Divorce Advice For Parents from Supernanny Jo Frost

After taking a break from her popular TV show, Supernanny‘s Jo Frost is back with all-new advice for parents on TLC.com. Up first? Frost answers a question from a viewer about how to co-parent with her ex-husband. Specifically, the mom wants to know what she can do about her children’s bad behavior after they return home from a weekend at their father’s house.

Frost’s answer about this common child custody dilemma? “You can only do what you can do, get it?,” she replies. “You can’t control how they behave when they’re with their father, but you can correct the behavior when they come home, if it’s negative.”

Additionally, Frost advises parents to focus on their own family values during the time they have with their children because, ultimately, that’s what you have control over.

“You have your own family values and making sure you teach your children those will be important for all your family,” sums up Supernanny.

Agree? Disagree? What’s your advice for this parent?