Congratulations to Our Firm’s Newest Certified Matrimonial Law Attorneys

Congratulations to six of our firm’s attorneys for recently achieving the distinguished title of Certified Matrimonial Law attorney! Only 2% of attorneys in the state are Certified by New Jersey Supreme Court. We are pleased to announce that joining these exclusive ranks are Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group attorneys Dianna Cavaliere, Michael J. Evans, Robyn Howlett, Laura Mendonca, Veronica Norgaard and Rachel Partyka.

The process for becoming Certified by the Supreme Court is rigorous. In their own practice, attorneys who pursue Certified Matrimonial attorney status must demonstrate skill and experience in representing family and matrimonial law matters, including such complex areas as high net worth divorce, complex child custody disputes, military divorce, and parental alienation. Attorneys must also:

– Fulfill advanced legal education requirements, including becoming a teacher to other attorneys.
– Garner favorable evaluations by other attorneys and judges.
– Pass a lengthy written examination in matrimonial law.

Simply put, Certified New Jersey Matrimonial Lawyers are family law experts! Our full roster of certified attorneys at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group now includes:

Erin B. Brueche

Dianna Cavaliere

Michael Evans

Robyn Howlett

Laura Mendonca

Veronica Norgaard

Carmela L. Novi

Rachel Partyka

Rick Schneider

Jessica Ragno Sprague

Bari Zell Weinberger

Working with a Certified New Jersey Matrimonial Lawyer

When seeking a New Jersey divorce lawyer or family law attorney, it is crucial to find someone that not only understands the difficulties you are facing, but has a masterful command of New Jersey family law. To learn more about what becoming a Certified attorney entails, and how a Certified Matrimonial attorney can help you in your family family matter, please read our article for more information: Why Use a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney in New Jersey Family Law Matters?

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