Help in 2024 for Victims of Stalking and Cyber Harassment as SASPA Becomes VASPA 

cyberstalkingIn 2023, the New Jersey legislature took action to expand the protections of the Sexual Assault Survivors Protection Act, NJSA 2C:14-13, et seq. (SASPA). Effective January 1, 2024, the amended law allows victims of stalking or cyber-harassment to request restraining orders even in the absence of a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault. The law remains otherwise the same but has been retitled the “Victim’s Assistance and Survivor Protection Act” (VASPA).

Let’s unpack VASPA to see how updated provisions close loopholes and help victims of stalking and cyber harassment gain improved access to protection.

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Getting A Divorce In 2024? Here Are The 4 New Divorce Mistakes You Must Avoid

Getting a divorce in 2024 in New Jersey? Here is what to expect.

Making the decision to divorce in 2024?

Here’s what you need to know right now: The process of getting a divorce in New Jersey in 2024 is different from even just a few years ago. This is not your Aunt Patty’s divorce, or even your best friend’s pre-Covid split.

In 2024, new issues that frequently complicate the ending of a marriage include: Read more

Raquel Vallejo Confirmed as New Jersey Superior Court Judge

Congratulations to Raquel Vallejo on her appointment to the New Jersey Superior Court! Raquel has been a cornerstone of our firm since 2013, as both an attorney and Partner, and we could not be more proud and excited for her as she takes this next step in her illustrious career. Read more

Does a Parent Convicted of Child Sexual Abuse Retain Parental Rights in New Jersey?

termination of parental rights after child abuse

If a parent is charged and convicted with child abuse or child sexual abuse, what happens to their parental rights? Should child abusers have parental rights automatically terminated? A recent abuse case sounds the alarm that flaws and loopholes in this area of family law may be putting children in harm’s way. Read more

The Newest “Trend” in Adultery: What Is Microcheating?

Is your spouse thinking about having an affair? In today’s digital age, the answer to this question could be hiding in plain sight on social media.  Read more

Determing A Child’s Country Of Residence In International Custody Disputes

Since UK actress Sophie Turner and American pop star Joe Jonas announced their divorce earlier this month, the pair have become embroiled in an international child custody dispute, spurred by Turner filing a court petition requesting the immediate return of the couple’s two young children to their home in England.   Read more

How To Keep Your Divorce Private When You’re Under Public Scrutiny

Kevin Costner is having a tough time keeping his messy divorce from wife Christine Baumgartner under wraps. Sources close to both parties have leaked details to the press about the couple’s haggling over finances, their home, and Christine’s request for $250,000 in monthly child support.

However, even when the paparazzi and tabloids are not following your every move, it’s still easy to feel the sting of public scrutiny when it comes to your divorce: co-workers wondering why your address has changed; questions from neighbors when spotting a moving van; DMs from friends on social media inquiring why your spouse is conspicuously absent in your latest vacation photos.

The inquiring minds in your immediate circles can be just as tenacious as TMZ in finding out the details of your divorce, and that’s why it can be critical to develop a privacy strategy to help you navigate awkward questions and effectively manage social media during divorce.

Need a strategy for protecting your privacy? Keep the following tips in mind when fielding prying questions at work, or on Facebook and Instagram.

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NJ Judge Shortage Crisis: More Divorce Trial Suspensions Announced

Due to New Jersey’s ongoing judge shortage crisis and the staggering case backlog it has created for courts in the state, Chief Justice Stuart Rabner recently announced that starting today, July 31, 2023, civil and matrimonial trials in the Passaic Vicinage are suspended, with very limited exceptions.  Read more

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Attorneys Named 2023 NJ Super Lawyers

Bari Weinberger Robyn Howlett Jessica Budrock NJ Super Lawyers 2023

We are pleased to announce that three firm attorneys have been named to the prestigious Super Lawyers and Super Lawyers Rising Stars lists for 2023. Receiving New Jersey Super Lawyers designation are founding partner Bari Z. Weinberger and partner Robyn Howlett. Attorney Jessica Budrock is honored among this year’s New Jersey Rising Stars.   Read more

“Giving The Get” In A Jewish Divorce: Here’s What You Need To Know

Jewish divorce

The Get is an essential part of the Jewish divorce process, and without it, spouses remain religiously married even if they have obtained a civil divorce. Do you need to get (or give) a Get in your divorce? Here are answers to commonly asked questions about Jewish divorce with tips for how to make the Get a seamless part of your overall divorce strategy. Read more