Low Conflict Conscious Uncoupling: The Key To A Good Divorce

good divorce

“Conscious uncoupling” is a term popularized by Gwyneth Paltrow and her ex-husband Chris Martin, who kept their emotions and baggage out of their divorce in order to provide safety and consistency for their children – even going so far as to have family dinners and vacations. However, you don’t need to stay that friendly with your ex in order to have a good divorce. Here are some steps you can take to keep conflict to a minimum. Read more

Taxes Too High After Your DIY Divorce? How To Fix Alimony Tax Mistakes

alimony taxes too high

Way back in 2018, we spent a great deal of time alerting our readers to an upcoming new alimony tax change, and it was a big one: Any alimony order put in place after January 1, 2019 would force payor spouses to claim alimony payments as part of their taxable income, reversing the decades old rule of payors being able to deduct payments on their federal returns.  Read more

Post-Divorce Dating: Getting On With Your Life

post-divorce dating

If you’ve spent years languishing in an unhappy marriage, you may be eager for romance and attention. Are you ready for post-divorce dating? Before you download any dating apps, take time to decide what you want, and whether you’re emotionally ready to get into another serious relationship.

When you are, here are some top tips for getting yourself back out there. Read more

Social Media Cyber Harassment And Revenge Porn In Divorce — What Are The Legal Repercussions?

cyber harassment and revenge porn in divorce

Social media is used by billions around the globe to share life’s ups and downs, including divorce. But what happens when sharing about divorce crosses the line from “venting” to cyber harassment and revenge porn?

In a recent feature article for the New Jersey Law Journal, Social Media Tort Claims in Divorce: Targeted Harassment, or Just Venting? our firm’s founder and managing partner, Bari Z. Weinberger, examined New Jersey’s criminal and civil consequences for bad behavior on social media during divorce.

If you on the receiving end of your ex’s social media-fueled rage, this is information you need to know about. Read more

A Divorce Attorney’s Advice To Harry And Meghan? Get A Post-Nup. 

harry and meghan divorce

With Megxit complete and Harry and Meghan relieved of their royal duties, married life for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is about to dramatically change: The couple must secure their own housing,  provide for their own income, and pay back $3.1 million of public money spent on the renovation of their former UK home.   

How can Harry and Meghan best tackle this important to-do list? Our suggestion for the Sussexes: Work out a post-nuptial agreement first before taking any further steps.   Read more

4 New Ways Abusers Are Cyberstalking In 2020 — And What You Can Do To Protect Yourself 


As smartphone and computer technologies continue to evolve, unfortunately, so too do the techniques abusive spouses use to twist these advances into manipulative tools of surveillance and cyberstalking. 

Are you concerned for your safety or the safety of a friend or loved one? In 2020, you need to learn four new ways abusers are cyberstalking — and the steps you can to protect yourself. Read more

What Happens To Credit Card And Other Marital Debt After Separation And Divorce?

What happens to credit card and other marital debt after separation and divorce?

The average American couple owes upwards of $16,000 in consumer credit card debt. What happens to credit card and other marital debts after separation and divorce? Here’s a breakdown and some best practice options:  Read more

High-Conflict Divorce: 10 Tactics For Getting Through It

high conflict co-parenting

Divorce from a high-conflict person can be an incredible drain on your resources. It’s easy to get caught up in self-defeating thought patterns and behaviors that unintentionally make things worse. Wondering how to survive your acrimonious split? Here are 10 crucial strategies to get through it. Read more

Keep Your Divorce Offline! The Dangers Of Social Media During And After Divorce

divorce offline

If you’re used to documenting your day on social media, think twice before you share certain aspects of your life online during and after your divorce. Information about your love life, your kids, and your standard of living can give  your ex ample reason and motivation to amp up conflict. So before you hit post, here are some social media guidelines to keep your amicable split from turning ugly. Read more

Best 2020 Divorce Advice

2020 divorce

2020 divorce is all about divorcing with a crystal clear vision of how to move on with your life with your future safeguarded and your peace of mind intact. To help you reach your goals, we’ve put together some great divorce tips — directly from divorce lawyers! Your kids, your assets, your future…here is the 2020 divorce advice you need for the secure new life you deserve. 

Our best 2020 divorce advice: 10 divorce dos and don’ts

1. Don’t be provoked into thinking you need to file first Read more