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Kids & Divorce: Which Parent Buys School Supplies?


The school year for students in most New Jersey school districts is now in its first full week. Still tracking down school supplies? As parents of school-age children know, stocking up on clothing and notebooks — and even things like iPads and laptops — can be quite a project, not to mention a substantial expense. Separated or divorced parents often wonder if they are shouldering too much of the burden. Who is supposed to pay for all of this stuff anyway? Read more

New Jersey Child Support: Who Pays for Lessons, Sports & Extracurricular Activities?

Young girl horse back riding on forest trail.

When parents negotiate over child support payments, one issue that can cause a snag is figuring out how to share expenses involving a child’s extracurricular activities above and beyond typical education-related costs, including sports participation and private music lessons. What can sometimes happen is that one parent is more enthusiastic in encouraging the child to take part in a wide variety of different activities, or the parent wants to help the child reach a high level of mastery in a certain art or sport by signing up for private lessons and/or buying special equipment. The other parent, however, may love their child and want to see them take part in activities they enjoy, but at the same time, doesn’t share the same view on the level or type of extracurricular participation, and therefore does not want these additional costs added to child support.

How do the courts settle these kinds of differences between parents? Read more

New Jersey Court Ruling May Change College Tuition Obligation Rules for Divorced Parents


When the relationship between a divorced parent and their child is a rocky one, is that parent obligated to pay college tuition? This is the question at the center of a precedent-setting court decision issued Friday by Ocean County Superior Court Judge Lawrence Jones. Read more

Why Can’t New Jersey Prenuptial Agreements Address Child Support/Custody?

Children having picnicToday’s blog post is part of our special series on prenuptial agreements and marriage running throughout the month of May. Please see previous posts in the series: 8 Common Items in Prenuptial Agreements and Are You Ready for the Legal Changes Marriage Brings? Check back soon for more!

On the first Tuesday of the month, we host a special Facebook Family Law chat inviting our WLG Facebook community members to ask their questions concerning divorce and related family law issues. During this month’s chat, we received a great question pertaining to prenuptial agreements and whether or not prenups in New Jersey can include language regarding child support and child custody for any children the soon-to-be spouses may have together. Read more

New Jersey “Child Support Amnesty Week” Begins April 28


For parents who have fallen so far behind on child support payments that a warrant has been issued for their arrest, the New Jersey Office of Child Support Services is extending a one-time opportunity to make things right. Read more

NJ Court Says Child’s Interests, Not Accreditation, Decides School Choice

First day of schoolFighting with your former spouse over your child’s education costs? A recent New Jersey Appellate Division court decision may give you some guidance on how a judge might view your dispute. Read more

Kids, Sports and Divorce: How Can Co-Parents Support Their Child’s Olympic Dreams?

Olympic champion Michael Phelps was raised by his divorced single mom Debbie; the parents of Apolo Ohno, the most decorated Winter Olympics athlete in history, divorced when their soon-to-be speed skater was just a baby. Believe your child has what it takes to be a future Olympian? Here’s how divorce can affect who foots the bill for coaches, lessons, and equipment — and what you can do to help your child go for the gold, no matter what the state of your marriage. Read more

Getting Organized for Divorce

If you and your spouse are considering divorce in 2014, getting organized now can help save time and stress in the event you make the decision to file, or your spouse files first. How do you prepare for the divorce process in New Jersey? Here are 5 key questions to make sure you know the answers to: Read more

Including Personal Provisions in Child Custody & Support Agreements

Don’t want your former spouse smoking around your children when they are in his/her care? Committed to homeschooling? Raising your children on a vegetarian diet?

If you are considering mediation as a way to reach a resolution in your child custody or child support matter, whether it is part of your divorce settlement, or a separate matter brought up outside of divorce, one of the key benefits of negotiating with your spouse over child custody and child support is mediation’s ability to create a truly custom agreement.

Some of the terms parents have listed as “musts” for custody or support agreements? Here are a few of the many items parents have successfully requested: Read more

Allen Iverson’s Ex-Wife Seeks $1.2 Million for Child Support Trust

Have you been following the ongoing legal battle between recently retired NBA superstar Allen Iverson and his ex-wife, Tawanna? The latest development involves payment of back child support and whether or not Iverson can be made to pay all upcoming payments through 2026 in a single lump sum child support payment of $1,272,000. Read more