You Are Invited! WLG Announces “Family Law Tuesday” Facebook Q&A


Have a question about divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, marital assets, prenuptial agreements, or any other family law-related matter? On the first Tuesday of each month, Weinberger Law Group invites you to attend Family Law Tuesday, a live Q&A session hosted on our WLG Facebook page. Continue reading

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Weinberger Law Group Recognized Among New Jersey’s Best Places To Work!


We are humbled and honored to announce that Weinberger Law Group has been named one of the Best 100 Places to Work in New Jersey, as part of NJ BIZ’s prestigious annual survey. Continue reading

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8 Common Items Found In Prenuptial Agreements

iStock_000017213521SmallWelcome to our new monthly blog series! Just in time for wedding season, throughout the month we’re taking a look at some of the legal issues engaged and recently married couples commonly encounter. Please check back each week for special themed blogs featuring our latest tips and advice for boosting your marital savvy! 

When prenuptial agreements make the news, it’s usually because of some celebrity or high profile split in which millions or even billions are at stake in a divorce, or because of the agreement’s outlandish terms, such as the “prenup” that made headlines recently for including rules about how much weight a wife could gain during marriage.

However, despite these super-sized agreements and/or strange conditions, in reality, the majority of couples who pursue a New Jersey prenuptial agreement before marriage put in place practical items that address their current financial status, how they would like their future finances to be handled after they are married, and issues related to other assets and debts each will bring into the marriage.

What does this look like on a piece of paper? Here are five common items that couples request in their New Jersey prenuptial agreements: Continue reading

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Johnny Weir & Victor Voronov To Mend Marriage Via Reconciliation Agreement?


The divorce of figure skater Johnny Weir and husband Victor Voronov made headlines last month as the first high profile same-sex divorce in New Jersey since the state’s legalization of gay marriage in 2013. However, the celebrity split made news again last week when it was reported that Weir and Voronov may be making attempts to mend their relationship and reunite with the help of certain legal agreements that outline unacceptable behaviors on the part of both parties. Continue reading

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Your Wedding Day: Are You Ready For The Legal Changes Marriage Brings?

Couple holding hands

Throughout the month of May, we will be posting a special blog series on marriage-related legal issues, including prenuptial agreements, reconciliation agreements, and more. Please check back each week for tips and advice that can help you boost your marital savvy!

With the spring and summer New Jersey wedding season about to begin, many engaged couples are spending the next few weeks and months busily preparing for the big day. If you’re getting married anytime soon, in addition to things like finalizing invitation lists and reception menus, you may be wondering what you should be doing right now to get ready for the realities of marriage, including the legal changes that take place after you both say “I do.” Continue reading

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Badmouthing Spouse Leads to Lowered Divorce Settlement

torn divorce decree and cash, with broken wedding ringDivorce stirs up plenty of emotions, but a recent headline-grabbing divorce case in which a wife received a lowered divorce settlement for “badmouthing” her attorney husband and allegedly ruining his business reputation provides good reason why it may be best to keep negative feelings about your spouse under wraps. Continue reading

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New Jersey “Child Support Amnesty Week” Begins April 28


For parents who have fallen so far behind on child support payments that a warrant has been issued for their arrest, the New Jersey Office of Child Support Services is extending a one-time opportunity to make things right. Continue reading

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Is Getting A Divorce About To Get Harder?

Divorce papers with hand and pen

Is there a nationwide movement afoot to make getting a divorce more difficult? A provocative new article in the Washington Post describes how a number of state legislatures are now pushing for waiting periods, mandating marriage classes, or even eliminating no-fault divorce entirely. Continue reading

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What Happens to Student Loan Debt During a Divorce?


During a divorce, the matter of dividing a couple’s marital debts is given just as much weight as dividing their assets. While “marital debt” usually translates for most couples to mean debt from credit cards, for a growing number of college-educated spouses, there is another issue to contend with: student loan debt. Just what happens to student loans during a divorce? Continue reading

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Judge Gives Engagement Ring to Woman Based On Break Up Text

iStock_000005823202SmallThanks to the ruling of a NY judge, a broken off engagement has resulted in one woman being able to keep her $53,000 engagement ring over the protests of her former fiancé, the NY Daily News reports. Continue reading

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