child custody options

3 Creative Ways to Avoid Custody Battles & Get The Time You Want With Your Kids

child custody options

When you decide to divorce and you have children, securing time with your kids through custody arrangements and parenting time plans is often the most pressing issue to resolve in your divorce — and also the most contentious. How do you know which custody options are right for your children? How do you see beyond your own hurt to make healthy decisions for your family? And how can you avoid custody battles that end up leaving everyone scarred in their wake? Read more

filing for divorce

Is January The Best Month To File For Divorce?

file for divorce

Deciding to divorce can be a very emotional choice to make, for good reason. But the decision you must make after that — choosing the date you will actually file for divorce — requires more strategic thinking.

Your divorce filing date profoundly affects certain financial aspects of your overall divorce settlement. Because it signals the official beginning of the divorce legal process, your filing date can also impact you and your children psychologically.

When is the best time to file for divorce? Every divorce is different, but for people who have made the decision to divorce in the fall or during the holiday season, the answer is often January.

Here’s why:  Read more

How Do I Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer for Me?

choosing the right divorce attorney

The last thing that may be on your mind when contemplating filing for divorce is picking your divorce attorney. You are hurt, confused and worried about your kids. But, this decision is one of the most important you can make during the divorce process. Here are some tips to help you pick the best one for you.  Read more

custody home state

What State is the Right State to File For Custody?

custody home state

Many parents know that they want to file for child custody, but some are not sure where they should file. If you are new to New Jersey or have recently moved back, you may be surprised to learn that New Jersey may not be the right state to file your custody application. Here’s how to determine where you should file.  Read more

divorce disasters

How To Avoid A Disastrous Divorce

divorce disasters

Making decisions in divorce fueled by hurt and anger may feel temporarily satisfying — but in the long run only sets the stage for an expensive, antagonistic, and psychologically damaging process that will leave you drained and your co-parenting relationship ruined before it even starts. Avoid disaster! Read on for tips on how to keep your divorce on a more even keel.  Read more

How To Divorce Mrs. Personality Disorder

Marriage to a spouse with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is tough, but divorcing one can be even tougher. Mrs. BPD is acutely sensitive to any real, or perceived, threat of abandonment. She has difficulty regulating her moods, making her prone to extreme reactions. Similar to narcissists, those with BPD have black-and-white worldviews: if they believe you’re on their side, you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if you look at them the wrong way five minutes later, you’re charred toast.

Mrs. BPD may not be as Machiavellian as her narcissistic counterpart, because she’s driven by emotions she can’t control. You can’t change your BPD spouse, but you can learn ways to defuse the conflict she incites and manage your own reactions to her.

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child support after reconciliation

If My Ex and I Move Back In Together, What Happens to Child Support?

child support after reconciliation

You and your ex have been divorced for two years and he has been paying regular child support ever since you split up. But now you are both thinking about reconciling your relationship and moving back in together. If you do, what happens to child support?  Read more

Divorce Doesn’t Have To Get Messy! Free Divorce Webinar

Divorce Doesnt Have to Get Messy webinar

Does divorce have to be aggressive, contentious and a constant battle?  NO.  There IS another way.

Yes, you CAN have a low conflict divorce.
Yes, you CAN maintain a positive relationship with your spouse throughout your divorce.
Yes, you CAN be left in a good place with your ex, able to co-parent well, and without animosity.

On Tuesday November 21, family law expert Bari Z. Weinberger will give an overview of the legal options and HOW to achieve this. In this free, live webinar divorce expert Ms Weinberger will illustrate the perils that can wreck your chances of a ‘good’ divorce and 3 of the legal strategies you can use in New Jersey to keep your divorce peaceful and positive. Register here.

Divorce Doesn’t Have To Get Messy talks us through:

  • What are the perils and potential pitfalls that can mess up your divorce, your kids, and your future?
  • How to keep your divorce out of the courtroom
  • What are the alternatives to a litigated divorce in NJ?
  • How to keep your divorce low-conflict
  • Your legal options …and more!

Bring your notepad and your questions and we will answer your divorce questions live! Register for this webinar via the link below. Guest list is strictly confidential and places are strictly limited.


Find out more about Alternative Dispute Resolution including divorce mediation, collaborative divorce (conscious uncoupling), and arbitration.  Or to discuss your own situation in depth with an attorney at no cost, please schedule a free consultation on (888) 888-0919 or by clicking the link below:

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How To Divorce Mr. Narcissistic Personality Disorder

divorcing a narcissist

If you’re divorcing a husband with a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), you’re in for a bumpy ride. No matter what your friends and family tell you, Mr. NPD is not going to “get over it” or “put the children first.” Why? Narcissists lack empathy, have black-and-white worldviews, and look for targets to blame for their problems. You will never change a narcissist’s personality structure, but you can learn strategies to keep him from driving you nuts! Here’s how: Read more

How to File for Divorce in New Jersey and What to Look Out For!

how to file for divorce in new jerseyYou may be ready to file for your divorce, but you have so many questions! Where do you file? What paperwork is needed?  How do you know what to ask for in the divorce? What are your rights and responsibilities?

On Tuesday, November 14 at 12pm, Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group will host a FREE 30-mintue live webinar where you will find out about filing for divorce in New Jersey and get your burning questions answered! Join us as we welcome firm founder and family law expert Bari Z. Weinberger to cover need-to-know topics such as: Read more