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Divorce Dilemma: My Spouse Is Hiding Income

hidden sources of incomeIf your spouse does not provide full income disclosure during your divorce, it can set you up to receive an unfair settlement, including lowered amounts of alimony and child support. Are you suspicious that your spouse is withholding critical financial information? Here are some tips for making sure your divorce settlement adds up. Read more

Are Celebrity Divorces in New Jersey Different?

celebrity divorce in new jersey

When we were able to read Chris Rock’s divorce complaint that was filed in New Jersey in December of 2014, there didn’t seem to be novel or groundbreaking issues raised or allegations made. There was standard language regarding the couples’ prenuptial agreement and requests for child custody. While Chris’ allegations that his wife did not let him spend time with the children may seem scandalous in tabloids, this accusation of one parent against the other is made rather routinely in contested divorces that involve children.

What is unique about celebrity divorces in New Jersey is what is unique about all high net worth divorces in the Garden State: the sheer sums of money and the unique forms that assets take, that are at stake in these battles. Of course, press coverage about the couple is prevalent; coverage that 99% of all other divorced couples in New Jersey (even the rich ones) will not face. Read more

Divorce Financial Advice for Women: Expert Q&A With Jeff Landers, CDFA

Concerned about your financial future after divorce? As part of our Family Law Jersey Style series, Bari Weinberger spoke with Jeff Landers, founder of Bedrock Divorce Advisors, LLC, a divorce financial advisory firm that works exclusively with women throughout the United States. Jeff is also the author of many Amazon best-selling books including Divorce: Think Financially, Not Emotionally. In their discussion, Bari and Jeff discuss what a divorce financial advisor does, common financial concerns during divorce, and more. Read more

Three Tips For Cutting Divorce Costs

Not only can the end of a marriage be difficult emotionally, but if you are not careful, the process of divorce can also take a toll on your wallet. What can you do to keep divorce costs to a minimum? Here are three budget-friendly strategies to help you reach a settlement without breaking the bank. Read more

Facing Both Bankruptcy & Divorce? Here’s Which One To File For First


New Jersey couple Rhona and Matthew experienced some very rocky years leading up to their decision to divorce. The problems began in 2011, when Matthew lost his job and Rhona, who had been staying home with kids, could only find part-time work. With no savings, the couple lived off their credit cards, racking up over $150,000 in debt by the time Matt found employment in 2013. Even with Matt making money again, dealing with all their debt felt like an oppressive and impossible-to-complete task. After careful thought, in 2014, Matt and Rhona decided to file for bankruptcy. At the same time, mainly due to the toll money stress had taken on their relationship over the past few years, Matthew and Rhona also decided to file for divorce.

Does any of this sound familiar? Read more

Kent & Liz Swig: Divorce of Real Estate Moguls Shows Importance of Post-Nuptial Agreement

A recent piece in the New York Times outlining the rise and fall — and eventual divorce — of one of New York City’s financial power couples describes a scenario straight out of the 1% files. The boom-bust saga, however, also contains a few important lessons for any couple dealing with matters of assets, debts, and complicated business ties as part of their separation or divorce. Read more

Study: Divorce Rates Will Increase As Economy Recovers

Just how much did the Great Recession of 2008-2011 affect divorce rates in the U.S.? Read more

What Happens To Children’s Bank Accounts In A Divorce?

You may have started a college savings account for your child, or have a joint bank account in their name, or have individual accounts that carry their name only. What happens to these accounts if you and your spouse end up filing for divorce? Read more

Financial Infidelity: Secret Spending Linked to Divorce

Ask Ann Marie the reason why she got divorced after 15 years of marriage and she will tell you that it was due to her husband Tom’s infidelity. Was he cheating on her with a coworker or long lost flame? No. Tom’s paramour turned out to be the couple’s joint credit cards. For years, Tom had been secretly wracking up debt without Ann Marie’s knowledge. Read more