4 Ways To Help Your Marriage Survive Infidelity

surviving infidelity

If your marriage has been rocked by infidelity, you’re not alone. Recent infidelity statistics show that in 1/3 of all marriages, one or both partners have cheated. Wondering how to get your relationship back on track? Here are four ways to work through the trauma of betrayal and make your marriage stronger than ever. Read more

You Are Invited! New Second Saturday Divorce Workshop, Featuring Allison Holzman

Learn how to protect yourself in your divorce by joining Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group attorney Allison Holzman and other expert presenters for an all new Second Saturday divorce workshop on Thursday, June 21 at the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park. Read more

New Jersey’s New Rules for Child Custody Relocation Requests

talking to kids about divorce

Do your summer plans include relocating with your children to another part of New Jersey — or out of state? Strict court rules govern parental requests to relocate. And recently these rules have changed! 

Let’s understand the new standards parents who wish to move away must meet through the lens of one family’s story.  Read more

5 Tips To Help You Bring Up Balanced Kids When You Parallel Parent

parallel parenting

You’re trying out parallel parenting techniques because nothing else worked. But are you worried this form of co-parenting will keep you from raising well-balanced children? Here are five tips to help you minimize conflict so your kids can live in peace. Read more

7 Steps for Repairing Your Credit After Divorce 

Does part of preparing for your new post-divorce life require repairing or rebuilding your credit history?

Rehabbing a credit score is something that requires multiple smaller steps, and time — like most large tasks. But here’s some good news: while it’s often true that the path to good credit takes diligent effort, gaining traction is often not as difficult as it first appears.

You can get started right now by learning 7 steps to basic divorce credit repair. Read more

7 Steps To Conscious Uncoupling When You Have Children

Conscious uncoupling, also known as a “good divorce,” happens when two people make mindful choices to end their marriage and co-parent with as little conflict as possible. Want to give it a try? Here are 7 tips to help you disentangle yourself from your ex gracefully, setting the stage for a cooperative co-parenting relationship. Read more

Gray Divorce: The Top 7 Worries When Divorcing In Your 50s

Recent studies show that 1 in 4 divorces involve people 50 and over. If you’re considering divorce in your 50s, your concerns are different from people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Below are the top 7 worries for those considering gray divorce…and how to address them. Read more

Trying to Avoid Divorce Disaster? Don’t Make These 3 CIS Mistakes!

divorce mistakes

A successful divorce is all in the details, and arguably some of the most important details of your divorce will be the financial information you provide in your Case Information Statement (CIS). Get your CIS right and your divorce — including asset division and alimony — will be all the better for it. Get your CIS wrong by supplying mistaken or incomplete information and be prepared for a divorce settlement that’s subpar.

The best way to start creating a CIS that is as “right” as possible? Begin by learning these 3 top CIS mistakes to avoid!

Read more

Gray Divorce: 6 Signs That Show It’s Time To Move On

Guide To Contested Divorce

The “gray divorce” rate among spouses ages 50+ has doubled since the 1990s. Greater life expectancies, better health, and greater financial independence for women are some of the leading reasons why older spouses are choosing to end unhappy marriages rather than languish in them, according to the Pew Research Group.

While couples should make every attempt to solve their marital problems, there are some that simply can’t be fixed. Here are seven signs that indicate it’s probably time for you and your spouse to part ways. Read more

3 Ways To Survive When Your Ex Gets A New Partner (And You Have Kids)

children and parenting issues

Finding out that your ex has a new partner can be unsettling. If you’re still single, you may experience twinges of jealousy knowing your former spouse found a significant other before you did. But the toughest blow usually is realizing this person you didn’t choose will have a hand in raising your children. Here are three tips to help you adjust to the change in your ex’s relationship status. Read more