Can you get a marriage annulment if your spouse cheated?

marriage annulment

Discovering that a spouse has been cheating is a huge stressor in a marriage. But can a marriage be annulled over a spouse carrying on an extramarital affair? Here’s an answer to this frequently asked question.


Would it be possible to have my marriage annulled since I found out my spouse cheated on me? We have only been married for three months. I have no idea if the affair pre-dates our wedding. Read more

Do child support payments change when you have another child with a new partner?

Wondering what happens to your child support payments if certain life circumstances occur, such as the birth of a new child with a new partner? Here’s an answer to this frequently asked question. Read more

Gaslighting: How To Recognize Your Spouse’s Manipulative Behavior


Does your ex ever make you feel like you’re crazy? Do you doubt your own judgment, but can’t figure out why? If so, you may be a victim of a form of psychological abuse known as gaslighting. The term was taken from the 1944 thriller Gaslight, in which a husband convinces his wife she’s going insane to distract her from his criminal shenanigans.

The first step in protecting yourself from the gaslighter’s abuse is to recognize the techniques they use to manipulate reality.

Read more

Family Law Issues? Why Smart People Prep BEFORE the Holidays   

Making the decision to divorce is something that you don’t want to rush or decide in the heat of the moment. 

So this is why, if divorce or other related family law matter is on your radar for early 2020, we have an important piece of advice for you: start doing your homework now and learn all you can about your rights and options — no matter what you ultimately decide to do. Taking time to consult with a family law attorney over the next few weeks is a smart move for gaining the knowledge you need to make the best choices possible in the New Year.  Read more

I received part of my spouse’s pension in our divorce. How do I access it?

QDROsWhen dividing qualified retirement accounts in divorce, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) can direct dispersement of the account. There may be a big gap between the time of the divorce and retirement, however, and this can cause confusion. What happens to a QDRO upon retirement? Here’s a look at this common question.   Read more

5 Ways To Help Your Adult Child During Their Divorce

adult child divorce

Are you worried how your adult child is handling their divorce, or how they’ll fare after? Scared about the impact all this will have on your grandchildren? No matter how old your children are, you never get over the impulse to take care of them. Here are some constructive ways to help your adult child during divorce. Read more

How can I prove parental alienation?

Parental Alienation

When one parent attempts to manipulate and disrupt their child’s relationship with their other parent, this is parental alienation. Parental alienation is serious and very real issue. But how do you prove parental alienation in court? Here’s our answer. 


My ex is pitting my daughter against me by telling her that I didn’t love her when she was a child and that I had wanted a boy. My ex has also instilled fear in her that my new partner and I plan to kidnap her and that it is not safe to be with me. I have evidence of this in some emails. My daughter is now shy around me and often cries at the beginning of our parenting time. Twice in the past month she has refused to get in my car.

Can I go to court to have my ex sanctioned in some way for these mind games she’s playing with our child? How do I prove that I am being alienated as a parent? Read more

Can you voluntarily terminate your parental rights?

voluntary termination of parental rights

Termination of parental rights: Can you informally agree to give up your rights and have this be legally binding? Here’s an answer to this commonly asked question.

Question: Two years ago I had a child with a former boyfriend. We no longer have any kind of relationship and he and I have come to an informal verbal understanding that I will not sue for child support and he will not seek custody. Is this kind of voluntary termination agreement legal? Read more

Can I be charged with parental kidnapping if I keep my child beyond my parenting time?

From time to time, we answer common questions we get about divorce, custody, assets and other family law issues. Today’s question is about child custody and understanding what constitutes parental kidnapping. 


My ex kept my daughter when it supposed to be my parenting time last weekend. My daughter is with me now for parenting time, so I texted my ex saying I will keep her for a few more days to make up for the time lost. My ex replied that if I do this, she will call the cops and say I kidnapped our child. Does she have the legal right to do this? Read more

5 Things Worth Fighting For In Your Divorce

worth fighting for in divorce

How do you really figure out what’s worth fighting for in your divorce?

Most of us can see that entrenched fights over something low stakes — like who gets the microwave — is a waste of time and money. Getting the microwave in the divorce (or letting it go) is not going to change the course of your life. But what about bigger issues, including those related to child custody and finances? How do you hold your ground when negotiating true make-or-break items? Let’s take a look… Read more