talking to kids about divorce

Counseling Your Kids: How To Explain Your Divorce To Your Children

talking to kids about divorceYou and your spouse have decided to divorce, and now you face the daunting task of telling your children. Be aware that how you explain your family’s changing circumstances can soften the blow, help kids process the information, and begin the adjustment to their new life. Before you sit down with your kids, here are eight tips to be mindful of when you talk to your children about divorce. Read more

new parents

Getting Through Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression Together

new parentsThe arrival of a baby can be an exciting time for a couple, but not when it’s accompanied by a case of the “baby blues,” or postpartum depression. Are you preparing for a new addition to the family, or have you recently welcomed a new baby? You and your partner deserve for this to be a happy, fulfilling time in life. Read on for how to recognize the “baby blues” and postpartum depression, and the positive steps you can take to start feeling better.  Read more

5 Worst Pieces Of Divorce Advice For Men

You’ve shared the news with friends and family that you’re getting divorced…now wait for it…because here comes the advice. Those closest to you are an invaluable source for emotional support during what is often a turbulent time in life. But when it comes to dishing out legal advice? However well-meaning, the tips your divorced friends and family share with you may be woefully outdated, totally irrelevant, or downright wrong. Men can be particularly susceptible to certain myths and half-truths. What pitfalls should you avoid? Check out the five worst pieces of divorce advice for men. Read more

The 5 Worst Pieces Of Divorce Advice For Women

divorce advice As you navigate the twists and turns of divorce, everyone, it seems, has advice they feel the need to share with you. Unfortunately, many of these divorce “tips” often turn out to be nothing more than tricks. Are you in possession of bad divorce advice? Read on for five pieces of the worst divorce guidance women receive. (Men don’t feel left out! We have the worst divorce advice for men just for you.) Read more

are you being too nice in your divorce?

The Problem With Being Too Nice In Your Divorce

are you being too nice in your divorce? While everyone should strive to have an amicable divorce, being too “nice” can lead people to make bad decisions. For some, being nice isn’t truly about generosity or fairness; it stems from a desire to avoid conflict, or to ameliorate guilt.

Does this sound like you? Whether you are by nature a people pleaser, or you want to make up for some bad behavior, or you simply want to fast-forward to your post-divorce life, it’s imperative that you think through the ramifications of any decision you’re considering during the divorce process. Failure to do so could result in irreversible long-term consequences that can hurt you and your children. Let’s take a look at some of the divorce pitfalls that occur when people make the mistake of being too “nice.” Read more


New Design Service Specializes In Helping Men Set Up New Home After Divorce

We recently caught up with Jude Brown, founder of Vital Home, a unique New York City-based design design service that specializes in helping men make the transition to a new house or apartment during or after a divorce or separation. Jude’s team provides decorating styling, and organization…and all the other little touches that turn a new house or apartment into a new home. Jude was kind enough to answer some of our questions about this fascinating service, and offers tips anyone can use as they move on to a new living situation. Read more


Helping Your Relationship Survive Pre-Wedding Madness

weddingIs your wedding putting you at risk for…divorce? As research shows, the decisions you make leading up to your wedding day can have a bigger impact on your marriage than you might think. For example, couples who indulge on pricey nuptials are more likely to see their marriage end in divorce: specifically, couples that spend $20,000 or more on their wedding are 3.5 times more likely to split up than those who spend less than half that amount.

Could a lower budget wedding be the key to marital bliss? And what other pre-wedding pitfalls should you watch out for? If you’re planning a wedding, read on to learn what you can do to make your Big Day what it’s supposed to be: the active commitment to a meaningful life partnership. Read more

borderline personality disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder and Divorce: How To Create Stability For Kids

borderline personality disorderIf you need to co-parent with a former spouse who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), it can be challenging — and exhausting. If you know or strongly suspect your ex or STBX struggles with BPD, read on to learn how you can create post-divorce stability for you and your children. Read more

You Are Invited to Attend Divorce 101: How Do I Start My Divorce & What Should I Expect?

FREE Divorce 101 SeminarYou are invited to attend Divorce 101, a special one-night learning event about the divorce process in New Jersey! On Thursday, February 16, attorneys at each of our Weinberger Law Group offices will present a live in-person seminar, with time available for free private consultations and answers to your most pressing questions. Read more

new baby

Staying Married After Baby: Advice To New Parents

new babyOnce the miracle of birth has given way to the harsh reality of sleep deprivation and projectile vomit, marital bliss almost always takes a nosedive. Studies show that the decline in relationship satisfaction at time goes by is twice as steep for couples with kids as it is for child-free couples. So while you’re baby-proofing your house, be sure to baby-proof your marriage! Here are some tips to help you stay strong as a couple so you can raise well-adjusted children. Read more