5 Ways To Break Through Post-Divorce Depression

overcoming divorce depression

Struggling with a case of the post-divorce blues? Once the divorce is final, you might find your anger has shifted to sadness for what you’ve lost. That’s a normal stage in the grieving process, but it’s important to take action to get “unstuck.” Here are five things you can start doing today to overcome post-divorce depression and feel better. Read more

Mistakes Alienated Parents Make – And How To Avoid Them

alienated parent

Being an alienated parent means that your ex is trying to turn your kids against you by essentially brainwashing them to believe that you’re dangerous and unfit. Although your natural inclination is to fight for your children, some of the means you might employ could actually make matters worse. Read on to learn common mistakes alienated parents make, and how to avoid them. Read more

7 Ways To De-Escalate Conflict In Your Divorce

de-escalate tension in divorce

Has the chaos from your high-conflict divorce taken over your life? Does the unrelenting drama make it hard for you to function at work and be present for your kids? Are you wondering when you’ll ever be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep, or stop worrying about the future? Here are 7 ways to minimize divorce drama and reclaim your life. Read more

5 Signs of High Conflict Divorce And How To Protect Yourself

signs of high conflict divorce

Are you experiencing signs of high-conflict divorce? In a typical divorce, conflict gradually subsides as the divorce process reaches a close. In a high-conflict divorce, tension and conflict unfortunately rage on, often becoming more acrimonious as time goes on. Vitriol and tension can reign even years after the final judgment.

If you are stuck in a contentious divorce that just doesn’t seem to be getting any better, read on for 5 common symptoms of high-conflict divorce – and what you can do to protect and empower yourself. Read more

Surviving The Summer When You Have A High-Conflict Co-Parent

It’s not just the temperatures outside that are soaring. Is summer co-parenting with your ex leading to heated battles over your kids?

Co-parenting with a narcissist and/or high-conflict personality ex is difficult all year round, but summer co-parenting poses unique challenges. Without the regularity of the school year, you and your ex have to navigate logistics of your children’s plans regarding vacations, camps, and long blocks of down time. Now that we’re in mid-July, simmering tensions between the two of you may be reaching a boiling point. What can you do to cool off? Read on for tips on how you and your kids can survive – and enjoy – the rest of summer with your high-conflict co-parent.  Read more

5 Lessons From the Mackenize and Jeff Bezos Divorce

After 25 years of marriage, MacKenzie Bezos filed for divorce from husband Jeff Bezos in January 2019. On July 5, 2019, it was announced the pair’s divorce had been finalized. With over $137 billion in assets at stake, including Amazon stock, vast real estate holdings, numerous other investments — and no prenuptial agreement — it’s hard to believe that divorce for the richest couple in the world only took six months. 

Or is it? 

The Mackenzie and Jeff Bezos divorce, despite its intricacies, offers many lessons on how to have a “quick and quiet” split that anyone going through divorce can use. Read on for some key takeaways.  Read more

What if your ex doesn’t want to vaccinate the kids? 

parental rights child vaccines

For many divorced parents, vaccinations are simply part of their children’s pediatric care — it’s a non-issue. But when one co-parent objects to vaccinations due to religious beliefs or vaccine safety concerns, childhood immunizations can be a heated source of conflict in divorce and beyond.

If one parent doesn’t want to vaccinate the kids, what kind of say does the other parent have?  Read more

Top 3 Signs You Could Be a Victim of Parental Alienation

victim of parental alienationAre you wondering if you’re the victim of parental alienation? Most co-parents slip up from time to time and bad-mouth their ex to their kids. But that’s different from launching a campaign to destroy one parent’s relationship with their children. Read on to learn the signs of parental alienation. Read more

5 Mistakes Narcissists Make In Divorce – And How To Use These To Your Advantage

If you’re divorcing a narcissist, you probably feel like no match for their aggressive behavior. But here’s something you need to know: the qualities that make narcissists so intimidating – grandiosity, rule-breaking, bullying – are often the same traits that are the source of the narcissist’s undoing in divorce. Narcissists are prone to making mistakes through their high conflict ways, and you can use these mistakes to your advantage Here’s how…

Read more

Who gets the lottery winnings in the divorce? 

what happens to lottery winnings in divorce?

In Detroit, Michigan, a man who won more than $30 million in a lottery windfall was ordered to split his jackpot with his ex-wife. The reason why? As it turns out, timing is everything when it comes to what happens to lottery winnings in divorce.  Read more