5 Steps For Talking to Your Kids About Divorce

Not sure how to tell your kids that you’re getting a divorce? While it’s not a conversation anyone wants to have, following certain guidelines will help you break the news as gently and effectively as possible. Read more

Co-Parenting Conflicts: How To Hold It Together When Discussing Your Kids

Do co-parenting conversations with your ex often end in a barrage of angry words, thoughts, and feelings? Do you feel that you and your former spouse are incapable of agreeing on even the weather? Consider this: what you’re arguing about isn’t the issue. Your emotional reactivity is. You can learn to be an effective co-parent by following this three-step process: Read more

How To Know When It’s Time To Divorce


Divorce is one of the most important emotional and financial decisions anyone can make, so be sure you’re acting out of reason, not impulse.  How do you know when it’s time to pull the plug on your marriage? Here are 3 questions to help you decide. Read more

7 Steps to Having a Positive Divorce

It’s possible to have a positive divorce even when you’re angry with your spouse. The key is not to let your feelings dictate your behavior. Here are 7 steps to help you end your marriage in ways that lessen conflict and establish an amicable co-parenting relationship. Read more

Pets and Divorce: Who gets custody of the family dog?

It’s National Take Your Dog to Work Day, so what better time to answer one of the most commonly asked questions in divorce:

Who gets custody of the family pet? Read more

Jessica Sprague’s Achieves Success In Recent Appeals Division Decisions

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group congratulates attorney Jessica Ragno Sprague for her recent success in arguing two appeals matters before the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey.  Read more

4 Ways To Help Your Marriage Survive Infidelity

surviving infidelity

If your marriage has been rocked by infidelity, you’re not alone. Recent infidelity statistics show that in 1/3 of all marriages, one or both partners have cheated. Wondering how to get your relationship back on track? Here are four ways to work through the trauma of betrayal and make your marriage stronger than ever. Read more

You Are Invited! New Second Saturday Divorce Workshop, Featuring Allison Holzman

Learn how to protect yourself in your divorce by joining Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group attorney Allison Holzman and other expert presenters for an all new Second Saturday divorce workshop on Thursday, June 21 at the Park Avenue Club in Florham Park. Read more

New Jersey’s New Rules for Child Custody Relocation Requests

talking to kids about divorce

Do your summer plans include relocating with your children to another part of New Jersey — or out of state? Strict court rules govern parental requests to relocate. And recently these rules have changed! 

Let’s understand the new standards parents who wish to move away must meet through the lens of one family’s story.  Read more

5 Tips To Help You Bring Up Balanced Kids When You Parallel Parent

parallel parenting

You’re trying out parallel parenting techniques because nothing else worked. But are you worried this form of co-parenting will keep you from raising well-balanced children? Here are five tips to help you minimize conflict so your kids can live in peace. Read more