How to Get Help For Domestic Violence Over The Holiday Weekend 

help for domestic violence

Updated September 4, 2020

An act of domestic violence takes place every 7 seconds in New Jersey. Domestic violence doesn’t take time off, and this may be no more true than our upcoming holiday weekend. As crime statistics show, holidays like Labor Day puts victims of domestic abuse at greater risk for alcohol-fueled violence.

Are you or loved one in need of safety and protection? Help is available. Learn how to file for a restraining oder and access other fee help over the long holiday weekend.

How To Obtain a Temporary Restraining Order When The Courts are Closed 

For immediate safeguarding, victims of domestic violence are able to file for a temporary restraining order (TRO), a legal order that prohibits all contact from the abuser.

Typically, TROs are filed for in court. Since the COVID-19 crisis began, those seeking a TRO have been redirected to their local police station to file for the order. Victims can go to their local police station at any time over the holiday weekend to file for the the TRO. A police officer will take your information and phone conference with an on-call judge to get the order in place. Police stations are open after hours, on weekends and on holidays. 

Learn about how the restraining order process works in New Jersey. 

Free Domestic Violence Safety Resources 

Abuse is not your fault, and you cannot make an abuser change. What you can do, however, is take back control of your own life, and take action to free yourself from the grips of abuse. 

Are you in the planning stages of leaving your abusive relationship? We have several free on-demand resources to help your chart your course to safety.

Get Our Free Domestic Violence Safety Plan

Print out our free safety plan to get started. A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan that functions as a roadmap of vital information for when you are ready to leave, including important phone numbers, plans for your kids, lists of items of items to bring with you, and much more. Having this information in one secure place is important because you may not have your phone with you if you need to suddenly leave. Having a safety plan laid out in advance can help you to protect yourself in stressful and uncertain moments. 

Free e-Book: A Guide For Domestic Violence Victims In New Jersey

A Guide For Domestic Violence Victims In New Jersey walks you through the many forms of legal help available to women and men seeking assistance and protection in a domestic violence matter. With real-life examples and easy-to-follow information, readers will understand:

  • how to seek police assistance, find shelter,
  • fill out a temporary restraining order request form,
  • file for temporary spousal and child support,
  • learn what information judges look for when deciding whether or not to turn a TRO into a permanent order of protection,
  • how to maintain a confidential address, and more.

Download your free e-book here.

Free Download: Keeping Computers & Smartphones Safe From Spying Spouses

From smartphones that track GPS to spyware placed on computers that log your internet browsing history, our download teaches you how to keep your tech devices safe from a spying spouse or partner.

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Free Resource Guide to New Jersey’s Domestic Violence Shelters

Learn where to find shelters and other domestic violence agencies in New Jersey with our free resource guide.

Immediate Help

NJ Domestic Violence Hotline: 1 (800) 572-SAFE (7233)

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1(800) 799-7233

If you are experiencing a domestic violence emergency, please contact 911 or your local police.

Did you know? We offer a FREE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CONSULTATION with an attorney. Call us at 888-888-01919, or please click the green button below to schedule your free virtual consultation. You can live well with your children and you can stay safe.