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FREE Webinar: How To File For Divorce In New Jersey

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Need to file for divorce in New Jersey? Know its time to divorce, but scared you will make a mistake? Terrified about the filing for divorce and getting it wrong? We can help.

On Tuesday, September 26 at 12:30pm, Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC will host a free 30-minute webinar aimed at helping people prepare for the divorce process. The webinar, How to File For Divorce in New Jersey, will help you avoid the dangers of divorce by giving you key insights, insider tips and secrets that will help you reduce stress, time, and save you money in your divorce. Read more

8 Savvy Ways To Prepare For Divorce

preparing for divorceIf you are thinking about divorce, be aware that you need to gather a lot of information before you file. Although it may feel sneaky to do some reconnaissance work without your spouse knowing, or before you announce your intentions, it is imperative that you have a plan in place before taking the life-altering step of ending your marriage. Thinking about filing? Here are 8 savvy ways you can start preparing now… Read more

When is the Best Time to File For Divorce?

best time to file for divorceWhen you have tried to make the marriage work but you have, sadly, decided to go your separate ways, you need to focus on the future. A question we are asked a lot is when is the best time to file for divorce? After the holidays? Before the end of the tax year? Are there reasons for waiting and filing strategically? The simple answer is, yes. Here are key factors to consider as you determine what’s best for your unique situation. Read more

My Spouse Won’t Agree To A Divorce! Can I still Get One?


You may be done with your marriage, and you may have decided that your next logical step is moving on, finding peace and filing for divorce. But, what happens when your spouse disagrees with your plans? In New Jersey, can you still obtain a divorce even when your spouse clearly communicates that he or she does not want one? Read more

Divorce in Haste; Repent at Leisure

deciding to divorceThe old saying goes, “marry in haste; repent at leisure,” meaning, of course, don’t rush into marriage with someone that you do not know very well, or with whom you have not spent a good deal of quality time. In other words, think before you act and take some time making a life changing decision! Deciding to separate from or divorce your spouse is just as significant a choice as getting married was in the first place. As such, jumping into filing for a divorce can become a hasty decision that you regret down the line. Here are some ways to avoid rushing into a divorce that may prove to have dire consequences for you later: Read more

Legal Service Via Social Media: Can You Serve Your Spouse For Divorce…On Facebook?

serving divorce papers via Facebook

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It may be more common than you think: many spouses who wish to file for and obtain a divorce here in New Jersey simply do not know where their spouse is. Perhaps they went out for cigarettes and never came back. Or, maybe the couple has not lived together for many years and only now one of the spouses is looking to be formally divorced.
Whatever the situation, not knowing where your spouse is located can make for difficult service of the divorce paperwork. Could Facebook be an option for tracking down and serving divorce papers to hard to find spouses? Read more

What You May Not Know About Divorce In New Jersey

filing for divorce in new jersey

Thinking about divorce is an emotionally confusing time in anyone’s life. Now, you are contemplating filing for divorce and are facing weeding through the somewhat complex laws that govern divorce in the Garden State. There is a lot of misinformation out there, to be sure. Here are a few things you may not know about divorce in New Jersey: Read more

5 Costly Errors People Make During Their Divorce Consultation

meeting with new jersey family law attorneyDivorce can be emotional and stressful. You have taken the very difficult step of deciding to end your marriage. You have spent time researching local attorneys. And now you are preparing for your initial consultation.  How can you make the most of this first meeting with your divorce lawyer?  Here are five costly errors frequently made during divorce consultations…and how you can avoid them. Read more

Caught Cheating: Can You File for Divorce Based On Adultery?

divorcing a cheating spouseYour worst fears have been confirmed: your spouse has been having an extramarital affair. After careful consideration, you know that divorce is the best decision for you. But can you — or should you — file for your divorce based upon the grounds of adultery? Read more

Your Guide To Feeling In Control Of Your Divorce — And Your Life!

feeling in control of your divorceDivorce can make you feel like you’re lost in a foreign land without a map. The familiar guideposts – home, finances, social circle, station in life – either vanish or morph into something that you don’t recognize. Even if you loathed your spouse, you might prefer the comfort of being a plus-one to navigating a whole new life and making decisions as a single person. Read more