7 Atomic Habits For Divorce Success

Are you a fan of the book Atomic Habits by James Clear? The number one self-help bestseller describes how the small actions we repeat each day drive the bigger picture of how successful we are at reaching our goals.

In the book, Clear compares the power of habits to the trajectory of an airplane: even a single small shift in direction can send an airplane on a completely different course. Our habits operate in the same way: good habits help to keep us on track, but bad habits can easily steer us in the wrong direction.

If your goals for your divorce include protecting your children, assets and future, and to do so with as little time, stress and cost as possible…what small, regular habits will put you on the path towards reaching these outcomes? What bad habits do you need to drop?

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What To Do After Discovering Your Spouse’s Secret Life

spouse's secret lifeTrying to move on after discovering your spouse led a secret life? That’s the dilemma facing wealthy New York City surgeon who learned that his former beauty pageant wife had been moonlighting as a call girl throughout their marriage — and had amassed almost a million dollars! The surgeon, who was seeking to annul their marriage, settled the case with his ex just before a public hearing scheduled in July, 2021.

The discovery of a spouse’s double life is often the trigger for divorce. While signing divorce papers symbolizes the end of a painful chapter, it is just the beginning of recovery from betrayal trauma. Learning how to build trauma resiliency is essential before a wronged spouse can learn to trust again, and find new love. Read more

Celebrity Divorces Offer Lesson In Alimony Dos & Donts

kelly clarkson alimony awardsIn celebrity divorce news, this has been the summer of supersized alimony awards. Per reports, music mogul Dr. Dre will pay alimony to ex-wife Nicole Young to the tune of $300,000 per month. Singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson has agreed to pay former spouse Brandon Blackstock $200,000 in support until their divorce is finalized. Music producer Scooter Braun is also in the news for paying out a six-figure monthly alimony sum to ex Yael Cohen after their recent split.

How are substantial alimony awards like these calculated in high net worth divorces? And what can these celebrity splits teach the rest of us about alimony negotiations? Read more

Divorced Parents: Who Gets The Advance Child Tax Credit Payments?

advance tax credit payments

Divorced and separated parents already have extra concerns on their plate. This summer, they can add one more: which parent will receive new Advance Child Tax Credit Payments?  Read more

Divorce: Dealing With The Emotions Of The Entire Family

Divorce can be hard on every member of the family when feelings go unaddressed. Men and women tend to express emotions differently and children may act out their feelings in ways that are hard to understand. Let’s take a look at some of the emotions members of your family are likely to experience during this difficult time — and how best to cope with them. Read more

High-Conflict Divorce: How And When To Stand Your Ground

Divorce from a high-conflict personality is grueling. A hostile ex can create so much chaos that you end up reacting, and unwittingly creating more drama. This pattern can continue for years and drain you financially and emotionally. The following tips can help you know what battles to forfeit, and when to stand your ground. Read more

What happens when divorced parents disagree about their children getting the Covid-19 vaccine? 

This week the FDA approved emergency use of the Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 12-15 years old. Vaccinating children can be a controversial decision for many parents; for divorced co-parents, there are even more added layers of complexity. Namely, if one parent doesn’t want their child or teen to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, who has the legal say in what happens next? 

Let’s take a look at divorced parents’ vaccine rights and how disagreements over the Covid-19 vaccine may be resolved. Read more

Summer 2021 is Back On — Are Your Parenting Time Plans Ready?

summer 2021 parenting time plan

For many families, favorite summertime activities like overnight camp and summer vacation plans didn’t happen last summer due to Covid-19. We’re in a very different place with the pandemic in 2021 and this summer in New Jersey could feel almost back to normal. (Hooray!)

If you changed your usual parenting time plans last summer due to Covid restrictions, it’s time to check these plans over and possibly revise them (in writing) to reflect your custody schedule and parenting plans for summer 2021.  Read more

Best Tips For Divorcing A Covert Narcissist

Unlike overt narcissists who are unabashedly self-aggrandizing, covert narcissists aren’t as easy to spot because their narcissistic traits are inverted, making them appear shy and unassuming. Despite the “poor me” routine, however, the covert narcissist is often more victimizer than victim. Read on to learn more about how they operate… Read more

What A Narcissist Abuser Will Do To Try To Win You Back

narcissist abuserDoes your relationship leave you feeling hurt and confused? Do you savor memories of the good times in order to block out the bad? If these patterns feel familiar, you may be with a narcissistic abuser. In order to leave a narcissist, you first need to understand the tactics they use to win you back. Read more