International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Stop violence against women

A call for eradication of gender-based violence throughout the world

November 25th is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. While violence, including domestic violence, affects men as well as women, gender-based violence affects women disproportionately. Much violence against women, domestic and otherwise, is rooted in long-standing and pervasive social structures that gave men control over women’s bodies and lives. In the United States, where educated and aware women and men have worked for decades to promote equality and eradicate the structures that support the legacy of violence against women, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that the problem still exists in this country, and that in many countries throughout the world, it remains rampant. Read more

Top Co-Parenting Tips For A Smooth Handover At Holiday Time

holiday divorced co-parenting

Holidays can be a challenging time for divorced families especially when people crave glowing, Norman Rockwell-type gatherings. It can be upsetting having to split holiday time with your ex and knowing that the person passing the gravy to your kids is not you, but your ex’s new partner.

These experiences, combined with the cultural expectation to have a Hallmark holiday, can send divorced parents into emotional overload. So how do you keep your charged feelings from spilling over onto your kids? Especially at handover time, which can seem like traversing an emotional minefield? Here are some tips for managing holiday drop-offs with true co-parenting finesse. Read more

7 Top Tips For Dealing With Divorce Stress

reducing divorce stressDivorce can be one of the most stressful situations anyone can face. We’ve all met people who seem to wear their divorce on their sleeve. But here’s a tip for you as enter this process: off-loading stress onto others will often push them away, thereby creating even more stress. How do you deal with the hardship of divorce so that it doesn’t consume you? Here are 7 tips to ease you through. Read more

New Jersey Divorce Chronicles Part 11: Mediating Alimony and Child Support

negotiating alimony

Welcome to part 11 of our continuing New Jersey Divorce Chronicles case study series that tracks two different couples throughout the divorce process. In this latest installment, Jason and Melissa seem to be getting close to a settlement, but will first need to get past some disagreements over alimony and child support negotiations. Let’s take a look at their latest mediation session… Read more

Custody Options & Parenting Rights for Military Dads

rights for military fathersThe unique demands of military service, and particularly the demands of long-term active duty assignments, can put tremendous strain on a servicemember’s home life. Deployments can be unpredictable and sometimes involve short notice. Families are called on to make difficult adjustments. Relationships can change or grow distant, including relationships with those who mean the most to you: your kids.

Are you a military dad facing custody issues? Learn about your father’s rights and parenting time options. Read more

Veterans, Divorce & Adjusting To Family Life After Active Service

veterans & divorceAlthough a veteran’s return from active service should be a happy time, it can also be a challenging adjustment for a family. According to a study from Brigham Young University, “combat experience is an important risk factor for divorce or separation.” The study found that combat veterans’ first marriages are 62% more likely to end in separation or divorce than those of non-veterans. The reasons behind these statistics? Read more

Lifetime Alimony for Long-term Homemakers: Does This Still Exist in New Jersey?

housewives and alimony

This week marked National Housewives Day (November 3), now sometimes referred to as National Homemakers Day, in recognition of the fact that a “homemaker” is not always a “wife.” Traditionally, of course, a housewife was the person who ran the household while the husband went off to work each day to bring home the bacon. How difficult the job of housewife was depended on a slew of variables, such as how much bacon the husband brought home, how big the house was, how much if any extra help was available, and how many children there were to attend to. For most, however, the job was very difficult indeed—more difficult in fact than many 9-5 jobs.

While the number of traditional homemakers may have decreased in recent decades (even with some househusbands joining the ranks) the job today is as challenging as ever. In honor of these hardworking homemakers, today we are going to provide an update on a couple of questions of great importance to any homemaker facing separation or divorce: Read more

Join Us on Twitter or Facebook for Family Law Friday

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group is excited to announce the first edition of Family Law Friday, a new Twitter Party and Facebook chat that invites anyone with an interest in divorce and family law matters in New Jersey to connect with us on Friday from 12 pm – 1 pm EST. All participants are automatically entered in a free book giveaway! Read more

Divorcing With Kids? Don’t Lose Out On Thousands In Child Support

are you owed extra child support?

Is child support at stake in your divorce? Here’s some important news you need to know. In a recent New Jersey Superior Court decision, Judge Lawrence R. Jones handed down a precedent-setting decision that establishes the retroactive date an initial child support obligation can be collected on as the date the parents filed for divorce, not the filing date of a separate motion for child support, as has been previously followed. In many divorces, the difference between these two dates can be months or even years, meaning that some parents could be due to collect — or pay — hundreds or even thousands more in support than previously thought. Read more

3 Hidden Costs of Alimony

hidden costs of alimony

If you are in the process of getting a divorce, or if you think divorce might be on the horizon for you in the near future, you might also be coming to terms with the impact this development could have on your future finances. Perhaps your spouse has a much higher income than you do, or perhaps you are a stay-at-home parent or homemaker with no current income of your own at all. Maybe you’re thinking of asking for alimony and are wondering if the payments will really make up for the household income you will lose through divorce.

Even if you’re pretty sure that your soon-to-be-ex can afford to pay you a decent amount of spousal support, there are some potential costs to consider when trying to calculate exactly how much you will need: Read more