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Back to School Expenses and Child Support

child supportIt is that time of year again, when parents are preparing their kids for the inevitable return to school in September and the inevitable costs that arise during this time of year. New school clothes, perhaps? Necessary school supplies? And, once the kids are back in class, there will be school dances, school pictures and fundraisers. If you are a parent of child and paying child support, what is your child support intended to cover with regard to back-to-school costs? Read more

Divorced Parents: Who Pays For Your Child’s Olympics Dream?

raising an olympic athlete

In a 2012 article, Forbes magazine broke down the costs families spend on raising an Olympic hopeful. What’s the scoop?

It’s expensive. Read more

Divorce & College Tuition Costs: What’s Your Obligation to Pay?

paying for collegeAs college tuition bills begin to arrive this month, parents can be in store for sticker shock. With college costs soaring, paying for a child’s higher education can be a challenge for any family. For divorced parents, there can be added layers of complexity. What are your tuition obligations? Do you have any say in these decisions? And what about child support?

Bari Weinberger recently wrote an in depth piece for the New Jersey Law Journal about how the courts rule when divorced parents disagree over college tuition payments, as featured on LinkedIn. What do you need to know about your rights and financial responsibilities for your college-bound child? Here are four key points to consider. Read more

Divorced Parents: 3 Tips For Navigating College Costs

divorced parents and college tuitionIt is that time of year, again. High school seniors are making final decisions, touring campuses and selecting, once and for all, where they will attend college in the fall. If you and your child’s other parent were married and are still together, this can be a joyous time for all involved. However, if you and your ex are no longer in a relationship, this can quickly become a challenging and frustrating time. What is your obligation for payment of tuition for the next four years? What is your say in these decisions? Read more

Child Support in the US and Australia: What’s Different Down Under?

child support in the US vs AustraliaIn a recent article on theconversation.com, the child support system in Australia was examined. How is child support different “down under”? While the United States and Australia may be geographically distant, the complaints regarding the Aussie system ring familiar here in the US. Read more

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC Publishes Legal Guides to Child Custody & Child Support in New Jersey

child custody in new jerseyConcerned about child custody and child support? We are pleased to announced the publication A Guide to Child Custody in New Jersey and A Guide to Child Support in New Jersey, two of the newest titles in our Family Law Jersey Style series of consumer legal guides. Authored by Bari Z. Weinberger, our firm’s founder, both guides are designed to provide answers to questions about these topics commonly asked by parents in New Jersey. Read more

New Jersey Trial Court Says You Can Pay Child Support Directly To Your Children

paying child support for older childrenJudge Lawrence Jones, Superior Court judge in Ocean County, New Jersey recently ruled that a parent is permitted to pay his child support directly to his child, and not the child’s other parent. Could this happen in your child support arrangement?   Read more

Arrested for Not Paying Your Child Support: Are You At Risk?

enforcing unpaid child supportIn a recent NorthJersey.com article, it was reported that nearly 100 people in northern New Jersey were arrested for failure to pay their court-ordered child support. The arrests came the week of February 1, 2016 as part of a statewide sweep. In Bergen County, 67 people were arrested, and  over $37,000 of nearly $2.8 million of owed child support was collected. Is being arrested for unpaid support payments common?  Read more

Kids And Divorce: Are You A Psychological Parent?

Are you a psychological parent?There is an interesting theory in New Jersey family law—that of the psychological parent. In today’s world, there are all different types of families. The “blended” family is becoming more and more common since the days of The Brady Bunch. Many moms and dads remarry, creating stepparents and stepchildren; half siblings and stepsiblings. Same-sex couples have children, where one of the couple is the biological parent and the other is not.

When a third person, not the biological mom and dad, takes an active role in the life of a child, he or she can become what is known as a “psychological parent.” Does this describe you? Read more

Courts Explore Emancipation Factors In Child Support Cases

older kids and divorceCourts in New Jersey are frequently asked to modify, recalculate and terminate child support obligations for various reasons. In cases of emancipation of a child, the courts have routinely found that retroactive modification of child support is permitted, and may sometimes result in a credit or refund to the parent paying the support. In one recent case ruling, the Appellate Division discussed some of the factors that a court must consider in determining whether a child is emancipated. Read more