How Do I know if My Spouse is Spying on Me?

Spousal spying may be the newest form of spousal abuse and it is sadly becoming more and more common as technological advances make it easier for one spouse to spy on the other. How can you tell if your spouse is inappropriately tracking you?

Monitoring your cellphone: Yes, there are smartphone apps that allow not only GPS tracking of someone, but also afford a stalker the ability to read emails, text messages and record phone calls. This is not necessarily legal in New Jersey and these types of behaviors may be seen as in violation of the NJ Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Act.

How do you know if your cellphone is being tracked? Monitor your cell phone’s data usage. Programs are now available for download that can be placed on your phone but these programs are not immediately visible to the user. However, they do utilize a lot of data, so a sudden spike in usage may be a clue that your smartphone is being monitored. If you have reason to suspect your cellphone is compromised, you can bring it to a trusted professional to run a scan to see if there are such apps placed on your smartphone.

Check your laptop: Just as your smartphone can be monitored, software can be downloaded onto your laptop computer so that your movements can be tracked, your emails can be hacked or the websites you have visited can be checked. Again, this software is designed to not be visible to the user so that the spying can be done without detection. If you suddenly see an odd icon appear on your desktop, remove it.

Like your smartphone, your laptop can be brought to a trusted computer expert with experienced in detecting and removing tracking software from computers. Just be sure that you can truly trust the expert to not let any information get back to your spouse, especially if there is a threat of physical danger to you or your family.

Give your car the once over: Spying spouses have been known to put GPS devices in their significant others’ cars. If your spouse seems to know where you have been without explanation, check your vehicle. These types of devices are easily obtained and easily planted in cars without their owner even noticing. Check the common places they are left: the glove box, under the car seats and in the wheel wells.

If you do not locate a GPS device immediately but still suspect that your car has some sort of tracking device, it could be that the device has been more expertly hidden. Bring your car to a trusted mechanic who is familiar with tracking devices to give your car a thorough review both inside, outside and under the hood.

Spousal spying is a form of abuse and it is a way to attempt to exert control over a spouse. Know your rights. It is not okay for your spouse to be spying on you. If you need help, reach out to a domestic violence organization near you. You can also call the National DV Hotline at (800) 799-7233. If you are in immediate danger, call 911 and leave the situation if possible. Ensuring your and your children’s safety is the number one priority.

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