How To Ask Your Fiancé For a Prenup

how to ask for a prenup

Worried that asking your fiancé for a prenup will kill the romance? Or, worse, end the relationship? While it’s not an easy conversation, there are ways to talk about a prenuptial agreement that will open the lines of communication and bring the two of you closer together. Done right, a prenup can actually help prevent disagreements during the marriage by clarifying expectations.

Read on for some guidelines to keep in mind when asking your fiancé for a prenup. Read more

Bari Weinberger Named To New Jersey’s 2019 Best Lawyers For Families List

Bari Weinberger NJ Best Lawyer for Families

Bari Z. Weinberger has been named to the list of New Jersey’s Best Lawyers for Families for 2019, as voted on by the readers of New Jersey Family magazine. Read more

5 Ways To Recognize If Your Friend Is Experiencing Domestic Violence

is my friend being abused

Is my friend being abused by their partner?

This is a difficult question to ask, and answer. The signs of domestic violence can be subtle, and even invisible.  Verbal abuse, psychological manipulation, and financial exploitation are frequently present with or without physical violence, or physical evidence. If violence is physical, it’s often explained away as being clumsy or having an accident.

Domestic violence affects people of both genders and all walks of life. Here are 5 signs to help you better understand if what your friend is going through domestic abuse. Read more

5 Ways To Stay Calm & Reduce Divorce Court Stress

divorce court stress

As if divorce weren’t stressful enough, going to court to ligate battles over custody and other high stakes issues can drive negative emotions to new heights. When it’s your day in court, you really do want to do everything you can to be calm, cool and collected. First, it’s important for your peace of mind, and second, maintaining your composure is critical for putting your best foot forward in front of the judge.

What helps to avoid “divorce court stress”? Here are some guidelines to help you manage your emotions during this difficult time. Read more

5 Immediate Safety Steps for Survivors of Domestic Violence


Abuse is not your fault, and you cannot make an abuser change. What you can do, however, is take back control of your own life, and take action to leave an abusive situation. 

You can be the change you need.

It’s #NOMOREWeek, and the theme for this annual domestic violence prevention and survivor advocacy week is something we believe strongly in: #ChangeHappensHere.

Many people feel paralyzed when they begin to think about leaving, but we want you to know that real steps are available to you right now to protect yourself and end violence and abuse in your life. 

Here are 5 powerful changes that can make all the difference for bringing safety to survivors of domestic violence.   Read more

3 Proofs for Obtaining a Final Restraining Order

final restraining order

Have you taken out a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against your abuser? This is a big step towards safety, and now it’s time to plan your next step: turning your TRO into a Final Restraining Order (FRO). Read more

How To Dial Down The Heat On Your High-Conflict Co-Parenting Relationship


Do you secretly dream of the day when your kids become adults so you no longer have to communicate with your ex? High-conflict co-parenting can be exhausting and can drain the enjoyment from raising children. Although you can’t change your ex, you can adopt strategies to change the way you relate to this person. Here are some tips for dialing down the heat on your contentious co-parenting relationship. Read more

High-Conflict vs. Low-Conflict Divorce: Where Are You on the Spectrum?

divorce conflict

Conflict is almost inevitable in divorce, but not every divorce is, or has to be, a 10 on the animosity Richter scale. Wondering if you and your ex are turning into one of “those” couples? Read on to learn where your divorce lands on the conflict spectrum. Read more

This Is How To Prepare Kids For Their Parents’ Divorce

Adjusting to divorce is one of the toughest things kids can go through. Although you can’t change the reality of divorce, you can do things to help prepare your children for the changes to come. Here are five ways to ease your kids’ transition from living in an in tact family to a family with two homes. Read more

How To Avoid Dreadful Mistakes In Your Divorce

don't have a dreadful divorce

The truth of divorce is that you will be making some of the most important financial and emotional decisions of your life when you’re at your most vulnerable. Dismantling your family and assets can feel so scary and overwhelming that it can be hard to think clearly. Read on to learn how to avoid making dreadful mistakes during the divorce process. Read more