It Never Happened! Getting An Annulment in New Jersey


Instead of getting a divorce, should you get an annulment? Find out if you have grounds to annul your marriage under current annulment rules in New Jersey and take a look at what the best options are for your future. Read more

summer camp

Divorced Parents: Who Pays For Summer Camp?

summer camp

You and your child’s other parent divorced last winter and now August is rapidly approaching. During your marriage, you and your spouse would send your child to “sleep-away” summer camp. Finances were certainly different for everyone when you were still sharing one household. Now, it appears as though neither one of you can foot the bill for the overnight camp on your own. So, will you child have to skip summer camp this year? Read more


When Parents Disagree on Circumcision

circumcisionTo circumcise or not to circumcise your son is a personal decision between you and your child’s other parent. There are extreme views on both sides of this issue and parents who choose to circumcise their children do so for a myriad of reasons including religion, tradition and hygiene. But, what if you and your spouse or partner disagree about circumcision? Do the courts get involved? And, if they do get involved in such a personal issue, where do they typically side? Read more

divorce therapist

6 Ways Divorce Therapy Can Change You For The Better

divorce therapistIf divorce and co-parenting woes are making you so overwhelmed that you’re struggling to function at home and at work, divorce therapy can help. Here’s how. Read more

surrogacy in nj

Big Step For New Jersey Gestational Surrogacy Bill

Is the third time a charm for hopeful parents-to-be in New Jersey who wish to

surrogacy in nj

have children via gestational surrogacy? Although similar bills have already been vetoed twice, lawmakers are again trying to pass legislation that will make written surrogacy agreements, or “gestational carrier agreements” legal. As more and more couples are turning to surrogacy as an option to grow their families, especially given the rise of same-sex couples interested in surrogacy as a path to parenthood, bill sponsors want these types of agreements sanctioned in New Jersey.

Will S-1238 get Governor Christie’s approval? Here is a look at what’s at stake. Read more


Getting Parenting Time Back After Addiction


Addiction recovery: Are you trying to get your back your parenting time following addiction? Here is what New Jersey family law says about your rights and responsibilities as a parent in recovery.

Note: This is second part of our special 2-part series on parenting time and addiction recovery. Read part 1: How Recovering Addicts Can Get Parenting Time.

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addiction and custody

How Recovering Addicts Can Get Parenting Time

addiction and custody
Note: This is part 1 of our special 2-part series on parenting after addiction recovery. Read part 2 here: Getting Back Your Parenting Time From the Courts After Addiction.

You’re out of rehab and determined to regain parenting time with your kids. Courts want children to have a relationship with both parents, but only if that’s in their best interest. If you have lost custody of your kids, or if your spouse has temporary custody due to your addiction, you will need to prove that you’re working on ongoing recovery and that you’re able to properly care for your children. Here are steps you need to take to regain parenting time.

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spousal support

Modifying Your Alimony: Are You Paying Too Much?

spousal supportHas something significant recently changed your financial circumstances, such as a drastic and involuntary reduction in your income? Or, have you recently learned that your ex-spouse has gotten a substantial raise or a much higher-paying job? These types of situations can lead a person paying alimony, now more commonly known as spousal support, to wonder if they’re now paying too much. And, if you do believe that you should have your spousal support reduced, how do you go about getting that reduction approved by a judge? Read more

no fault divorce

Filing for Divorce Based on Irreconcilable Differences in New Jersey

no fault divorceDid you know that in order to file for and be granted a divorce, you must tell the court your reason(s) for wanting the divorce? These reasons are known as “grounds for divorce” and there are several grounds upon which you can base your complaint. The most common ground cited by divorcing spouses in New Jersey is “irreconcilable differences.” What does this term mean — and how do you know if it’s the right grounds for your divorce?  Read more

How to Get More Summer Parenting Time With Your Kids

Summer vacation is rapidly approaching and you want to spend as much time as you can with your children during their break from school. Hopefully, you and your children’s other parent have a solid custody and parenting plan in place that talks about summer vacation time with each of you. But what if you want extra time with your kids? Summer means longer days and frequent outdoor activities like BBQs and sporting events. If you would like to possibly increase your time with your kids for these kinds of special occasions, here are some steps that can help you accomplish this. Read more