Can My Ex Stop Me From Moving Out of New Jersey With My Kids?

Relocation out of New Jersey to a new state with children has been talked about more these days, since the newest court decision on relocation was released earlier this summer. Now, because of the court’s decision in Bisbing, it’s gotten a bit harder for parents with custody of their child to leave New Jersey for a new state or a new country.

Parents are now left wondering if their ex can actually stop a move out of New Jersey with the kids, especially if there is no formal custody order in place and the parents have just worked out their own arrangements between them. So, what happens if one parent wants to relocate without the permission of the other parent?  Read more

temporary support orders

Can You Get Child Or Spousal Support BEFORE Your Divorce?

temporary support orders

You separated from your spouse and filed for divorce. You haven’t worked outside the home in almost a decade and you have two kids in a big house with a mortgage. You need money now. Can you get spousal support or child support before your divorce is finalized? Read more

Why Does My Attorney Think I Need A Divorce Therapist?

divorce therapy

If your attorney encourages you to see a divorce therapist, you may balk at the idea. Therapy? You?! But as much as you may want to initially, try not to dismiss this recommendation. Besides helping you feel better, seeing a therapist could actually help you manage your divorce – and keep your legal fees down. Here’s why. Read more

Can Your Friendships Survive Your Divorce?

divorce and friendship

When you get a divorce, it just seems to be an unavoidable side effect: a few people you thought were your friends suddenly fall away. Why do some friendships fade in the face of divorce? Here are some explanations — and some tips to find peace in your shifting social circles.  Read more

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Filing For Divorce

questions to ask before deciding to divorce Is divorce the best emotional decision for you to make right now? When you can’t get your marriage to work, it’s easy to think the grass could be greener somewhere else, but the truth is, it’s just different grass. Take time to decide if you – and your children – would really be better off on the other side of that fence by asking yourself these five questions. Read more

child blaming parent for divorce

What To Do When Your Child Blames You For Your Divorce

child blaming parent for divorce

Do your kids blame you for your divorce — even if you’re not the one who initiated it? Here’s how everyone can gain a new perspective.  Read more

10 Ways To Respond When Your Ex Bad-Mouths You — That Won’t Land You In Jail!

bad mouthing ex

Do you have an ex whose favorite pastime is bad-mouthing you? Take the high road! Read more

3 Ways Co-Parents Can Ace The Back-To-School Transition

back to school for divorce parents

Back-to-school time can be chaotic and it can be even more stressful for parents who are divorced or separated. Suddenly, responsibilities for paying for new school clothes and book fees are blurred. You may be wondering who will pick up the kids from school or buy the school supplies. Here are three key tips to get you both on track and help you avoid conflicts as your kids head back to school: Read more

grandparent visitation

Grandparents and Visitation: Do You Have Rights?

grandparent visitation

There is something uniquely special about the relationship that is formed when parents become grandparents and welcome grandkids into the family. But sometimes, due to separation or divorce, the relationship that grandparents enjoyed with their grandchildren becomes strained or even ends. There may be bitterness or anger between the divorced spouses and their former in-laws. Or, the parent with custody of the children may move further away from the grandparents making spending time together more difficult, time consuming and expensive.

What if you had a really strong relationship with your grandchildren? What if you watched them while their parents went to work? What if you saw them almost daily? Do you have the right to court-ordered visitation with them, even if one or both of their parents disagree? Read more

Child support enforcement

Where’s My Kid’s Money? 5 Ways the Court Enforce Child Support

Child support enforcement

It can be so frustrating when your child’s other parent either refuses to pay support or pays on his or her own schedule. Bills are piling up, rent is due, but your child support is late or missing altogether. And, as the months are going by, child support arrears are building with no relief in sight. What can you do and where can you turn for assistance? There are several ways in which the courts in New Jersey can ensure that child support is paid to you. Here are a few:  Read more