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Money Arguments in Marriage Best Predictor of Divorce

All couples have disagreements, but even in the healthiest of relationships, arguments about money are a top predictor of divorce, according to a new study from Kansas State University. Read more

Six Places Spouses Hide Assets


Is your soon-to-be ex-husband or ex-wife keeping you in the dark about hidden assets they don’t want divvied up in the divorce?

Maybe you’ve picked up some subtle (and not-so subtle) clues that all is not what is seems, such as bank statements that no longer show up at the house, or the amount in your bank account seems lower than it should be, or your spouse’s behavior has become overly combative when the topic of your joint finances comes up. Read more

Jennie Garth, Peter Facinelli: Case Study in Amicable Divorce

As of this Tuesday, actors Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli are officially unmarried in what some in Hollywood are billing as the “nicest” divorce ever. Read more

What Happens to Your Insurance When You Divorce?

Life, health, home, auto, and more. What’s going to happen to your insurance benefits now that you are getting a divorce? Here’s a look at various insurance policy types, and what you can do to ensure coverage continues without interruption. Read more

Can Divorce Improve Job Performance?

Legendary hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones recently up controversy over comments he made in front of a University of Virginia panel that life events, including becoming a mother and divorce, are career-stunting “killers” for Wall Street traders. Read more

Saving for College: What Happens to a 529 Plan When You Divorce?

Your children may be too young to even know what career they would like to pursue, let alone know which college they want to attend. But if you and your spouse, like so many other parents, set up a designated 529 college savings plan, a tax-advantaged investment account used to help parents squirrel money away funds to cover the eventual cost a child attending college, you may be wondering what’s going to happen to this money now that you are getting a divorce. Your family’s situation is unique, of course, but here are a few common possibilities for dealing with a 529 plan during a divorce. Read more

5 Tips for Making Divorce Less Expensive

Want to break your marital bonds — but not your budget? Every divorce situation is unique, but here are five ways couples may be able to save a little (or a lot) on their divorce proceedings: Read more

How To Sell Your Home in a Divorce

Sell Your Home in a Divorce
When you divorce, your family home may be your most valuable marital asset — as well as your biggest shared liability if you’re still carrying a mortgage. What happens to the house in a divorce? Read more

Divorce & Taxes: Who Can Claim Children As Dependents?

If this year marks the first time you are filing your taxes as a divorced parent, you may have questions about how issues such as child custody arrangements affect your ability to claim your children as dependents. Can you claim the kids even you don’t have primary custody? What about if you and your former spouse split custody 182 days each during the year — who gets to “write off” your child when the year is shared equally? Read more

Prenup Thrown Out In Court After Verbal Promise to “Rip It Up”

In New York, a Brooklyn Appellate Court panel has ruled that Peter Petrakis, a successful real estate investor, “fraudulently induced” his wife, Elizabeth, to sign a prenuptial agreement four days before their wedding. In a move that’s being hailed as precedent-setting, the prenup has now been thrown out and the couple’s divorce will proceed without the financial stipulations the document had outlined. Read more