foster parenting

Steps To Becoming A Foster Parent In New Jersey

foster parentingFoster parents play an important role in providing a secure and safe home for children and youth in care—which is not always an easy task. Are up for the challenge? If you are ready and committed to becoming a foster parent in New Jersey, here are the steps you must follow: Read more

Are You Ready To Become A Foster Parent?

foster parentsInterested in becoming a foster parent in New Jersey? Here are six key guidelines and foster parent requirements that will help you understand your readiness to take on this important role in a child’s life. Read more

alimony negotiations

3 Tips for Negotiating Alimony

alimony negotiationsAlimony is financial support that is given by one spouse to another in a divorce. How much spousal support is paid and for how long depends on several factors including length of the marriage and the income of both spouses. If you find yourself in the midst of a divorce and know that you will need some financial assistance from your soon to be ex, here are some tips to help you successfully negotiate the support that you deserve. Read more

parenting time

“Right Of First Refusal” In Your Child Custody Agreement: What Does It Mean?

parenting timeOne parent having “the right of first refusal” is a clause that is a typical and usual item found in many child custody, parenting time and divorce agreements. If it shows up in yours, you may be wondering,  what does it mean? Read more

What Military Parents Need To Know About Child Custody Laws In New Jersey

military custody and parenting time

Like all other divorced c0-parents, military service members who co-parent sometimes experience legal issues with regard to child custody or parenting time. Certain laws protect military parents so that they are afforded the same ability to be heard in court and to respond to any lawsuits filed against them in New Jersey, especially if they are deployed. But understanding these laws, and the overlapping civilian custody laws that apply, can be confusing…and stressful. Are you a military parent, or are you co-parenting with one? Here are 5 key things you need to know about military child custody in New Jersey.  Read more

Do You Suspect Child Abuse? What You Must Do in New Jersey To Protect Your Children

legal help for child abuse[This is a companion blog to: 5 Subtle Forms Of Child Abuse And What To Watch Out For ]

If you and your child’s other parent have recently separated your child may be spending significant overnight parenting time with your ex. It is indeed an adjustment for any parent to have their child spending nights away from their home, especially if you have an uneasy feeling that they may not be safe with their other parent. If you have noticed signs that make you suspect that child abuse is present, either physical or emotional, it is imperative that you ensure your child’s safety. Here are some important steps that will help you do just that. Read more

child abuse

5 Subtle Forms Of Child Abuse And What To Watch Out For

child abuseNot knowing what really goes on in your co-parent’s home is one of the toughest aspects of divorce – especially if you’re concerned that your ex might be abusive. Read more

When Sex Addiction Leads To Divorce

Your spouse is a sex addict and has cheated on you — many times — and all your friends and relatives think that the only option is to kick your spouse to the curb ASAP. But if any part of you wants to stay in the marriage, and especially if you have children, it’s worth following a plan of action to see if the relationship can be saved. Wondering how you’ll know? In the fallout of discovering your spouse’s sex addiction, here are some tips to help you make informed, clear-headed decisions about the future. Read more

mothers day

Should Mothers Day Be Included in Your Parenting Time Plan?

mothers dayYour child custody agreement may address holidays like Thanksgiving, and special events like your child’s birthday. But what about other special celebration days during the year…like Mothers Day? As we get set to honor moms this Sunday, let’s take a look at how Mothers Day (and Fathers Day) can be worked into parenting time agreements. Read more

uncle and aunt custody and support issues

Can An Uncle or Aunt Be Legally Responsible to Support a Child?

uncle and aunt custody and support issuesHere in New Jersey, there is a legal theory where a person could be seen as a child’s parent, even if they are not the biological or the adoptive parent of that child. Under that theory, called the “psychological parent,” a person is seen to have stepped into the shoes of a biological parent by being a supportive force and influence in a child’s life either financially, emotionally, or both. Step-parents often find themselves becoming psychological parents. But what if you are an aunt or uncle? Could you ever be seen to be the psychological parent of your niece of nephew? Read more