Why Long-Term Separations Can Be Financially Risky

For many couples, making the decision to separate can be a welcome break to work on and finally resolve the personal issues causing discord in their marriage. Legally, there is no set time limit on how long a separation in New Jersey can or should last. However, should there be? If you are involved in a marital separation that has lasted for months, or even years, without either party making a move to reconcile or divorce, it is important to be aware that this can come with certain financial risks. Here’s a look at four potential pitfalls of long separations. Continue reading

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Making Child Custody Exchanges Work for Everyone

After a child custody matter is settled and a parenting time plan is put in place, for many parents, this is where the hard work of co-parenting truly begins. If you and your former spouse or partner still aren’t on the same page, or there is still animosity between the two of you, one place where this tension often becomes a disaster waiting to happen is during child custody exchanges. Your ex-spouse may be running late, or the pick up time suddenly doesn’t work with your schedule, your child is clingy, or just the sight of this person still makes your blood boil — and the feeling is mutual. How do you get around these type of issues to make child custody drop offs and pick up more peaceful, safe, and free of hassles for everyone? Continue reading

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Baby Boomer Women More Likely to Initiate a Gray Divorce

When it comes to the topic of gray divorce, the growing trend of divorce among couples in the Baby Boom generation, we are now finding out even more information about why seniors entering their “golden years” are deciding to end their marriages — and exactly who it is filing the divorce papers. Continue reading

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Will the Government Shutdown Affect Your Divorce?

Since the federal government shut down at midnight Tuesday, over 800,000 federal employees across dozens of agencies have been furloughed and many service-providing governmental departments and agencies across the country are now closed or running on limited staff. How can the government shutdown affect divorce proceedings and other related issues, including child support and alimony payments? Here are four key concerns: Continue reading

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NJ SAFE Act for Domestic Violence Work Leave Goes Into Effect Today

On October 1, 2013, the New Jersey Security and Financial Empowerment Act (NJ SAFE Act) goes into effect across the state. The new law provides workplace leave to eligible employees who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault as defined under New Jersey law. The NJ SAFE Act applies to workplaces employing 25 or more people and covers unpaid leave of absence for a period not to exceed 20 days in a 12-month period. Continue reading

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Judge: Gay Couples in New Jersey Can Marry As Early As October 21

Update 10/2/2013: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will seek to delay the October 21 date set for same-sex marriage to start and wants the state Supreme Court to fast-track an appeal in the case, according to a letter sent to the justices today by acting state Attorney General John Hoffman.

Same-sex marriage could be legal New Jersey as early as October 21, according to the historic ruling handed down Friday by Judge Mary Jacobson of State Superior Court in Mercer County. Continue reading

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Sesame Street Actor Embroiled in Dispute Over Oral Palimony Agreement

Should Montclair resident Sharon Joiner-Orman receive palimony from her partner of 39 years, Sesame Street actor Roscoe Orman — even though the support agreement was never put in writing? Here’s the scoop on a controversial new ruling from a New Jersey Superior Court judge. Continue reading

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Bari Weinberger Recognized Among Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs

Congratulations to Bari Weinberger for being named a NJ Top 25 Leading Woman Entrepreneur & Business Owner for 2013! Each year, the Leading Women Entrepreneurs Initiative recognizes a select handful of female business owners in New Jersey who exhibit outstanding performance in four areas: market potential, innovation, community involvement and advocacy for women.  Continue reading

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Including Personal Provisions in Child Custody & Support Agreements

Don’t want your former spouse smoking around your children when they are in his/her care? Committed to homeschooling? Raising your children on a vegetarian diet?

If you are considering mediation as a way to reach a resolution in your child custody or child support matter, whether it is part of your divorce settlement, or a separate matter brought up outside of divorce, one of the key benefits of negotiating with your spouse over child custody and child support is mediation’s ability to create a truly custom agreement.

Some of the terms parents have listed as “musts” for custody or support agreements? Here are a few of the many items parents have successfully requested: Continue reading

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Bergen County Ex-Husband Fighting Alimony Denied Release

Update 10/28/13: Ari Schochet won a stay of his incarceration from the New Jersey Supreme Court. The stay allowed Mr. Schochet to file an appeal. That appeal, now before Judge Jonathan Harris, poses the question: Do all parents who are behind bars for arrears on support payments have the right to an ability-to-pay hearing before being locked up?

In Bergen County, Ari Schochet, a former Wall Street portfolio manager, has been ordered by New Jersey Family Court Judge Ronny Jo Siegel to spend nights and weekends locked inside a county jail unless he hands over a lump sum of $25,000 toward more than $233,000 in unpaid alimony. Continue reading

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