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Speed Up Your Divorce 2The latest news on the family court backlog in New Jersey is nothing short of alarming. Due to the ongoing judicial court vacancy crisis, a difficult decision has been made to suspend divorce trials in several NJ counties beginning February 21, 2023.

According to a statement issued by Chief Justice Stuart Rabner:

“Because of the current high number of judicial vacancies, trials in the Civil Division and matrimonial [divorce] trials will not be conducted in two vicinages, beginning Feb. 21, 2023, except for very limited circumstances. Those trials will be suspended for the immediate future.”

The following NJ court vicinages and counties will temporarily halt most divorce trials beginning 2/21/23:

Vicinage 13: Hunterdon, Somerset, and Warren counties

Vicinage 15: Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties

EVERY vicinage and county in New Jersey is experiencing judge shortages and that means that all divorcing spouses should be on high alert that trial suspensions could soon spread to other counties.

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The key to getting a divorce in New Jersey in 2023 is to sidestep the court quagmire and use out-of-court methods and low-conflict tactics to successfully resolve your divorce without the need for litigation.

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