark Rothko and Andy Warhol, was acquired by real estate magnate Harry and Linda Marlowe, a board member at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, over the course of their 50-year marriage. 

The collection was a source of great pride for the couple. During their divorce, however, the amassed art turned into a source of heated conflict as both spouses dug in on asset division. Linda wanted to keep the collection intact, but Harry disagreed. Neither spouse could agree to a value on the collection. After wrangling over the art for three years, a judge finally ordered the pair to sell off everything and split the proceeds. 

As  the NYPost reported: 

[Insider Vicky] Ward told The Post, “The art collection was what bonded Harry and Linda. If there had been no art collection they would have never stayed together. Harry absolutely respected her eye.”

But, Ward added, “This was the toxic marriage from hell. The level of vitriol, but at the same time this extraordinary bond, was there. They needed each other and they destroyed each other.”

Ward maintained that Linda wanted to keep the collection together, even after the divorce, and Harry pressed to break it up because “she forced him to sell the General Motors Building, which symbolized the apex of his career. This auction is the ultimate tit for tat.”

Do you have a collection — of art, wine, antiques, or even Beanie Babies — that’s a sore spot in your divorce? Here are three takeaways from the Macklowe divorce and art collection sell off that can help maintain perspective when dividing collection with high value and sentimentality. Read more

2021 Holiday Tips For Divorced Co-Parents 

After last year’s socially distanced holidays, 2021 is seeing the return of in-person family gatherings, holiday travel and even Black Friday shopping crowds. Is your holiday parenting time plan ready for this year’s return to “somewhat normal”? Here are some key tips for divorced parents to share special time with their children this holiday season. (And a few bonus tips for other holiday-related issues that may pop up!)

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When one spouse feels at an economic disadvantage in divorce, they often want to know whether the courts can make their higher earning spouse pay their attorney fees. Fortunately in New Jersey, one spouse paying for the other’s divorce attorney is a possibility, so long as the courts find certain factors present.

Let’s take a look at the law around this and how it could apply to your situation. Read more

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC Honored By “Best Law Firms” Ranking for 2022

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Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC is honored to announce the firm’s inclusion in the U.S. News rankings of Best Law Firms in New Jersey for 2022. The Best Law Firms designation is based on a rigorous evaluation process that includes client evaluations and peer reviews from other attorneys in the field.

“We are thrilled to have our work safeguarding our family law clients recognized with this ranking from both our legal peers and our clients,” said Bari Weinberger, our firm’s founder and managing partner.

To be eligible for inclusion in Best Law Firms, a firm must first have a lawyer recognized in The Best Lawyers in America, a peer selection process that honors a small percentage of attorneys nationwide. Bari Weinberger and Robyn Howlett, both certified matrimonial attorneys and family law experts, have been recognized as a Best Lawyer in America for multiple years. Final selections for Best Law Firms include client surveys. 

Our firm additionally qualified to Best Law Firms tiered list of law firms. Receiving a tier designation reflects the highest level of respect a law firm can earn among other leading lawyers and clients in the same communities and same practice areas for their abilities, their professionalism and their integrity. Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC’s Best Law Firms Tier 3 ranking applies to regional firms outside a major metropolitan area.

“We are humbled by this honor of Best Law Firm. Like other awards and accolades our firm has received, it confirms for us our drive to provide the highest level of family law legal representation available anywhere as we safeguard our clients in their divorce and family matters,” Bari confirmed.   

Ready to experience the Weinberger difference? Get help in your legal matter by scheduling a strategy session with one our trusted family law specialist attorneys. Call us today at 888-888-0919, or please click the green button below. 

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Non-Disclosure Agreements: Should Your Divorce Include An NDA? 

non-disclosure agreements

A non-disclosure or non-disparagement agreement (NDA) is a set of agreed upon rules that spell out what each party to the agreement can and can’t say publicly about each other. This includes public criticism and the airing of certain private details. 

It’s been common for decades in celebrity marriages for spouses to enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in the event of a divorce as a way to limit negative press coverage and preserve reputations. 

In the social media age we now find ourselves in, however, an NDA may be a good idea for almost any divorcing couple. Read more

4 Lines To Never Let Your Spouse Cross in Divorce

divorcing a high-conflict exVirtually all divorces have some degree of conflict, but some generate so much chaos that life becomes unmanageable. High-conflict personalities behave in extreme ways and some believe that rules simply don’t apply to them. Read on to learn the four lines never to let your spouse cross in divorce — and how to respond to unacceptable behavior. Read more

How To Tell Your Narcissist Spouse That You Want A Divorce

how to tell a narcissist that you want a divorce

Do you feel like you’re constantly tiptoeing over eggshells in your marriage to a narcissist? Then get ready for some seriously fancy footwork when you tell your spouse you want a divorce. While you may be tempted to unload years worth of grievances, or let your spouse know just how hurt you are by serving them in public, don’t act until you consider the consequences. Read more

5 Reasons Why Divorce Can Be Good For You — And Your Kids

Contemplating divorce but worried the decision will ruin your life, and also your children’s? Newsflash: when it’s the right choice, divorce can be a good thing.

For too long, the dominant divorce paradigm has convinced us that the end of a marriage is one of the worst fates imaginable. However for many, divorce sparks a profound personal growth journey. Read more