What Happens When One Spouse Refuses To Honor A Prenup?

What Happens When One Spouse Refuses To Honor A Prenup?

Israeli socialite and reality TV celebrity Nicol Raidman is divorcing her billionaire husband of 11 years, oligarch Michael Cherney. Their split is billed as the “most expensive divorce” to ever take place in Israel.  

It may also be one of the most contentious, as per reports, Raidman has already made claims that Cherney failed to honor his prenuptial agreement with her, which promised Raidman $25 million in any settlement.

How might a judge view Cherney’s refusal to honor the terms?  

If this high net worth divorce were to take place in New Jersey, here is what the couple could expect…  Read more

How To Instantly Tell If Your Spouse Has Been Snooping On Your iPhone

spousal spying smartphone

You have suspicions that your spouse may be spying on you by snooping through your phone, but how can you know for sure? 

Take a minute to check your phone for these four telltale clues that someone else has been tapping and swiping where they shouldn’t be.  Read more

FAQ: Can A Marriage Be Saved Once One Spouse Files For Divorce?

can a marriage be saved

Once one spouse files for divorce, it creates an official court record and a “docket number” for the case. This action essentially puts the divorce in forward motion. Even if the other spouse opposes the divorce, responses will be required and court hearing dates will be assigned. The divorce is “on.”

But this still doesn’t mean that divorce is inevitable. Read more

How Do You Enforce A Prenuptial Agreement In Your Divorce? 

Singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson recently filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock, her husband of seven years.

The reasons for their split are unclear, but in legal papers made public last week, one aspect of their divorce is crystal clear: According to Clarkson’s filing, the couple signed a prenuptial agreement in 2013 just five days before they wed. 

What happens when a prenup is part of divorce? Here’s what Kelly could expect.  Read more

Trapped In Lockdown With Your Ex? 5 Action Steps To Get Your Divorce Moving Again 

Divorce Action Steps

When New Jersey’s COVID-19 stay at home orders went into effect in March, many divorcing spouses across the state found themselves in the not so ideal situation of needing to stay together under one roof.

These circumstances may have led some couples to consider reconciling. But for most, spending these last few months trapped together has been an uncomfortable purgatory, with the divorce process feeling scattered and stuck.

Have your divorce plans been derailed by COVID-19? Check out these 5 key action steps you can take to get your divorce moving again.  Read more

High Profile Divorce in New York: What Should Mary Kate Olsen Do?

mary kate olsen celebrity divorce privacy

In high profile divorce news out of New York, actress Mary Kate Olsen made headlines this week when her request for an emergency filing for divorce from husband Olivier Sarkozy was denied by the New York courts.  Read more

For Divorce Privacy, Choose Your Grounds Wisely 

divorce privacy grounds

Almost every celebrity divorce is ripe for gossip. But since reality star Kristin Cavallari and former pro football player Jay Cutler announced their split last week, the pair has found themselves in a media firestorm of speculation over their marriage’s demise. 

What has put this particular celebrity divorce in the spotlight? It all stems from a very basic divorce mistake: Not understanding the privacy consequences of choosing certain grounds for divorce.  Read more

Preparing Your Coronavirus Co-Parenting Plan for the Road Ahead

coronavirus co-parenting

Based on the latest from Governor Murphy on the anticipated end for the COVID-19 lockdown, things are gradually improving in New Jersey, but we still appear to be weeks away from anything resembling a “return to normal.” 

What does this mean for divorced co-parents who have been juggling temporary changes to their child custody plans since the pandemic began? Signs point to the juggle needing to continue for now, and possibly until school starts again in the fall.

So for you and your ex, it’s a good time to check in on your COVID-19 custody and parenting time plans. Are you ready for coronavirus co-parenting for the long haul? 

As you get your game together, here are some tips and ideas for smoother co-parenting through the remainder of lockdown and beyond. Read more

What If You Get Sick? Protecting Your Children With a Power of Attorney 

power of attorney for child

It is the thought keeping parents up at night: Who will take care of my children if I come down with COVID-19?

If you are married, you may be counting on your spouse to shoulder care duties. But what if you both fall ill with coronavirus? If you’re divorced, will your child’s co-parent be reliable or fully available? The answers aren’t always so clear. Read more

Bari Z. Weinberger Named To 2020 Best Lawyers For Families In New Jersey List

Bari Weinberger NJ Best Lawyer for Families

Congratulations to Bari Z. Weinberger, our firm’s founder and managing partner, for being named to the list of New Jersey’s Best Lawyers for Families for 2020, as voted on by the readers of New Jersey Family magazine. Read more