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The 9 Lowest Divorce Rates By Profession

Want to save your marriage? It might be time to switch careers. Read more

New Jersey Divorce Chronicles: Avoiding Common Divorce Mistakes (Part 1)

Couple Showing Back to Each Other.
We have all heard at least one divorce horror story in which mistakes and missteps in the divorce process left one or both parties feeling angrier and more bitter than ever before. If you are going through a divorce right now, or thinking about filing, it is important to know that for the vast majority of cases, negative outcomes can be avoided through thoughtful planning and intelligent decision making.

In our new blog series, we will follow two typical couples going through divorce in New Jersey and use their case studies to highlight complications that can arise in a divorce case, along with the many possible ways to prevent these mistakes from leading to spiraling conflict and out of control costs. Read more

Money, Cheating or Something Else? Survey Shows Why People Get Divorced

Broken heartCiting the grounds of “irreconcilable differences” in divorce papers is often viewed as the easiest and most direct way in New Jersey to legally establish that a marriage is irretrievably broken down. But what exactly leads to the irretrievable marital break down in the first place? In a recent report, researchers from Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture reveal what they found when they tried to answer the question, why do people get divorced? Read more

During Home Remodeling Projects, 1 In 10 Couples Consider Divorce

Remodeling can add value to your home, but the stress involved with gutting and rebuilding the kitchen or adding on an addition can also remodel your marriage. According to a recent online survey from home design website, Houzz.com, 46 percent of couples reported feeling more frustrated with their spouse during the redecorating and remodeling process, with a full 12 percent admitting to contemplating separation or divorce by mid-remodel. Read more

Study: Couples MORE Likely to Divorce When Spouses Split Housework

Guys, looking for the perfect excuse to get out of housework? How about not helping out around the house as a way to help the two of you stay together? It could be true, according to a new study from Norway that says couples who share household chores run a higher risk of divorce than couples where woman do most of the housework. Read more