Why Bashing Your Ex Is Bad For Your Children…And How To Stop Yourself

divorce-parentingWonder what children of divorce hate more than almost anything? Hearing their parents bad-mouth each other. Ex-bashing is such a common problem among divorced couples, in fact, that warnings against it are written into standard custody orders. Here’s a boilerplate excerpt used in New Jersey:  “Neither parent shall do anything which may estrange the other from their children, ignore the opinion of the children, injure the opinion of the children to the other parent or hamper the free and natural development of the love of the children for the other parent.”

Despite knowing they shouldn’t speak ill of their ex, many people continue to do so, often in earshot of their children. Let’s take a deeper look at the reasons why ex-bashing hurts kids and explore ways to stop yourself — before you say something your children won’t forget. Read more

The Divorce Diet: 3 Tips To Cope With Stress


Sudden weight loss is such a common side effect of divorce that the phenomenon has been given its own moniker: the “Divorce Diet.” Although you may welcome shedding a few pounds, a precipitous drop in weight is not healthy – especially when it’s brought on by skipping meals or considering three spoonfuls of chocolate fro-yo “lunch.” Read more


Receive Child Support? Here’s What New Jersey’s New Child Support Termination Law Means For You

child-support-lawAs of Feburary 1, 2017, a new New Jersey child support law establishes that a parent’s obligation to pay support terminates upon the child’s nineteenth birthday, unless certain factors are present. Are you the parent who receives child support? Here is a look at how this new law can affect you, and important steps you can take to make sure child support continues. Read more


What Does New Jersey’s New Child Support Termination Law Mean For You?

nj-child-support-age-cut-offIn New Jersey, a new child support termination statute goes into effect on February 1, 2017. The new law dramatically impacts when and how child support orders issued in the state come to an end. Are you a parent who pays child support, or are you the parent who receives it? Here’s what to expect. Read more


Pay Child Support? Here’s How New Jersey’s New Child Support Termination Law Affects You

child-support-lawsEffective February 1, 2017, New Jersey’s new emancipation statute will dramatically impact when and how child support orders terminate. Have a child nearing the newly established child support cut-off age of 19? Find out what this new law means for your obligation to pay. Read more

controlling ex

High Conflict Divorce: 5 Tips For Gaining Peace of Mind With a Controlling Ex

controlling exTrapped in a high conflict divorce with  an intrusive ex-spouse who thinks you can do nothing right? Are their attempts to manage the way you spend child support or parent the kids making you feel like you’re living in a dictatorship? Read on to learn more about controlling exes and what you can do to regain peace of mind. Read more

sexual assault

Governor Christie Signs Expansion to SASPA Act for Sexual Assault Survivors

sexual assault Earlier this month, Governor Chris Christie singed a bill into law that expands the coverage of the fairly new Sexual Assault Survivors Protection Act. SASPA, as it more commonly called, became law here in New Jersey in May of 2016. SASPA closes an important loophole for survivors of sexual assault or abuse who are not covered by the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act or (PDVA). What protections does it offer victims? Read more

Governor Christie Signs Domestic Violence Gun Bill that Enhances Current Protections

domestic violence spousal abuse

Earlier this month, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a bill that limits access to firearms for domestic violence offenders. How will this change current domestic violence gun laws on the books?  Read more


How to Defend Yourself In A Domestic Violence Matter

domestic violenceYou have found yourself in the position of defending against a final restraining order being entered against you. A trial has been scheduled and you are naturally concerned. What is important to prioritize in making a strong defense? Read more

reconcling after an affair

Repairing Your Marriage After Infidelity

reconcling after an affairAccording to a 2016 study, infidelity occurs in 41 percent of marriages, and of that amount, 31% actually survive the affair. So what can you do to increase the odds that your post-affair marriage is one of the ones that recover? Read more