3 things you MUST consider before buying a new home after divorce 

You and your soon to be ex-spouse have decided to sell the marital home. So what’s next? Like any big decisions made on the heels of a divorce, you want to proceed cautiously as you make choices about real estate. Should you buy a new house post-divorce? What about a condo? Are there any advantages to renting? As you make decisions about your next home, here are three important points to consider. Read more

Is Gestational Surrogacy Right For Your Family?

gestational surrogacy

For many people who wish to become parents, gestational surrogacy may be one of the best options for starting a family. In order to decide if the process is right for you, it’s important to consider all the ways surrogacy will affect you. First, make sure you know the basics. Read more

3 Tax Mistakes to Avoid

divorce tax mistakes

There are so many changes that come with divorce, and one that you might not think about right away is that divorce can significantly change your taxes. Whenever there’s change, there is a chance to make mistakes. So let’s take a look at three common divorce tax mistakes people make during and after their divorce and what you can do to avoid these pitfalls.

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5 Things To Know Before Moving Ahead With Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy
Thinking about becoming a family via gestational carrier? Surrogacy can be a wonderful way for many couples and individuals to become parents. Surrogacy, however, also represents a complex legal process, so it’s crucial to educate yourself before moving ahead. Here are five things you need to know: Read more

Should “Not Established” Finding In Child Welfare Investigations Be Abolished?

not established child welfare investigations

Should certain outcomes of child welfare investigations be abolished to protect the rights of parents and caregivers? The New Jersey State Bar Association took up this issue recently in a case examining the constitutionality of New Jersey’s child welfare laws. On the Association’s behalf, attorneys argued before the New Jersey Supreme Court that findings of “not established” following an investigation of abuse or neglect should be abolished.  Read more

Gaslighting: How To Protect Yourself


In the previous post, Gaslighting: How To Recognize Your Spouse’s Manipulative Behavior, you learned how to spot the gaslighting techniques abusive spouses use to make you feel like you’re going crazy. In this post, you’ll learn practical steps you can take to protect yourself from losing your grasp on reality. Read more

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Divorcing A Narcissist

narcissist mistake

Divorcing a narcissist can feel like you’re waging a never-ending battle. Your ex’s aggressive, manipulative behavior may wear you down emotionally so that you react impulsively and make important decisions without thinking clearly. Knowing the common mistakes people make when divorcing a narcissist can help you avoid pitfalls and navigate the marital dissolution process as smoothly as possible. Read more

Should you move out of the family home before you divorce?

Should you move out of your home during divorce?

When spouse separate or decide to divorce, is it automatic that one spouse needs to leave the family home? What are the advantages to staying under one roof during a divorce? Does leaving give your spouse more claim to the home in the divorce, or even more claim to the kids?

Let’s take a look at the ramifications of the important decision you may need to make…

Should you stay or should you go? Read more

Can child support be paid directly to the child?

pay child support directly to your child

Your college aged child is now technically an adult. Can you start sending your child support payments directly to your older child? We answer this frequently asked question.

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FAQ: How are a child’s college expenses split in a divorce?

college tuition divorce
Even if your children are young, college cost sharing is an item that needs to be addressed in your divorce settlement. What do you need to know about splitting college tuition? Here are some points to consider.

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